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Transistor Characteristics - 2SB Numbers


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For transistors, we need to know the following characteristics:

Abbreviations Used--

SS == Small Signal
HV == High Voltage (generally anything over 100V)
LN == Low Noise


Medium Power == anything in a plastic and metal case, such as TO220, etc.
Power == anything in an all-metal case, such as TO3, etc.


A spec followed by a dash (like 50-) means that's the minimum value. One preceded by a ~ character means that's a typical value.


Surface-mount only devices are shown with the package column in light blue background color.
High-voltage devices are shown with the voltage column in light red background color.
Power devices are shown with the power column in light orange background color.
Medium-power devices are shown with the power column in light yellow background color.

Part # Pol / MatSizeType BVCEO IC PD hFE FT Pkg.
2SB22 PNP GeSStrans. 25V200mA300mW 67-140  
2SB54 PNP GeSStrans. 20V150mA    TO1
2SB56 PNP GeSStrans. 25V150mA    TO1
2SB75 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB77 PNP GeSStrans. 30V100mA150mW 60-110 TO1MOD
2SB112 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB130 PNP Gemed pwrtrans. 32V1.5A6.5W  200 KHzTO66
2SB156 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB163 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB172 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB173 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB175 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB178 PNP GeSStrans. 60V300mA550mW ~56  
2SB184 PNP GeSStrans. 12V20MA    TO1
2SB185 PNP GeSStrans. 25V50mA    TO1
2SB186A PNP GeSStrans. 25V150mA200mW    
2SB187 PNP GeSStrans. 25V50mA    TO1
2SB303 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB324 PNP GeSStrans. 32V1A650mW 57-27310 KHz-TO1
2SB337 PNP Gepowertrans. 30V7A12W   TO3
2SB364 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB367 PNP Gemed pwrtrans. 25V1.5A6.6W   TO66
2SB368 PNP Gemed pwrtrans. 45V1.5A6.6W   TO66
2SB370 PNP GeSStrans. 25V500mA200mW 70-200  
2SB370A PNP GeSStrans. 32V500mA200mW 70-200  
2SB405 PNP GeSStrans. 25V1A    TO1
2SB422 PNP GeSStrans.        
2SB426 PNP Gepowertrans. 32V3A30W   TO3
2SB434 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A25W   TO220
2SB435 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V3A25W 40-240~18 MHzTO220
2SB449 PNP Gepowertrans. 50V3.5A22.5W   TO3
2SB462 PNP Gepowertrans.        
2SB473 PNP Gemed pwrtrans. 32V1A4.3W   TO66
2SB481 PNP Gemed pwrtrans. 32V1A6W   TO66
2SB502A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A25W 30-280~8 MHzTO66
2SB503A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A25W 30-280~8 MHzTO66
2SB507 * PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 40-3205 MHz-TO220
2SB508 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 40-320~8 MHzTO220
2SB509 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A35W 40-320~8 MHzTO66
2SB510 PNP SiSStrans. 60V1A800mW 60-320~50 MHzTO5? TO39?
2SB511 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 35V3A10W 40-320~8 MHzTO220
2SB514 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A20W 40-320~8 MHzTO220
2SB515 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A20W 40-320~8 MHzTO220
2SB528 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 110V2A10W   TO126
2SB531 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V6A50W 40-2406 MHzTO3
2SB536 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V1.5A20W 40-25040 MHzTO220
2SB537 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V1.5A20W 40-25040 MHzTO220
2SB539 PNP Sipowertrans. 160V10A100W  8 MHzTO3
2SB541 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V12A80W  4 MHzTO3
2SB544 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A900mW 60-560~180 MHz2006A
2SB546A * PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V2A25W 40-200~5 MHzTO3?, TO220
2SB547A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V3A30W 40-~5 MHzTO220
2SB548 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V800mA10W 40-320~80 MHzTO126
2SB549 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V800mA10W 40-320~80 MHzTO126
2SB554 PNP Sipowertrans. 180V15A150W 40-140 TO3
2SB555 PNP Sipowertrans. 140V12A100W 40-140 TO3
2SB557 PNP Sipowertrans. 120V8A80W 40-1407 MHzTO3
2SB558 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V7A60W  4 MHzTO3
2SB559 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 18V1.2A8W 60-320~150 MHzTO126
2SB560 PNP SiSStrans. 80V700mA900mW 60-560100 MHzTO92E
2SB561 PNP SiSStrans. 20V700mA500mW 85-240~350 MHzTO92
2SB562 PNP SiSStrans. 20V1A900mW 85-240~350 MHzTO92E
2SB564 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A1W 90-400100 MHzTO92E
2SB566(K), A(K) PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V4A40W 60-200~15 MHzTO220
2SB595 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V5A40W 40-320~8 MHzTO220
2SB596 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A30W 40-240~8 MHzTO220
2SB598 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A600mW 60-560~180 MHzTO92
2SB600 PNP Sipowertrans. 200V10A200W 404 MHzTO204AA
2SB601 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V5A30W 2,000-15,000 TO220
2SB605 PNP SiSStrans. 50V700mA1W 50-400~120 MHz 
2SB616 PNP Sipowertrans. 80V8A60W 40-20011 MHzTB-33
2SB618 PNP Sipowertrans. 150V7A   7 MHzTB-33
2SB621 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A750mW 85-340~200 MHzTO92
2SB621A PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A750mW 85-340~200 MHzTO92
2SB624 PNP SiSStrans. 25V700mA200mW 110-400~160 MHz"mini mold"
2SB631 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V1A8W 60-320~130 MHzTO126
2SB631K PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V1A8W 60-320~130 MHzTO126
2SB632 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 25V2A10W 60-320~100 MHzTO126
2SB632K PNP Simed pwrtrans. 35V2A10W 60-320~100 MHzTO126
2SB633 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 85V6A60W 40-320~15 MHzTO220
2SB641 PNP SiSStrans. 30V100mA400mW ~200 M-71
2SB642 PNP SiSStrans. 50V100mA400mW 160-460~80 MHzM-71
2SB643 PNP SiSStrans. 25V500mA600mW 85-340~200 MHzM71
2SB644 PNP SiSStrans. 50V500mA600mW 85-340~200 MHzM71
2SB645 PNP Sipowertrans. 200V15A150W   TO3
2SB646 PNP SiSStrans. 80V50mA900mW 60-320140 MHzTO92
2SB646A PNP SiSStrans. 100V50mA900mW 60-200140 MHzTO92
2SB647 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A900mW 60-200~140 MHzTO92A
2SB647A PNP SiSStrans. 100V1A900mW 60-200~140 MHzTO92A
2SB648A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 160V50mA1W   TO126
2SB649A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 180V1.5A20W 100-320140 MHzTO126
2SB654 PNP Sipowertrans. 120V7A80W 60-200 TO3
2SB655 PNP Sipowertrans. 160V12A125W 35-20022 MHzTO3
2SB668A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W   TO220
2SB673 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V7A40W   TO220
2SB682 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A30W 55-300~8 MHzTO220
2SB686 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V6A60W 55-16010 MHzTO218 SC-65
2SB688 PNP Sipowertrans. 120V8A80W 55-16010 MHzTO218
2SB689 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A40W 50-250 TO220AB
2SB690 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A40W 60-20020 MHzTO220
2SB697 PNP Sipowertrans. 140V12A100W 40-320~15 MHzTO3? 2017
2SB697K PNP Sipowertrans. 160V12A100W 40-320~15 MHzTO3? 2017
2SB698 PNP SiSStrans. 20V700mA650mW 60-560~250 MHzTO92 SC43 2003A
2SB700A PNP Sipowertrans. 160V12A100W 60-20020 MHz 
2SB703 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A40W 40-20010 MHz-TO220
2SB703A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A40W 40-20010 MHz-TO220
2SB705 PNP Sipowertrans. 140V10A120W 40-200~15 MHz 
2SB705A PNP Sipowertrans. 150V10A120W 40-200~15 MHz 
2SB705B PNP Sipowertrans. 160V10A120W 40-200~15 MHz 
2SB706 PNP Sipowertrans. 180V10A200W 40-200~14 MHzMT-200?
2SB706A PNP Sipowertrans. 220V10A200W 40-200~14 MHzMT-200?
2SB707 PNP Simed pwrtrans.       TO220
2SB709A PNP SiSStrans. 45V100mA200mW 160-460~80 MHzSC-59
2SB710 PNP SiSStrans. 25V500mA200mW 85-340~200 MHzTO236 SC-59
2SB710A PNP SiSStrans. 50V500mA200mW 85-340~200 MHzTO236 SC-59
2SB713 PNP Sipowertrans. 140V9A100W 40-200~20 MHzTO3P
2SB715 PNP SiSStrans. 100V50mA750mW 250-800~150 MHzTO92MOD
2SB716 PNP SiSStrans. 120V50mA750mW 250-800~150 MHzTO92MOD
2SB716A * PNP SiSStrans. 140V50mA750mW 250-500150 MHzTO92MOD
2SB717 PNP SiSStrans. 160V50mA1.25W 100-320140 MHzTO202AA
2SB718 PNP SiHV SStrans. 200V50mA1.25W 100-320140 MHzTO202AA
2SB724 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W   TO220
2SB726 PNP SiSStrans. 80V100mA250mW 180-700~150 MHzTO92 SC-43A
2SB727 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V6A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB731 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V1A10W 135-600~75 MHzTO126
2SB733 PNP SiSStrans. 16V1A1W 135-60050 MHz- 
2SB734 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A1W 135-600~80 MHz 
2SB736 PNP SiSStrans. 60V300mA200mW 110-400100 MHz"mini mold"
2SB736A PNP SiSStrans. 80V300mA200mW 110-400100 MHz"mini mold"
2SB737 PNP SiSStrans. 40V300mA250mW 120-56050 MHzTO92E
2SB738 PNP SiSStrans. 16V2A900mW 100-320~150 MHzTO92MOD
2SB739 PNP SiSStrans. 20V2A900mW 100-320~150 MHzTO92MOD
2SB740 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A900mW 100-320~150 MHzTO92MOD
2SB745 PNP SiSStrans. 35V50mA400mW 180-700~150 MHzSC-71
2SB745A PNP SiSStrans. 55V50mA400mW 180-700~150 MHzSC-71
2SB750 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V2A35W 1,000-10,000 TO220AB
2SB751 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A40W 1,000-10,000 TO220
2SB751A PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A40W 1,000-10,000 TO220
2SB753 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 70-240~10 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2-10A1A
2SB754 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A60W 70-240~10 MHz2-16D1A
2SB755LBB PNP Sipowertrans. 150V12A120W 55-16020 MHz2-34A1A
2SB761 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A35W   TO220
2SB764 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A900mW 60-320~150 MHzTO92E
2SB765K PNP Simed pwrdarl. 120V3A30W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB766 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A1W 85-340~200 MHzSC-62
2SB766A PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A1W 85-340~200 MHzSC-62
2SB767 PNP SiSStrans. 80V500mA1W 90-330~120 MHzSC-62
2SB768 PNP SiSStrans. 150V2A2W 40-200~10 MHzMP-3
2SB772 * PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V3A10W 60-400~80 MHzTO126?
2SB774 PNP SiSStrans. 25V100mA400mW 210-460~150 MHzTO92 SC-43A
2SB775 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 85V6A60W 60-200~18 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB776 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V7A70W 60-200~15 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB778 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V10A80W 55-160 SC-65
2SB779 PNP SiSStrans. 20V500mA200mW 90-220~150 MHzSC-59
2SB788 PNP SiSStrans. 120V20mA400mW 180-520 M-A1
2SB789 PNP SiSStrans. 100V500mA1W 90-220~120 MHz 
2SB789A PNP SiSStrans. 120V500mA1W 90-220~120 MHz 
2SB790 PNP SiSStrans. 20V500mA600mW 90-220~150 MHzSC-71
2SB791(K) PNP Simed pwrdarl. 120V8A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220
2SB792 PNP SiSStrans. 150V50mA200mW 130-450~200 MHzTO236 SC-59
2SB792A PNP SiSStrans. 185V50mA200mW 130-450~200 MHzTO236 SC-59
2SB793 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A1W 85-340~200 MHzM-71
2SB793A PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A1W 85-340~200 MHzM-71
2SB794L PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V1.5A1W 1000-30,000  
2SB795 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V1.5A1W 1000-30,000  
2SB798 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A2W 90-400~110 MHz"mini mold"
2SB799 PNP SiSStrans. 50V700mA2W 90-400~120 MHz"mini mold"
2SB800 PNP SiSStrans. 80V300mA2W 90-400~100 MHz"mini mold"
2SB804 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A2W 90-400~80 MHz"mini mold"
2SB805 PNP SiSStrans. 100V700mA2W 90-400~75 MHz"mini mold"
2SB806 PNP SiSStrans. 120V700mA2W 90-400~75 MHz"mini mold"
2SB808 PNP SiSStrans. 15V700mA250mW 160-560~250 MHz2033 SPA
2SB810 PNP SiSStrans. 25V700mA350mW 110-400~160 MHz(teeny!)
2SB815 PNP SiSStrans. 15V700mA200mW 200-900~250 MHz2018A CP
2SB816 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V8A80W 60-200~15 MHzTO3P? 2022
2SB817 PNP Sipowertrans. 160V12A100W   TO218
2SB819R PNP SiSStrans. 40V1.5A1W 80-220~150 MHzM-71
2SB821 PNP SiSStrans. 40V300mA250mW 130-750100 MHzM-71
2SB822 PNP SiSStrans. 32V2A750mW 120-390~100 MHzFTR
2SB824R PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A30W 70-280~30 MHzTO220
2SB825 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A40W 70-280~10 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010B
2SB826 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V12A40W 70-280~10 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010C
2SB827 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A60W 70-280~10 MHzTO3PB 2022
2SB828 PNP Sipowertrans. 50V12A80W 70-280~10 MHzTO218
2SB829 PNP Sipowertrans. 50V15A90W 70-280~20 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB831 PNP SiSStrans. 20V700mA150mW 85-240 MPAK
2SB834 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 60-300~9 MHzTO220
2SB851 PNP SiSStrans. 80V700mA750mW 82-390~100 MHzFTR, M-71
2SB852K PNP SiSSdarl. 32V300mA200mW 5,000-~200 MHzSMTS
2SB856 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A25W 35-200~35 MHzTO220
2SB857 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V4A40W 60-320~15 MHzTO220AB
2SB858 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A40W 60-320~15 MHzTO220AB
2SB859 PNP SiSStrans. 80V4A40W 60-200~20 MHzTO220AB
2SB860 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A40W 25-350 TO220AB
2SB861 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V2A30W 60-200 TO220
2SB865 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V1.5A900mW 4,000-~120 MHzSC-51 2006A MP
2SB873 PNP SiSStrans. 20V5A1W 90-625~120 MHzTO92L SC-51
2SB874 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V2A20W 60-200~250 MHzTO220AB
2SB880 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A30W 2,000-~20 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010B
2SB881 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V7A35W 2,000-~20 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010C
2SB882 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V10A40W 2,000-~20 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010C
2SB883 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V15A70W 2,000-~20 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB884 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V3A30W 1,500-~20 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010C
2SB885 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V5A35W 1500-~20 MHzTO220 SC-46 2010C
2SB886 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V8A40W 1500-~20 MHzTO220 SC-46 2010C
2sd887 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V10A70W 1500-~20 MHzTO3PB 2022
2SB888 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V700mA600mW 5,000-~170 MHzTO92 SC-43 2003A NP
2SB889F PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V700mA5W 120-270~100 MHzTO126
2SB891 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 32V2A5W 82-390~100 MHzTO126
2SB892 PNP Si trans. 50V4A1W 100-580~150 MHzTO92M
2SB892 PNP SiSStrans. 10V2.5A750mW 100-560~250 MHzTO92 SC-43 2003A NP
2SB902 PNP SiSStrans. 25V100mA200mW 120-650~150 MHz"mini mold"
2SB903 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V12A35W 70-280~120 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010B
2SB904 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V20A60W 70-280~120 MHzTO3PB 2022
2SB905 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V1.5A10W 60-320~50 MHz2-7B1A 2-7J1A
2SB906 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A20W 60-200~9 MHz2-7B1A 2-7J1A
2SB907 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 40V3A15W 2,000- 2-7B1A 2-7J1A
2SB908 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A15W 2,000- 2-7B1A 2-7J1A
2SB909M PNP SiSStrans.       M-71
2SB910M PNP SiSStrans. 60V700mA1W 82-390~100 MHzATR
2SB911M PNP SiSStrans. 32V2A1W 120-390~100 MHzATR
2SB912 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V10A60W 2000-~20 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB913 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V8A60W 1,500-~20 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB919 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V8A30W 70-280~120 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010B
2SB920L PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A30W 70-280~20 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010C
2SB921L PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 70-280~20 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010B
2SB922L PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V12A80W 70-280~20 MHzTO3PB 2022A
2SB926 PNP SiSStrans. 25V2A750mW 100-560~150 MHzTO92 SC-43 2003A
2SB927 PNP SiSStrans. 25V2.5A1W 100-560~150 MHzSC-51 2006A MP
2SB928 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V2A30W 60-240~30 MHzN type
2SB928A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 180V2A30W 60-240~30 MHzN type
2SB929 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A35W 70-250~30 MHzN type
2SB929A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A35W 70-250~30 MHzN type
2SB930 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A40W 70-250~20 MHzN type
2SB930A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A40W 70-250~20 MHzN type
2SB931 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A30W 90-260~30 MHzN type
2SB932 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A35W 90-260~30 MHzN type
2SB933 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A40W 90-260~30 MHzN type
2SB934 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 90-260~30 MHzN-G1
2SB935 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V10A35W 90-260~150 MHzN type
2SB935A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V10A35W 90-260~150 MHzN type
2SB936 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V10A40W 90-260~100 MHzN-G1
2SB936A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V10A40W 90-260~100 MHzN-G1
2SB937 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V2A35W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzN-G1
2SB937A PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V2A35W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzN-G1
2SB938 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V4A40W 1,000-10,000~15 MHzN type
2SB938A PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V4A40W 1,000-10,000~15 MHzN type
2SB939 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V8A45W 2,000-10,000~15 MHzN type
2SB939A PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V8A45W 2,000-10,000~15 MHzN type
2SB940 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V2A30W 60-240~30 MHzTO220F
2SB940A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 180V2A30W 60-240~30 MHzTO220F
2SB941 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A35W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB941A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A35W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB942 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A40W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB942A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A40W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB943 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A30W 90-260~30 MHzTO220F
2SB944 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A35W 90-260~30 MHzTO220F
2SB945 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A40W 90-260~30 MHzTO220F
2SB946 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 90-260~30 MHzTO220F
2SB947 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V10A35W 60-260~150 MHzTO220F-A1 SC-67
2SB947A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V10A35W 60-260~150 MHzTO220F-A1 SC-67
2SB948 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V10A40W 90-260~100 MHzTO220F
2SB949 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V2A35W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB949A PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V2A35W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB950 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V4A40W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB950A PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V4A40W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB951 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V8A45W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB951A PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V8A45W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB952 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V7A30W 60-260~150 MHzN-G1
2SB952A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V7A30W 60-260~150 MHzN-G1
2SB953 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V7A30W 90-260~150 MHzTO220F
2SB953A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V7A30W 90-260~150 MHzTO220F
2SB954 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V1A30W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB954A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V1A30W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB955 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V10A50W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB956 PNP SiSStrans. 20V1A1W 130-280~200 MHzSC-62
2SB962 PNP SiSStrans. 30V3A2W 50-400~80 MHzMP-3
2SB963 PNP SiSSdarl. 60V1A2W 2,000-30,000 MP-3
2SB965 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V7A70W 60-320~75 MHz 
2SB966 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V8A80W 60-320~65 MHz 
2SB967 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 18V5A20W 90-625~120 MHzU type
2SB968 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V1.5A20W 50-220~150 MHzSC-63 U type
2SB970 * PNP SiSStrans. 10V500mA200mW 130-350~130 MHzTO236 SC-59
2SB976 PNP SiSStrans. 18V5A750mW 125-625~120 MHzTO92 SC-43A
2SB977 * PNP SiSSdarl. 25V1A750mW 2,000-20,000 TO92
2SB977A * PNP SiSSdarl. 50V1A750mW 2,000-20,000 TO92
2SB983 PNP Simed pwrtrans.       TO220
2SB984 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A1W 135-400~100 MHz 
2SB985 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A1W 100-560~150 MHz2006A SC-51 MP
2SB986 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V4A10W 100-560~150 MHzTO126
2SB1000 PNP SiSStrans. 20V1A1W 85-240~200 MHzUPAK
2SB1001 PNP SiSStrans. 16V2A1W 100-320~150 MHzUPAK
2SB1002 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A1W 100-320~150 MHzUPAK
2SB1007 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V700mA10W 82-390~100 MHzTO126
2SB1009 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 32V2A10W 82-390~100 MHzTO126
2SB1011 PNP SiHV med pwrtrans. 400V100mA1.2W 30-~70 MHzTO126B-A1
2SB1012 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 120V1.5A20W 2,000-30,000 TO126
2SB1015A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 60-200~9 MHzSC-67 2-10R1A
2SB1016 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V3A25W ~100~60 MHzSC-67
2SB1017 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A25W 40-240~9 MHz2-10L1A
2SB1018A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A30W 70-240~10 MHz2-10R1A
2SB1019 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A30W 70-240~10 MHzTO220
2SB1020A PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V7A30W 2,000-15,000 2-10R1A
2SB1021 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V7A30W 2,000-15,000 2-10L1A
2SB1022 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V7A30W 2,000-15,000 2-10L1A
2SB1023 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 40V3A20W 2,000- 2-10L1A
2SB1024 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A20W 2000- 2-10L1A
2SB1025 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A1W 60-320~140 MHzUPAK
2SB1026 PNP SiSStrans. 100V1A1W 60-200~140 MHzUPAK
2SB1027 PNP SiSStrans. 120V1.5A1W 60-320 UPAK
2SB1028 PNP SiSStrans. 160V1.5A1W 60-200 UPAK
2SB1030 PNP SiSStrans. 25V500mA300mW 85-340~200 MHzSC-72
2SB1030A PNP SiSStrans. 50V500mA300mW 85-340~200 MHzSC-72
2SB1031K PNP Sipowerdarl. w/ damper 100V15A100W 1,000-20,000 TO3P
2SB1032 PNP Sipowerdarl. w/ damper 120V10A80W 1,000-20,000 TO3P
2SB1033 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A40W ~120~8 MHzTO220
2SB1034 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V2A15W 2,000-~50 MHzTO126 2-8F1A
2SB1035 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A900mW 55-300~100 MHz 
2SB1036 PNP SiSStrans. 120V20mA300mW 180-520~200 MHzSC-72
2SB1037 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V1.5A30W 70-200~15 MHzTO220AB SC-46 2010C
2SB1041 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A900mW 82-390100 MHz 
2SB1046 PNP SiSStrans. 160V50mA1W 60-320~140 MHzUPAK
2SB1048 PNP SiSSdarl. 60V1A1W 2,000-100,000 UPAK
2SB1050 PNP SiSStrans. 20V5A1W 90-625~120 MHzSC-71
2SB1054 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V5A60W 40-200~20 MHzTO3P SC-92
2SB1058 PNP SiSStrans. 16V2A750mW 100-320~80 MHzTO92
2SB1059 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A750mW 100-320~65 MHzTO92
2SB1061 PNP SiHV med pwrdarl. 300V300mA15W 1,000- TO220AB
2SB1062 PNP SiSStrans. 10V500mA600mW 100-350~130 MHzM-71
2SB1063 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V5A40W 40-200~20 MHzTO220F
2SB1064 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A30W 60-320~70 MHzTO220
2SB1065 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A10W 58-390~70 MHzTO126
2SB1066M PNP SiSStrans. 50V3A1W 56-390~70 MHzATR
2SB1067 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V2A10W 2,000-~50 MHz2-8H1A
2SB1068 PNP SiSStrans. 16V2A750mW 135-650~180 MHzTO92 SC-43B
2SB1070 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V4A25W 90-260~150 MHzN-G1
2SB1070A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V4A25W 90-260~150 MHzN-G1
2SB1071 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V4A25W 60-260~150 MHzTO220F-A1 SC-67
2SB1071A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V4A25W 60-260~150 MHzTO220F-A1 SC-67
2SB1072(L), (S) PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A20W 1,000-20,000 DPAK
2SB1073 PNP SiSStrans. 20V4A1W 120-315~120 MHzSC-62
2SB1076M PNP SiSSdarl. 40V2A1W 1,000-~150 MHzATR
2SB1077 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V4A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB1079 PNP Sipowerdarl. w/ damper 100V20A100W 1,000-20,000 TO3P
2SB1085A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 160V1.5A20W 60-200~50 MHzTO220
2SB1091 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V8A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB1093 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 80V1.5A1W 2,000-30,000~80 MHz 
2SB1094 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A15W 40-200~20 MHzTO220?
2SB1096 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V2A25W 40-200~5 MHzTO220
2SB1101 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB1102 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB1103 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V8A40W 1,000-20,000 TO220AB
2SB1108 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 120V10A50W 1,000-20,000~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1109 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 160V100mA1.25W 60-320140 MHzTO126MOD
2SB1110 PNP SiHV med pwrtrans. 200V100mA1.25W 60-320140 MHzTO126MOD
2SB1114 PNP SiSStrans. 20V2A2W 135-600~180 MHz"mini mold"
2SB1115 PNP SiSStrans. 60V1A2W 135-600~120 MHz"mini mold"
2SB1115A PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A2W 135-400~120 MHz"mini mold"
2SB1116 PNP SiSStrans. 60V1A750mW 135-600~120 MHzTO92 SC-43B
2SB1116A * PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A750mW 135-600~120 MHzTO92 SC-43B
2SB1117 PNP SiSStrans. 25V3A1W 135-600~280 MHz 
2SB1118 PNP SiSStrans. 15V700mA500mW 140-560~250 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1119 PNP SiSStrans. 25V1A500mW 100-560~180 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1120 PNP SiSStrans. 10V2.5A500mW 100-560~250 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1121 PNP SiSStrans. 25V2A500mW 100-560~150 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1122 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A1.3W 100-560~150 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1123 PNP SiSStrans. 50V2A1.3W 100-560~150 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1124 PNP SiSStrans. 50V3A1.5W 100-560~150 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1125 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V700mA1.3W 4000-~200 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1126 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1.5A1.5W 4000-~120 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1127 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A10W 100-400~320 MHzTO126 2009A
2SB1130AM PNP SiSStrans. 160V1.5A1W 56-270~50 MHzATR
2SB1131 PNP SiSStrans. 20V5A1W 100-400~320 MHzSC-51 2006A MP
2SB1132 PNP SiSStrans. 40V1A500mW 82-390150 MHzMPT3
2SB1133 * PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 70-280~40 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1134 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A25W 70-280~30 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1135 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A30W 70-280~10 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1136 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V12A30W 70-280~10 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1140 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A10W 100-400~320 MHzTO126ML 2042A
2SB1141 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 18V1.2A10W 70-400~150 MHzTO126ML 2042A
2SB1142 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V2.5A10W 100-400~140 MHzTO126ML 2042A
2SB1143 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V4A10W 100-560~150 MHzTO126ML 2042A
2SB1144 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V1.5A10W 100-400~100 MHzTO126ML 2042B
2SB1148 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V10A15W 90-260~100 MHz"I"
2SB1148A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V10A15W 90-260~100 MHz"I"
2SB1149 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V3A15W 2,000-15,000 TO126?
2SB1150 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V3A15W 2,000-15,000 TO126?
2SB1151 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V5A20W 200-400 TO126?
2SB1154 PNP Sipowertrans. 80V10A70W 90-260~30 MHzTO3P
2SB1155 PNP Sipowertrans. 80V15A80W 90-260~25 MHzTO3P
2SB1156 PNP Sipowertrans. 80V20A100W 90-260~25 MHzTO3P
2SB1165 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V8A20W 70-400~130 MHzTO126LP 2043A
2SB1166 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V8A20W 70-400~130 MHzTO126LP 2043A
2SB1167 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V3A20W 40-400180 MHzTO126LP
2SB1168 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A20W 70-400~130 MHzTO126LP 2043A
2SB1169 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V1A15W 40-450~40 MHzI-GI
2SB1169A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V1A15W 40-450~40 MHzI-GI
2SB1172 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A15W 70-250~30 MHzI-G1
2SB1172A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A15W 70-250~30 MHzI-G1
2SB1173 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V8A15W 40-250~30 MHz 
2SB1173A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V8A15W 40-250~30 MHz 
2SB1174 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A15W 90-260~30 MHzI-G1
2SB1175 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V4A15W 90-260~30 MHz 
2SB1176 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A15W 90-260~30 MHz 
2SB1179 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A15W 1,000-10,000~20 MHz 
2SB1179A PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A15W 1,000-10,000~20 MHz 
2SB1180 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V8A15W 2,000-10,000~20 MHz 
2SB1180A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V8A15W 2,000-10,000~20 MHz 
2SB1181 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A10W 82-390~100 MHzSC-63 CPT3
2SB1182 PNP SiSStrans. 32V2A10W 82-390~100 MHzSC-63 CPT3
2SB1183 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 40V2A10W 1,000-20,000 SC-63 CPT3
2SB1184 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A15W 82-390~70 MHzSC-63 CPT3
2SB1185 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A25W 60-320~70 MHzTO220FP
2SB1186A * PNP Simed pwrtrans. 160V1.5A20W 60-200~50 MHzTO220FP
2SB1188 PNP SiSStrans. 32V2A2W 82-390~100 MHzSC-62 MPT3
2SB1189 * PNP SiSStrans. 80V700mA2W 120-270~100 MHzMPT3
2SB1193 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 120V8A50W 1,000-20,000~15 MHzTO220F-A1
2SB1197K PNP SiSStrans. 32V800mA200mW 120-390 SC-59 SMT3
2SB1198K PNP SiSStrans. 80V500mA200mW 120-390~180 MHzSC-59 SMT3
2SB1201 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V2A15W 100-560~150 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1202 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A15W 100-560~150 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1203 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A20W 70-400~130 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1204 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V8A20W 70-400180 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1205 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A10W 100-400~320 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1207 PNP SiSStrans. 10V500mA300mW 130-350~130 MHzSC-72
2SB1209 PNP SiHV SStrans. 400V100mA1W 40-~50 MHzSC-71
2SB1214 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V3A15W 2,000- 2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1215 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V3A20W 70-400~130 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1216 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V4A20W 70-400~130 MHz2045B TP 2044B TP-FA
2SB1217 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A10W 100-400 TO126?
2SB1218A PNP SiSStrans. 45V100mA150mW 160-460~80 MHzSC-70
2SB1219 PNP SiSStrans. 25V500mA150mW 85-340~200 MHzSC-70
2SB1219A PNP SiSStrans. 50V500mA150mW 85-340~200 MHzSC-70
2SB1220 PNP SiSStrans. 150V50mA150mW 130-450~200 MHzSC-70
2SB1221 PNP SiSStrans. 200V70mA1W 60-220~80 MHzTO92NL
2SB1223 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V4A20W 2,000-5,000~20 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1224 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V7A25W 2,000-5,000~20 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1225 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V10A30W 2,000-5,000~20 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1226 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V3A20W 1,500-4,000~20 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1227 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V5A25W 1,500-4,000~20 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1228 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V8A30W 1,500-4,000~20 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1229 PNP SiSStrans. 50V2A750mW 100-560~150 MHzTO92 SC-43 2003A MP
2SB1230 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V15A100W 50-140 TO3PB 2022
2SB1231 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V25A120W 50-14020 MHz-TO3PB 2022A
2SB1232 PNP Sipowertrans. 100V40A150W 50-14020 MHz-TO3PB 2022A
2SB1234 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V200mA200mW 5,000- 2018A CP
2SB1235 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V200mA300mW 5,000- 2033 SPA
2SB1236 * PNP SiSStrans. 120V1.5A1W 120-390~50 MHzATV
2SB1237 PNP SiSStrans. 40V1A1W 120-390150 MHzATV
2SB1238 * PNP SiSStrans. 80V700mA1W 120-270~100 MHzATV
2SB1239 * PNP SiSSdarl. 40V2A1W 1,000-20,000 ATV TV2
2SB1240 PNP SiSStrans. 32V2A1W 82-390~100 MHzATV
2SB1241 * PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A1W 120-390~100 MHzATV
2SB1243 * ** PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A1W 60-320~70 MHzATV TV2
2SB1244 PNP SiSStrans. 160V100mA900mW 40-320~140 MHzTO92MOD
2SB1245 PNP SiSStrans. 200V100mA900mW 40-320~140 MHzTO92MOD
2SB1252 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V5A45W 5,000-20,000~20 MHzTO220F
2SB1253 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 110V6A50W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3PF
2SB1254 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 140V7A70W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3PF
2SB1255 PNP Sipowerdarl. 140V15A100W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3PF
2SB1257 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A25W 2,000-~150 MHzTO220F FM20
2SB1258 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V6A30W 1,000-~100 MHzTO220F FM20
2SB1259 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V10A30W 2,000-~100 MHzTO220F FM20
2SB1260 PNP SiSStrans. 80V1A10W 82-390~100 MHzSC-62 MPT3
2SB1261-Z PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A10W 100-400~50 MHzMP-3
2SB1266 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 70-280~40 MHzTO220MP 2049B
2SB1267 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V8A30W 70-280~120 MHzTO220MP 2049B
2SB1268 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A30W 70-280~30 MHzTO220MP 2049B
2SB1269 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A40W 70-280~10 MHzTO220MP 2049B
2SB1270 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A30W 70-280~20 MHzTO220MP 2049B
2SB1271 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 70-280~20 MHzTO220MP 2049B
2SB1274 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A20W 70-280~100 MHzTO220ML 2041A
2SB1275 PNP SiSStrans. 160V1.5A10W 56-180~50 MHzCPT3
2SB1277 PNP SiSStrans. 32V2A750mW 120-390~100 MHzFTL
2SB1278 PNP SiSStrans. 80V700mA750mW 82-390~100 MHzFTL, TL2
2SB1282 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V4A25W 1,500-15,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB1283 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V7A30W 1,500-15,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB1284 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V15A35W 1,500-15,000~20 MHzTO220
2SB1285 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V15A100W 1,500-15,000~20 MHzTO3P
2SB1288 PNP SiSStrans. 20V5A1W 90-625~120 MHzTO92NL
2SB1294 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 100V5A30W 60-320~12 MHzTO220FP
2SB1295 PNP SiSStrans. 15V800mA200mW 135-900~200 MHz2018A CP
2SB1296 PNP SiSStrans. 15V800mA300mW 140-560~300 MHz2033 SPA
2SB1297 PNP SiSStrans. 120V500mA1W 90-220~250 MHzTO92NL
2SB1299 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A40W 300-700~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1300 PNP SiSStrans. 16V3A750mW 135-800~140 MHzTO92 SC-43A
2SB1302 PNP SiSStrans. 20V5A1.3W 100-400~320 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1308 PNP SiSStrans. 20V3A500mW 82-390~120 MHzMPT3
2SB1314 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A15W 150-500~100 MHzTO220F
2SB1315 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V12A65W 60-32065 MHzTO220?
2SB1316 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V2A10W 1,000-10,000 SC-63 CPT3
2SB1317 PNP Sipowertrans. 180V15A150W 60-200~20 MHzTO3PL
2SB1318 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 100V3A1W 2,000-15,000  
2SB1319 PNP SiSStrans. 20V5A1W 90-625~120 MHzM-71
2SB1320 PNP SiSStrans. 50V100mA400mW 160-460~80 MHzMT1
2SB1321A PNP SiSStrans. 50V500mA600mW 85-340~200 MHzMT1
2SB1322A PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A1W 85-340~200 MHzMT2
2SB1323 PNP SiSStrans. w/ resistors & damper 30V3A1.5W 70-~100 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1324 PNP SiSStrans. w/ resistors & damper 30V3A1.5W 70-~100 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1325 PNP SiSStrans. w/ resistors & damper 20V4A1.5W 70-~300 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1326 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A10W 120-390~120 MHzATV
2SB1334 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A40W 60-320~12 MHzTO220
2SB1340 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V6A30W 2000-20,000~12 MHzTO220FP
2SB1342 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V4A30W 1000-10,000 TO220FP
2SB1344 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V8A30W 1000-20,000 TO220FP
2SB1347 PNP Sipowertrans. 160V12A120W 60-200~15 MHzTO3P
2SB1351 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V12A30W 2,000-~130 MHzTO220F FM20
2SB1352 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V12A60W 2,000-~130 MHzTO3PF FM100
2SB1353 PNP SiSStrans. 120V1.5A1.8W 60-32050 MHzHRT
2SB1353A PNP SiSStrans. 160V1.5A1.8W 60-32050 MHzHRT
2SB1357 PNP SiSStrans. 50V3A1.8W 100-32070 MHzHRT
2SB1359 PNP SiSSdarl. 100V2A1.8W 1000-10,000 HRT
2SB1361 PNP Sipowertrans. 150V9A100W 60-200~15 MHzTO3P
2SB1370 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A60W 100-320~15 MHzTO220FP
2SB1371 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 120V6A70W 60-200~15 MHzTO3P
2SB1375 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 100-320~9 MHzTO220? 2-10R1A
2SB1378 PNP SiSStrans. 20V500mA600mW 90-350~150 MHzMT1
2SB1381 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V5A30W 1,500-15,000 SC-67 2-10R1A
2SB1382 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V16A75W 2,000-~50 MHzTO3PF FM100
2SB1383 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V25A120W 2,000-~50 MHzTO3P MT-100
2SB1386 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A1W 120-390~120 MHzMPT3
2SB1387 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 120V1.5A900mW 2,000-10,000 TO92MOD
2SB1388 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V10A45W 1,500-~20 MHzTO3PML 2039A
2SB1389 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A25W 1,000-20,000 TO220FM
2SB1390 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V8A25W 1,000-20,000 TO220FM
2SB1391 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V8A25W 1,000-20,000 TO220FM
2SB1392 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A25W 60-200 TO220FM
2SB1393 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 70-250~20 MHzTO220F
2SB1393A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A25W 70-250~20 MHzTO220F
2SB1394 PNP SiSStrans. w/ resistors & damper 30V3A1.5W 70-~100 MHz2038A PCP
2SB1395 PNP SiSStrans. 10V3A750mW 140-560~400 MHzTO92 SC-43 2003A NP
2SB1396 PNP SiSStrans. 10V3A1.3W 140-560~400 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1397 PNP SiSStrans. w/ damper 20V2A1.3W 70-~300 MHz2038 PCP
2SB1398 PNP SiSStrans. 25V5A1W 90-205~120 MHzMT2
2SB1399 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V10A30W 1,000-20,000 TO220FM
2SB1400 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V6A25W 1,000-20,000 TO220FM
2SB1401 PNP SiHV med pwrdarl. 300V300mA15W 1,000- TO220FM
2SB1405 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V600mA1W 5,000-~170 MHz2064 NMP
2SB1406 PNP SiSSdarl. 50V1.5A1W 4,000-~120 MHz2064 NMP
2SB1407(L), (S) PNP Simed pwrtrans. 35V2.5A18W 60-320 DPAK
2SB1409(L), (S) PNP Simed pwrtrans. 160V1.5A18W 60-200 DPAK
2SB1411 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V2A20W 1,500-15,000 SC-67 2-10R1A
2SB1412 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A10W 120-390~120 MHzCPT3
2SB1414 PNP SiSStrans. 150V1A1.5W 90-330~200 MHzMT-3-A1
2SB1416 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A1.5W 40-250~270 MHzMT-3-A1
2SB1417 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A15W 70-250~30 MHzMT4
2SB1417A PNP SiSStrans. 80V3A15W 70-250~30 MHzMT4
2SB1418 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 60V2A15W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzMT4
2SB1418A PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 80V2A15W 2,000-10,000~20 MHzMT4
2SB1420 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 120V16A80W 2,000-~50 MHzTO3P MT-100
2SB1424 PNP SiSStrans. 20V3A600mW 120-390~240 MHzSC-62 MPT3
2SB1427 PNP SiSStrans. 20V2A500mW 390-820~90 MHzSC-62 MPT3
2SB1429 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 180V15A150W 55-160~10 MHz2-21F1A
2SB1430 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V5A20W 2,000-20,000~80 MHzTO220?
2SB1431 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V8A25W 2,000-15,000~80 MHzTO220?
2SB1432 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V10A30W 1.000-30,000~80 MHzTO220F
2SB1434 PNP SiSStrans. 50V2A1W 120-340~110 MHzMT-2-A1
2SB1435 PNP SiSStrans. 50V2A1.5W 120-340~80 MHzMT-3-A1
2SB1436 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V5A5W 180-390~120 MHzTO126
2SB1438 PNP SiSStrans. 100V2A1W 120-340~90 MHzMT-2-A1
2SB1440 PNP SiSStrans. 50V2A1W 120-340~150 MHzMini-P3-F1
2SB1443 PNP SiSStrans. 50V3A1W   ATV
2SB1446 PNP SiSStrans. 50V5A1W 120-340~70 MHzMT2
2SB1448 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V15A65W 1,500-15,000~20 MHzTO3P
2SB1449 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V5A30W 70-280~30 MHz2069B SMP-FD
2SB1450 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A40W 70-280~10 MHz2069B SMP-FD
2SB1451 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A30W 70-280~20 MHz2069B SMP-FD
2SB1452 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 70-280~20 MHz2069B SMP-FD
2SB1453 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 100-400~5 MHzTO220?
2SB1454 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A25W 70-280~20 MHzTO220ML 2041
2SB1455 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A30W 70-280~20 MHzTO220ML 2041
2SB1457 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 100V2A900mW 2,000-~50 MHzTO92MOD 2-5J1A
2SB1462 PNP SiSStrans. 50V100mA125mW 160-460~80 MHzSC-75
2SB1463 PNP SiSStrans. 150V50mA125mW 130-450~200 MHzSC-75
2SB1467 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V8A20W 70-280~120 MHzTO220ML 2041
2SB1468 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V12A25W 70-280~120 MHzTO220ML 2041
2SB1470 PNP Sipowerdarl. 160V8A150W 3500-20,00020 MHzTO3PL
2SB1471 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V4A30W 2,000-~20 MHzTO220MF 2049B
2SB1472 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 60V7A35W 2,000-~20 MHzTO220MF 2049B
2SB1473 PNP SiSStrans. 120V500mA1W 90-330~200 MHzMT2
2SB1474 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V4A10W 1000-10,000 CPT3
2SB1475 PNP SiSStrans. 16V500mA150mW 110-40050 MHz- 
2SB1481 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V4A25W 1,000- SC-67 2-10R1A
2SB1488 PNP SiHV SStrans. 400V500mA1W 80-280~25 MHzMT2
2SB1490 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 140V7A90W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3P
2SB1492 PNP Sipowerdarl. 110V6A70W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3PL
2SB1493 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 140V7A70W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3P SC-65a
2SB1494 PNP Sipowerdarl. w/ damper 120V25A120W 2,000-20,000 TO3P
2SB1495 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V3A20W 2,000- 2-10R1A
2SB1496 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A1.8W 100-320 HRT
2SB1494 PNP Sipowerdarl. w/ damper 120V25A120W 2,000-20,000 TO3P
2SB1495 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V3A20W 2,000- 2-10R1A
2SB1502 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V5A60W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3PL
2SB1503 PNP Sipowerdarl. 140V7A120W 5,000-30,000~20 MHzTO3PL
2SB1504 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 50V8A1.5W 1,000-10,000~20 MHzMT-3-A1
2SB1507 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V7A40W 70-280~10 MHzTO3PML 2039A
2SB1508 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V12A45W 70-280~10 MHzTO3PML 2039A
2SB1509 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V15A50W 70-280~20 MHzTO3PML
2SB1510 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 60V3A1.5W 2,000- 2084 FLP
2SB1511 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V20A40W 70-280~120 MHzTO3PML 2039A
2SB1514 PNP SiSSdarl. 100V8A1.8W 1000-20,000 HRT
2SB1527 PNP SiSStrans. w/ damper 15V800mA200mW 70-~250 MHz2018B CP
2SB1530 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 150V2A20W 60-200 TO220FM
2SB1537 PNP SiSStrans. 10V1A1W 200-800~120 MHzSC-62
2SB1539 PNP SiSStrans. 20V1A1W 200-800~120 MHzSC-62
2SB1548 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 70-250~30 MHzTO220DF
2SB1548A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A25W 70-250~30 MHzTO220DF
2SB1553 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A2W 300-700~30 MHzMT4
2SB1554 PNP SiSStrans. 60V4A2W 80-400~25 MHzMT4
2SB1555 PNP Sipowerdarl. 140V7A100W 5,000-30,000~30 MHz2-21F1A
2SB1556 PNP Sipowerdarl. 140V8A120W 5,000-30,000~30 MHz2-21F1A
2SB1557 PNP Sipowertrans. 140V7A70W 2000-30,000 2-16C1A
2SB1558 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 140V8A80W 5,000-30,000~30 MHz2-16C1A
2SB1559 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 150V8A80W 5,000-~65 MHzTO3P MT-100
2SB1560 PNP Sipowerdarl. 150V10A100W 5,000-~50 MHzTO3P MT-100
2SB1561 PNP SiSStrans. 60V2A2W 120-270~200 MHzMPT3
2SB1565 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 100-320~15 MHzTO220FN
2SB1566 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V3A25W 100-320 TO220FN
2SB1567 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V2A20W 1,000-10,000 TO220FN
2SB1568 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V4A30W 1000-10,000 TO220FN
2SB1569A PNP SiSStrans. 160V1.5A20W 100-200~50 MHzTO220FN
2SB1570 PNP Sipowerdarl. 150V12A150W 5,000-~50 MHzMT-200
2SB1571 PNP SiSStrans. 30V5A2W 100-400~150 MHz 
2SB1572 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A2W 100-400~160 MHz 
2SB1574 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 50V2A10W 120-340~80 MHzSC-63
2SB1578 PNP SiSStrans. 60V5A2W 100-400  
2SB1580 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V2A2W 1,000-10,000 SC-62 MPT3
2SB1587 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 150V8A75W 5,000-~65 MHzTO3PF FM100
2SB1588 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 150V10A80W 5,000-~50 MHzTO3PF FM100
2SB1589 PNP SiSStrans. 10V1.5A1W 200-700~190 MHzMiniP3-F1
2SB1590K PNP SiSStrans. 15V1A200mW 120-270~200 MHzSMT3
2SB1592 PNP SiSStrans. 25V3A1W 90-450150 MHzTO92NL-A1
2SB1593 PNP SiSStrans. 29V3A1.5W 100-450200 MHzMT-3-A1
2SB1594 PNP Sipowerdarl. 160V10A150W 3,000-20,000~30 MHz2-21F1A
2SB1599 PNP SiSStrans. 40V?1W 50-220~150 MHzSC-62
2SB1602 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A1.3W 300-1000 2-8M1A
2SB1603 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V4A25W 90-260~150 MHzTO220F
2SB1603A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V4A25W 90-260~150 MHzTO220F
2SB1604 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V10A40W 90-260~100 MHzTO220F
2SB1604A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V10A40W 90-260~100 MHzTO220F
2SB1605 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A35W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1605A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A35W 70-250~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1606 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V5A40W 90-260~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1607 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V7A40W 90-260~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1612 PNP SiSStrans. 10V2A1W 200-800~60 MHzSC-62
2SB1616 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 80V4A30W 1,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220FP
2SB1617 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 100V2A1.3W 2,000-~50 MHz2-8M1A
2SB1623 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 60V4A40W 1,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220D-A1
2SB1623A PNP Simed pwrdarl. 80V4A40W 1,000-10,000~20 MHzTO220D-A1
2SB1624 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 110V6A60W 5,000-~100 MHzTO3P MT-100
2SB1625 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 110V6A60W 5,000-~100 MHzTO3P FM100
2SB1626 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 110V6A30W 5,000-~100 MHzTO220F FM20
2SB1628 PNP SiSStrans. 16V3A2W 140-560~320 MHz 
2SB1629 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A40W 300-700~30 MHzTO220F
2SB1631 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A25W 300-700~30 MHzMT-4-A1
2SB1638 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 20V7A15W 90-260~150 MHzI type
2SB1638A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 40V7A15W 90-260~150 MHzI type
2SB1639 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 400-2000 TO220FP
2SB1640 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A1.8W 100-320~9 MHz2-10T1A
2SB1641 PNP SiSSdarl. w/ damper 100V5A1.8W 1,500-15,000 2-10T1A
2SB1642 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V4A25W 100-320~9 MHzSC-67 2-10R1A
2SB1643 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V6A40W 300-700~30 MHzN type
2SB1645 PNP Sipowerdarl. 160V8A100W 3,500-15,000~20 MHzTO3P
2SB1647 PNP Sipowerdarl. 150V15A130W 5,000-~45 MHzTO3P MT-100
2SB1648 PNP Sipowerdarl. 150V17A200W 5,000-~45 MHzMT-200
2SB1649 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 150V15A85W 5,000-~45 MHzFM100 TO3PF
2SB1653 PNP SiHV SStrans. 400V500mA1.5W 80-280~20 MHzMT3
2SB1655 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A60W 100-320~15 MHzTO220FP
2SB1657 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V5A10W 150-600~75 MHzTO126?
2SB1658 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 30V5A10W 150-600~95 MHzTO126?
2SB1659 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 110V6A50W 5,000-~100 MHzTO220 MT-25
2SB1667 PNP SiSStrans. 60V3A1.5W 60-300~9 MHz2-10S2
2SB1668 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 100V8A30W 1000-20,000 TO220FN
2SB1669 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A25W 100-400~5 MHzTO22-AB TO262 TO220SMD
2SB1674 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 120V8A30W 2000-20,000 TO220FN
2SB1678 PNP SiSStrans. 20V3A1W 90-625  
2SB1679 PNP SiSStrans. 10V1A150mW 130-350~130 MHzSC-70
2SB1683 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 140V12A80W 60-200~15 MHzTO220 2010C
2SB1686 PNP Simed pwrdarl. 110V6A30W 5,000-~100 MHzTO220F FM20
2SB1688 PNP SiHV SStrans. 300V50mA750mW 80-160 TO92
2SB1689 PNP SiSStrans. 12V1.5A200mW 270-680~400 MHzSOT-323 SC-70 UMT3
2SB1690 PNP SiSStrans. 12V2A500mW 270-680~360 MHzTSMT3
2SB1691 PNP SiSStrans. 50V1A800mW 200-500~310 MHzSC-59A MPAK
2SB1693 PNP SiSStrans. 20V500mA200mW 160-560~170 MHzSC-59
2SB1694 PNP SiSStrans. 30V1A200mW 270-680~320 MHzSOT-323 SC-70 UMT3
2SB1695 PNP SiSStrans. 30V1.5A500mW 270-680~280 MHzTSMT3
2SB1698 PNP SiSStrans. 30V1.5A500mW 270-680~280 MHzSOT89 SC-62 MPT3
2SB1699 PNP SiSStrans. 60V2A1W 80-250~180 MHzMiniP3-F1
2SB1700 PNP Simed pwrdarl. w/ damper 100V3A10W 1,500-4,000~20 MHzTO126ML 2042B
2SB1707 PNP SiSStrans. 12V4A500mW 270-680~250 MHzTSMT3
2SB1708 PNP SiSStrans. 30V3A500mW 270-680~200 MHzTSMT3
2SB1710 PNP SiSStrans. 30V1A500mW 270-680~320 MHzTSMT3
2SB1722J PNP SiSStrans. 100V20mA125mW 200-700~200 MHzSC-89 Mini3-F1
2SB1724 PNP Simed pwrtrans. 60V3A30W 70-250~30 MHzTO220D-A1
2SB1724A PNP Simed pwrtrans. 80V3A30W 70-250~30 MHzTO220D-A1
2SB1731 PNP SiSStrans. 30V1.5A400mW 270-680~280 MHzTUMT3
2SB1768 PNP SiSStrans. 20V3A1W 90-625~120 MHzMiniP3

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