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I used to run a service business. We did a lot of musical electronics, computers, and some other odd stuff, and relatively little consumer electronics by comparison. Which is probably a good thing, as consumer electronics is where there's the most downward price pressure, and the fastest movement toward "throw it away and buy a new one instead of fixing it" which is the sort of economic considerations that eventually resulted in us closing the shop and ceasing operations.

The regular retail end of our operation, then known as T & D Tech Services, ended in April of 1992, coming up on 16 years ago as I (originally wrote) write this. I've still worked on stuff from time to time, but lately it occurs to me that I have an awful lot of service data here that I'll never use. Hence this page...

For a look at a pile of them having just arrived here, look at this picture. The rest of them can be seen just having arrived here and here (all images are 1024x768).

(Added later) I just brought another major haul of stuff over here from the estate of a guy who used to have a repair shop. Pics of those arriving here are here and here.

The following lists a lot of what I have that I'm willing to part with. Feel free to email me if you want to get a hold of any of this stuff. My first question to you will be "what's it worth to you?" -- beyond simple postage and such. I can use all the help I can get! :-)

For whatever it's worth, I ran across one site that allows you to download electronic versions of this stuff and print it out yourself (and I don't know how they cope with the big foldout diagrams) and they charged either $20 or $35 the last time I looked.

A zip code (or postal code) if you're in the US will help me give you an idea of what it'll cost to get it to you as well.

Please do NOT email me asking for photocopies or scans of this stuff. I simply don't have the time, and I'm not interested in making a target out of myself with regard to companies that are into the idea of protecting their intellectual property rights, I am only interested in getting as much of this material as possible into the hands of folks that can use it.

Note that this is all original factory printed material, excepting in some cases where all I have are photocopies, which is noted in the chart below. In some instances, that's all I have. In some other cases, there are more than one set of something, and perhaps one or more of the sets is photocopies and some are original prints. This is noted in the chart.

Further, a lot of these manuals have a bunch of foldout pages which would be difficult to photocopy or scan, and board layouts are often grayscale or multiple colors. A lot of the Yamaha manuals for example include big foldout schematics with a lot of detailed info that would be a real bear to tape up after such copying, and without a real need on my part I'm just not inclined to go there.

What I started out with here (on March 13, 2008) was a very partial list. It's pretty well complete now in terms of what I have, but changes fairly frequently as stuff goes out of here. So if this is of interest to you feel free to bookmark this page, pass it along to others that might be interested, and check back from time to time, as things will continue to be updated in terms of what I add to it, and more importantly what I end up removing from it as it passes to other hands.

A bunch of this material, particularly the Altec, Bogen, Rauland, Raymer, and Strom stuff, is very much oriented toward installed sound systems in schools, hospitals, and similar situations. Some of that deals with school-specific and hospital-specific functions, such as nurse-call etc. It's all also very much 1950s-1970s tech, with a lot of transformers driving solid-state output stages, a lot of "constant voltage" transformers on speaker outputs, a lot of uncommon speaker impedances in things like the intercoms (45 ohms for example), lots of plug-in transformers for input networks, lots and lots of screw terminals for connections, and a lot of use of parts that are not common any longer or no longer available at all.

A lot of the rest of it is oriented toward musical instrument repair, particularly keyboards, and the associated amplifiers and effects and such stuff that goes along with that. A business that changed drastically over the years, and which, like a lot of electronics, became much more oriented toward people replacing rather than repairing and thus economically unviable. So how do you fight that?

I have, in addition to the material listed here, a lot of sales literature for some of these products. If you are a collector and this is of any interest, let me know and I'll eventually get around to listing that stuff, too.

So far: many expressions of interest in some of these items, and 242 completed transactions. :-)

I change that number above only after I've gotten paid and shipped it.

A bit of clarification on the above: That's not completed transactions total, ever. That's completed transactions on these manuals, since I put this page up.

I have actually 16 loose-leaf binders full of service orders that refer to work I did when we had the shop, and a card file with ~1000 or so cards in it from before that, so there are a lot more than it might appear at first glance.

I've sent stuff, so far, to Alabama (1), Alaska (1), Arizona (3), Arkansas (1), California (21), Colorado (2), Connecticut (6), Delaware (1), Florida (4), Georgia (2), Illinois (6), Iowa (1), Kansas (1), Kentucky (1), Louisiana (3), Maryland (4), Massachusetts (2), Michigan (4), Minnesota (2), Missouri (2), Montana (1), Nebraska (3), Nevada (1), New Jersey (3), New York (8), North Carolina (4), Ohio (8), Oklahoma (1), Oregon (3), Pennsylvania (3), South Carolina (3), Tennessee (1), Texas (4), Virginia (3), Washington (5), Wisconsin (2), British Columbia (4), New Brunswick (1), Ontario (4), Quebec (1), Australia (4), Denmark (2), Finland (3), France (4), Germany (1), Hong Kong (1), Kuwait (1), Japan (1), Malta (1), The Netherlands (3), New Zealand (1), Norway (1), and The UK (9).

Some recent comments in email:

Roy, Thanks a ton! Great detail and factory fresh document at a great price. I highly recommend this retailer for hard to find original factory manuals.


...I got the Photofacts on Monday. They arrived in perfect shape and I am thrilled with them. Thanks for your help.


I just received the service manual. I can't believe the great condition it's in. If you ever need a testimonial to back up your word on sending anything out you have my email. Thanks a million.


Thank You very much for your prompt service. I will recommend you if ever I get the opportunity.


Roy, Thank you so much. I got the manual today. I now have what I need. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


I received the manual in yesterdays mail. It has helped me quite a bit to narrow down my problem. Thanks so much.


I received the manual yesterday, and just wanted to thank you for your quick responses and shipping. It was a pleasure doing business with you!


I appreciate the prompt service. I will certainly use you again when I have future needs for service manuals.


Received. Exactly what I wanted. Pristine documenation! Thanks Roy!


I just got the service manual in the mail. It is exactly what I was looking for, and has a few pages that I didn't even know existed! I cannot thank you enough, not only for the manual, but also for your willingness to provide advice on that component question.
If I find myself in need of any additional documents for anything else, I will be checking your inventory first.

(Watch the chart on this page gradually shrink. :-)

If you are or were a service business and have bulk manuals to get rid of, please feel free to email me. I can't offer payment for them, but I can at least keep this stuff out of the landfills and hopefully get it into the hands of folks that can use the material!

Photofacts? If you don't know about those, then have a look here, which should explain what they are, or email me and I'll explain it to you.

(Added later) As of the first week of June, 2015 I have acquired a LOT of "Sams Folders" (Photofacts), which are more oriented toward consumer electronics. As in five file drawers full. These will be have been added to this page.

Note: If you see something like (2) in the last column after whatever else is in there, that means I have 2 of them (or whatever the number is). I'm finding duplicates of a nontrivial amount of this stuff.

ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 1D610-1, -2, 1D611-1, -2, -3, -4, 4D6TVPhotofact 762-1
Chassis 1G755-1TVPhotofact 787-9S
Chassis 1G755-1, G760-1, G760-2, G760-3TVPhotofact 797-1
Chassis 1G1155-1, 2G1156-1, 2G-1157-1, 3G1155-2, 3G1155-3Color TVPhotofact 825-1
Chassis 1H1256-1, 1H1258-2, 1H1260-1, 1H1298-2, H12Color TVPhotofact 876-1
Chassis 2E2, 2E2AphonoPhotofact 933-3 (2)
Chassis 2F24-transistor phonoPhotofact 1020-5
Chassis 2G750-1, -2, -3, 2G755-2, 2G760-4, -5, -6, 2G795-1TVPhotofact 833-1
Chassis 2P1, 6M5, 6M5A, 8G6, 8G6AAM-FM-stereo radio-phono, 8-track playersPhotofact 1388-3, -4A, -4B
Chassis 3H10NC57-1, 4H10NC57-2, -3, 97-1, 5H10NC64-1Color TVPhotofact 920-1
Chassis 3H554-1, 4H531-1TVPhotofact 975-1
Chassis 4C4, 8D3, 12A2AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 813-6
Chassis 4F4, 4F4A, 8L3, 8L3A, 12B2AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 843-4 (2)
Chassi 4H12NC69-1, 70-1, 70-2, 72-1, 73-1, 76-1, 95-2, 96-1Color TVPhotofact 942-1 (2)
Chassis 4M4stereo phonoPhotofact 936-4 (2)
Chassis 4R4clock radioPhotofact 1014-4 (2)
Chassis 5A7, 5A7A5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 868-5
Chassis 5B7, 5B7A4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 918-4
Chassis 5E65-tube AM radioPhotofact 803-5
Chassis 6H10NC59-1, -2, -3, 9H10NC59-2Color TVPhotofact 949-1
Chassis 6M4, 6M4A6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 898-4
Chassis 6N4, 8N4A, 17A4, 17A4A, B, CAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 931-3
Chassis 7G7, 8G7 seriesTVPhotofact 872-11Ss
Chassis 8N28-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 807-5
Chassis 8R3, 8R3A, 8S3, 8S3AAM clock radioPhotofact 981-4
Chassis 8T3, 8T3Astereo phonoPhotofact 1019-3
Chassis 8Y2stereo phonoPhotofact 959-4
Chassis 9C2, 9C2AAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1048-4
Chassis 9M45TVService Manual S1376A
Chassis 9M45MTVService Manual Supplement S1375B
Chassis 12H1073-10, -11, -12, 12H1097-3, -4Color TVPhotofact 1002-12S
Chassis 12H1073-10, -11, -12, 12H1097-3, -4, 15H1063-15Color TVPhotofact 1054-1
Chassis 18A8AAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1015-3
Chassis 19H1073-11, -14 (Runs 20 thru 23)Color TVPhotofact 1056-12S
Chassis 20A6, A, B, C21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 953-4
Chassis 20C5, 22C5, 22C5A22-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 816-6
Chassis 22A4, 24A3AM-FM-stereo receiver, phonoPhotofact 785-1A
Chassis 22D522-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 874-4
Chassis 23A6, 24A5, 24A5A22-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 889-4
Chassis 23A7A, 24A6AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1066-4
Chassis 24C3AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1013-4
Chassis 125A2 (run 12)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1277-4
Chassis D7 seriesTVPhotofact 775-1
Chassis D11 seriescolor TVPhotofact 785-1
Chassis G3 seriesTVPhotofact 773-12S
Chassis G4, 2G4, 8G4, 9G4TVPhotofact 784-1
Chassis G5 SeriesTVPhotofact 830-2
Chassis G5, 2G5, 2G7, 5G5, 6G7, 7G5, 9G5 seriesTVPhotofact 826-9S
Chassis G6 seriesTVPhotofact 769-11S,
Photofact 777-1
Chassis G7 seriesTVPhotofact 877-1
Chassis G13 (Late Production)Color TVPhotofact 915-1
Chassis G21D20-1, -2, G21D22-1, G21D23-1, G21D24-1TVPhotofact 788-9S, 805-1
Chassis G310-1, -4, G336-1TVPhotofact 778-1
Chassis G760-1, -2, -3TVPhotofact 786-11S
Chassis G1161-2, G1161-3TVPhotofact 780-1
Chassis G1263-1TVPhotofact 776-1
Chassis G1355-2, -3, G1357-1, 1G1356-1, 1G1357-1Color TVPhotofact 794-13S
Chassis H1-1A, H2-1ATVPhotofact 847-1
Chassis H1-1A, H2-1A, 1H1-1A, 1H2-1ATVPhotofact 894-1
Chassis H3-1A, H4-1A, 1H4-2ATVPhotofact 898-10S, 909-1 (2)
Chassis H5NB29-1, 1H5NB79-1TVPhotofact 948-1
Chassis H12, 1H1256-1, 1H1258-1, 1H1260-1Color TVPhotofact 849-9S
Chassis H21D20-1, H21D20-2, H21D21-1, H21D21-2TVPhotofact 832-1
Chassis H1055-1Color TVPhotofact 871-9S
Chassis K10-2A seriesColor TVPhotofact 990-12S, 1022-1
Chassis K15 seriesColor TVPhotofact 948-12S
Chassis K1563-5, 12G1363-5Color TVPhotofact 986-1
Chassis T7H2-1A, T9H1-1ATVPhotofact 1062-1
Models 12P206, 12P215, 12P227, 12P229 (Ch. TK2-1A)TVPhotofact 1038-12S
Model 2017P (Ch. 4K10-1A)Color TVPhotofact 1032-12S
Models 6011P, 6017P (Ch. 1K10-1A)Color TVPhotofact 1026-12S
Model AMX102 (Ch. 1K1)1-tube stereo adapterPhotofact 811-6
Models PG910, PG912, PG919, PG917 (Ch. G2-1, -2)TVPhotofact 791-10S, 803-1
Models PH1521, 1530, 1539, 1547 (Ch. H21D20-1, -2, H21D21-1, -2)TVPhotofact 829-9S (2)
Models PK1360, 1369, 1377, 1560, 1569, 1577 (Chassis H1-1A, H2-1A)TVPhotofact 838-12S
Models PS940, U, PS942, U, PS949, U (Ch. 16E9, U, 7H2 RemoteTVPhotofact 563-18-S
Models RC704, RC705record changerPhotofact 835-4
Model RP608 (Ch. 6W4)AM radio-phonoPhotofact 994-5
Chassis T2H3-1A, T3/T11/T12/T13/T16H4-1A, TH3/TH4-1ATVPhotofact 1068-1
Model TH2921 (Ch. H1055-1)Color TVPhotofact 969-SED
Model Y471RA (Ch. 8Y3)AM-FM radioPhotofact 1025-4
Model Y1701S (Ch. 16B6)AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 986-4
Models Y2512GP, Y2513GP, Y2519GP (Ch. 8A3N)8-transistor AM radioPhotofact 926-SED
Models Y2993, Y2996, Y2998, Y3037A (Ch. 4P3, A)AM RadioPhotofact 563-3
Models Y3513/17/195-tube AM RadioPhotofact 704-5
Model Y3910, 11, 17, 21 (Ch. 6H4N)AM-FM radioPhotofact 770 "servicer", Aug. 1965
Models Y6001, Y6002, Y6021, Y2022 (Ch. 3J2A)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 721-5
Models Y8069, Y8077 (Ch. 2A2)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 785-5
Model Y8087 (Ch. 5R6)Radio/PhonoPhotofact 768 "Servicer", Aug. 1965
Models YC1341SA, YC1351SA (Ch. 12K2)stereo phonoPhotofact 1008-4
Models YG827, 29, 37, 41, 51, 61 (Ch. 5V6/A, 5W6)5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 841-4
Models YG1027, 29, 37, 47, 57 (Ch. 2B2)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 833-4
Models YG1507, YG1527, YG1531 (Ch. 4E4)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 836-5
Model YH451 (Ch. 18A8)AM-FM Stereo ReceiverPhotofact 941-4 (2)
Model YH1421 (Ch. 4K4)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 877-5
Model YH8411 (Ch. 3M1, 8D4)AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 855-4
Model YHC871 (Ch. 7B3A)8-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 957-4
Models YHS1741 (Ch. 8M3)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 878-4
Models YK8001, YH8401 (Ch. 7A4)7-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 870-4
Various ChassisProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 806-5 (2) suppl. to 778-1
Various ChassisProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 941-3 suppl. to 806-5
Various ChassisProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 978-4 suppl. to 942-1
Various ChassisProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 1283-4 suppl. to 1193-1
AEI Foreground Music
Audio Environments Inc.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 700 SeriesContinuous-loop cartridge playerService Manual
A whole binder full of stuff, mostly seeming to consist of sales literature and installation instructions with not much in the way of details beyond that. Email me if this is of interest...
sold by Spiegel of Chicago
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 612-FAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1112-4
Model KP-300AM radio-phonoPhotofact 985-3
Model TR-12CAM-FM Clock RadioPhotofact 1092-4
aka Wards Airline, apparently the store brand for Montgomery Wards stores
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 05WG-3016A, B, 94WG-3016A, B, CSupplemental data to Photofact 72-4Photofact 110-2
Model GAA-2017A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 875-4
Models GAA-2050A, GAA-2349BAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1042-9
Model GAA-2117A, GAA-2247A, GAA-2257A19-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 899-4
Models GAA-2240A, -2320A, -2350AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1066-7
Model GAA-2349AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 999-7
Models GAA-2448A, B, GAA-2458A21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 941-5
Model GAA-2885A (62-2885)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 929-SED
Model GAA-2940A21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 865-5
Models GCI-16322A, GCI-16342A, GCI-16522A, GCI-16542A, GCI-16552AColor TVPhotofact 1341-3
Models GDR-8503A, GDR-8504A, Automatic Models FP-135, WM-83Amplifiers, Tube Car RadiosPhotofact 463 "servicer", Nov. 1959
Model GEN-426A (62-426), GEN-528A (62-528)CB ReceiverPhotofact 929-SED
Models GEN-428A, BCB, AM radioPhotofact 930-SED
Model GEN-570ACB transceiverPhotofact 985-SED
Model GEN-574ACB transceiverPhotofact 1035-SED
Models GEN-736A, GEN-756A1-tube phonoPhotofact 837-4
Model GEN-737A2-transistor phonoPhotofact 871-4
Model GEN-737B3-transistor phonoPhotofact 910-4
Models GEN-757B, GEN-767A2-transistor phonoPhotofact 894-4
Models GEN-776B, C2-transistor phonoPhotofact 886-4
Model GEN-777B7-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 920-4
Model GEN-786A1-tube, 1-transistor microphone-phonoPhotofact 847-5
Models GEN-900A, -905A, -920A, -928A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1091-6
Models GEN-906A/B4-transistor phonoPhotofact 860-5
Models GEN-907B, GEN-917B4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 900-4
Model GEN-909A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 994-9
Models GEN-978A, B, GEN-969AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 992-7
Models GEN-987A, 988A, -1798A, -2884A, -2968A, 6202864A, 62-2877AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 959-5
Model GEN-1266ATVPhotofact 764-11S, 772-1
Model GEN-1306A (62-1306)6-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 932-4
Model GEN-1307A7-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 914-3
Model GEN-1367ATVPhotofact 856-10S
Model GEN-1367A, 63-1367TVPhotofact 876-2
Models GEN-1537A, 57A, 97A5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 897-5
Model GEN-1538A, 1578A, 1828A, 1838A, 1858A, 1878A, 1878B, 1898A5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 928-4
Model GEN-1706A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 891-4
Models GEN-1729A, 1739A, 1939A, 1949A, GEN-1940A, B, CAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1034-7
Models GEN-1736A, 46A, 56A, GEN-1936A, 46A9-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 839-5
Model GEN-1767ATVPhotofact 858-10S
Models GEN-1767A, 63-1767TVPhotofact 867-1
Models GEN-1836B-501, -599, GEN-1877B-501, -5995-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 898-5
Model GEN-1857B, GEN-1897B5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 993-10
Models GEN-1867A, B, 63-1867, 1867TVPhotofact 878-1
Models GEN-1966A, GEN-1966BTVPhotofact 825-2
Models GEN-1966C, 63-1966TVPhotofact 873-1
Models GEN-1967A, B (63-1967)TVPhotofact 904-1
Model GEN-2893AAM-FM radioPhotofact 883 "servicer", May 1967
Model GEN-3267A, GHJ-3067A, GHJ-3367ATVPhotofact 861-10S
Models GEN-3267A, 63-3267TVPhotofact 871-1
Models GEN-8077A, GEN-8447AColor TVPhotofact 907-1
Models GEN-8147A, GEN-8157AColor TVPhotofact 864-10S, 886-1
Models GEN-11269A, GEN-11469ATVPhotofact 978-17S, 993-2
Model GEN-11468A (63-11468)TVPhotofact 925-1
Model GEN-11460A (63-11460)TVPhotofact 1066-3
Model GEN-11769A, GHJ-17349A, 59A, 429A, 449A, 459ATVPhotofact 990-16S
Models GEN-11760A, GEN-11960ATVPhotofact 1068-19S
Models GEN-11769A, BTVPhotofact 1024-3
Model GEN-11868A (63-11868)TVPhotofact 942-2 (2)
Models GEN-12069A, B, GEN-12349A, BColor TVPhotofact 995-2 (2)
Model GEN-12249A (63-12249)Color TVPhotofact 1052-3
Models GEN-12440A, B, GEN-17140A, 150AColor TVPhotofact 1143-2
Models GEN-13068A, GEN-13468ATVPhotofact 912-12S, 943-1 (2)
Model GEN-13160A (63-13160)TVPhotofact 1038-13S, 1068-3
Model GEN-13168A (63-13168)TVPhotofact 914-1
Model GEN-13169A (63-13169)TVPhotofact 990-15S, 1023-2
Model GEN-13460ATVPhotofact 1038-14S
Model GEN-13468A (63-13468)TVPhotofact 950-2
Model GEN-13469A (63-13469)TVPhotofact 1025-2
Model GEN-13768A, B (63-13768)TVPhotofact 1058-3
Model GHJ-927B4-transistor phonoPhotofact 895-4
Models GHJ-937A, GHJ-947A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 879-4
Model GHJ-938A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 925-3
Model GHJ-939A9-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 982-7
Model GHJ-948A, GHJ-2958A10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 934-4
Model GHJ-949B12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1007-8
Models GHJ-939A, -2429A, -2439A, -2449A, -2459AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1012-7
Model GHJ-997A18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 913-4
Model GHJ-999AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1047-8
Model GHJ-1066A, GHJ-1366ATVPhotofact 794-1
Models GHJ-1566A, GHJ-1786ATVPhotofact 808-1
Model GHJ-2049AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1001-6
Models GHJ-2316A, B, 46A, B, 56A, B19-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 892-4
Models GHJ-2317A, 47A, 57A18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 916-4
Models GHJ-2427A, 37A, 47A, 57A, GHJ-2537A, 47A, 57A19-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 918-5
Models GHJ-2416A, GHJ-2446A, GHJ-2456A, GHJ-2476Aradio-phonoPhotofact 831 "servicer", Aug. 1966
Models GHJ-2529A, -49A, -59AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1017-7
Models GHJ-2627A, GHJ-2647A, GHJ-2657A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 929-4
Models GHJ-2629A, B, 49A, B, 59A, BAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1059-6
Models GHJ-2727A, 37A, 47A, 57A26-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 919-3
Models GHJ-2746A, B, 56A, B, 86AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 859-4
Models GHJ-3067A, -3367A, -4017A, -4447A, -4457ATVPhotofact 872-1
Models GHJ-4516A, 46A, 56A, GHJ-6316A, B, 46A, B, GHJ-6746A, GHJ16766ATVPhotofact 796-1
 AM-FM radio used in models GHJ-6316A, B, 46A, B, GHJ-6746A, GHJ-16755APhotofact 796-1A
Models GHJ-4737A, GHJ-4747A, GHJ-4757ATVPhotofact 863-10S, 870-1
Models GHJ-4836A, -4846A, B, -4856A, B, -4876A, B, -4896A, B, -14815ATVPhotofact 775-13S,
Photofact 783-1
Models GHJ-7147A, GHJ-7157A, GHJ-8087A, GHJ-8097Color TVPhotofact 891-1
Models GHJ-8046A, B, C, 8096A, B, C, 8116A, B, C, 8146A, B, C, 8156A, B, C, 8216A, 8246A, 8256A, 8316A, 8346A, 8356AColor TVPhotofact 836-1
Models GHJ-8247A, GHJ-8257AColor TVPhotofact 901-1
Models GHJ-8446A, B, 56A, B, 76A, B, GHJ-8546A, B, C, D, 56A, B, C, DColor TVPhotofact 850-1
Model GHJ-8746AColor TVPhotofact 890-1
Models GHJ-12315A, 345A, 355A7-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 863-4
Models GHJ-12416A, 46A, 56A, 76A19-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 850-4
Models GHJ-12535A, B, GHJ-12545A, B, GHJ-12555A21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 798-5
Models GHJ-13668A, GHJ-14098A, GHJ-14148A, GHJ-14158ATVPhotofact 912-13S
Models GHJ-13668A, GHJ-14098A, GHJ-14148A, GHJ-14158A, GHJ-14558ATVPhotofact 928-1 (2)
Models GHJ-14829A, 849B, 859BTVPhotofact 1020-16S
Models GHJ-14820A, 849A, 849B, 859A, 859BTVPhotofact 1040-3
Models GHJ-17528B, 17548B, 17558BColor TVPhotofact 954-18S, 974-3
Models GHJ-17529A, B, -17549A, B, -17559A, BColor TVPhotofact 1008-16S, 1037-2
Models GHJ-17949A, -17959AColor TVPhotofact 978-16S, 998-3
Models GHJ-W-5310B, GHJ-7347A, B, 57A, B, -7447A, B, 57A, B, C, -7927A, 77A, -8647A, 57A, -8827A, 47A, 57AColor TVPhotofact 895-1
Models GMW-14447A, GMW-14457ATVPhotofact 880-9S, 888-1
Model GMW-17429AColor TVPhotofact 1061-2
Models GMW-17447A, GMW-17447BColor TVPhotofact 903-9S
Models GMW-17447A, B, GMW-7627A, B, GMW-7657A, BColor TVPhotofact 915-2 (2)
Models GPY-2880A, XKE-150AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 899 "servicer", July 1967
Models GPY-2881A, XKE-300AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 952-SED
Models GST-2635A, 45A, 75A, 95A17-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 776-5
Models GST-8345A, 55A, 75A, 95A, GST-8635A, 45A, GST-8845A, 75A, 95ATVPhotofact 761-1
Models GTM-2165A, 2265A, 2865ATVPhotofact 763-1
Models GTM-2514A, 44A, 2714A, 44A, 54AAM-FM-PhonographPhotofact 763-5
Model GVC-9045A4-tube musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 1052-SED
Model GVC-9060A2-tube musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 1124-SED
Model GVC-9061A3-tube musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 1143-SED
Model JWR-936A4-transistor phonoPhotofact 825-4
Models JWR-946A, JWR-946B6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 840-6
Models JWR-958A, B, JWR-2020A, B, JWR-2119BAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1011-7
Models JWR-966A, JWR-967A4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 764-5
Model JWR-968A4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 765-5
Model JWR-986A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 836-6
Model JWR-996A18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 861-5
Models WG-3614A/44A, 4614A/44ATVPhotofact 690-1
Model WG-8155ATVPhotofact 771-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 11T-05TVPhotofact 940-1
Model P-17117-transistor AM-SW-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 864-4
Model P-17210-transistor AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 877-6
Model P-1777-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 987-3
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model MX-208AM-FM 6-tube radioPhotofact 685-5
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 834.50480single-speed record changer for automobilesPhotofact 772-6
aka Altec-Lansing. These appear to all contain schematics.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
100 SeriesIntercom Systemoperating instructions, spec sheet, typical application plans
200 SeriesRandom Access School IntercomProgram System, installation instructions, maintenance instructions, circuit theory and troubleshooting
306AAM-FM Tuner 
307AFM Tuner 
345AStereo Amplifier 
440CControl Preamplifier / 340A Power Amplifier 
445AStereo Preamplifier 
Model 708A (Astro)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 933-SED
711AFM Receiver 
1106AStereo Recording Adapter 
1200AControl Console 
1203APower Speaker 
1205APower Speaker 
1206AControl Console 
1210AControl Console (2) 
1214APortable Control Console 
1220Audio Control ConsoleOwner's Manual
1220Audio Control ConsoleService and Maintenance Instructions
1552AMeter Panel 
Equalized Preamplifier Microphone Preamplifier 
1589AMixer Amplifier 
1589BMixer Amplifier 
1590APower Amplifier 
1590BPower Amplifier(2)
1591ACompressor Amplifier(1 set photocopies, 1 original)
1594AAmplifier(3, 1 photocopied set)
1595APower Amplifier 
1596AWall Mounted Amplifier 
Monitor Speaker Panel
Amplified Monitor Speaker Panel
1599AMixer Extender 
1602AMobile Pubic Address Amplifier(photocopies)
1603A"SEQUR" Amplifier Coupler 
1604BDual Purpose Tone Generator 
1605A"NOALA" Control Panel 
1607AMixer/Power Amplifier(2)
1608AMixer/Power Amplifier 
4400 SeriesAltecom Visual Nurse Call Systeminstallation instructions, spec sheet, maintenance instructions, operating instructions
4500 SeriesHospital Systemoperating instructions, typical application plans, etc.
7464NOALA Control Panel 
7740"SEQUR" Control Panel 
7740B"SEQUR" Control Panel 
98061A and 9063B Program Equalizers 
9200AControl Console spec sheet 
9300ACDControl Console spec sheet 
9440APower Amp(photocopies)
9471AMonitor Amplifier 
9473ALimiter Amplifier 
9476AMonitor/Cue Amplifier 
9704ATransmission Measuring Set 
9714ASingle Channel Biamplifier Control Panelsspec sheet
Power Supply
Auxiliary Preamp & Master Summing Assembly -- Reverb Preamp & Driver Summing Assembly 
41835APower Amplifier 
M-20Microphone System 
M-30Microphone System 


Quick Connect Solid State Modules:
Mixer Control Assembly,
Booster and Master Gain Control Assembly,
Line Amplifier and Tone Control Assembly,
Power Supply,
Transistor Preamplifier,
Equalizer Transistor Preamplifier,
Line Transformer,
Transistor Preamplifier,
"REVOCON II"Remote Volume Control System 
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 4T-50UHFTVPhotofact 815-1
Model 9T-4UHFTVPhotofact 773-1
Models 342, 3458-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 872-4
Model 6253-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 807-6
Model 6563-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 823-4
Models 782, 78519-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 876-4
Models 910, 911, 912, 913, 914TVPhotofact 777-2
Models 916, 917, 919Color TVPhotofact 797-2
Model 2900Color TVPhotofact 1108-SED
Model 2907Color TVPhotofact 1044-12S
Model 2907AColor TVPhotofact 1065-1
Models 4202, 4204, 4205, 4206, 420721-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 863-5
Models 4222, 4224, 4225, 4226, 4227, 422921-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 880-4
Model 6511TVPhotofact 763-2
Model 6516TVPhotofact 798-1
Models 6519, 6619, 6668, 6678, 6678WRTVPhotofact 827-1
Model 6625TVPhotofact 831-1
Model 6666, 6676TVPhotofact 803-2
Models 6686, 6692, 6693TVPhotofact 808-2
Model 7042TVPhotofact 998-1
Model 77464-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 843-5 (2)
Models A921, 6613Color TVPhotofact 865-1
Model A-1901Color TVPhotofact 882-1
Models A-2502, A-2504, A-2505, A-2506Color TVPhotofact 891-2
Models A-7766, T752S6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 800-5
Model A-77866-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 882-5
Model T7423-transistor phonoPhotofact 912-4
Model T-753S8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 787-5
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 3C422A, 3C426A, 3C428AColor TVPhotofact 993-1
Models 3F2536A, 3F2538AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1027-3
Models C402A, C406A, C408AColor TVPhotofact 934-1
Model C411AColor TVPhotofact 952-1
Models C412A, C416AColor TVPhotofact 950-1
Models CC-164A, CLR-42B, -60A, -62A, -64A, -65A, -66A, CLR-52-9U-B, -54-9U-BTVPhotofact 783-2
?AM-FM radio used in Model CC-164APhotofact 783-2A
?FM stereo adapter used in model CC-164APhotofact 783-2B
Model CLR-72AColor TVPhotofact 816-1
Models CLR-75A, CLR-76A, CLR-232A, CLR-236AColor TVPhotofact 828-1
Models CLR-76B, CLR-82A, CLR-202A, CLR-206AColor TVPhotofact 899-1
Models CLR-382, CLR-386Color TVPhotofact 894-2
Model CP-192Color TVPhotofact 864-1
Model D332ATVPhotofact 809-1
Models F241, F242, F252, F140221-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 872-5
Models F1252, F2501, F2502, F2505, F2506, F250821-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 870-5
Models F1731, F1734, F1736, F1745, F176512-tube AM-FM Radio, 4-tube ampPhotofact 743-5
Models F2502A, 05A, 06A, 12, 15, 16, 18, 25, F2807A, 08A, 09A21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 895-5
Models P606, P606-9UTVPhotofact 765-1
Models P619, P619-9UTVPhotofact 766-1
Models P706, P707, P708, P710TVPhotofact 805-2
Model P711TVPhotofact 772-2
Models P719, P723TVPhotofact 804-1
Models P-801, P-802, P-808, P-820, P-820ATVPhotofact 817-1
Model P-815ATVPhotofact 813-1
Model P823TVPhotofact 854-1 (2)
Models P-909A, P-919ATVPhotofact 868-1
Model P923TVPhotofact 876-3
Models S201, S202, S21210-Transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 879-5
Model SFM77AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1045-3
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 36-1407-tube FM tunerPhotofact 1069-SED
Model YA-130A (36-120)4-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 930-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
FP-861AM Transistor RadioPhotofact 563-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
4010066Microphone Preamplifierdescription, parts list, schematic
AG500 and AL500Recorder/ReproducerOperation and Maintenance Manual
Model AG600BRecorder/ReproducerOperation and Maintenance Manual
602 & 602-2Recorder/ReproducerOperation and Maintenance Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis VCV-325 SeriesColor TVPhotofact 848-1
Model PV-W9TVPhotofact 855-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models AA-116 (Early prod.), AA-119, AA-219TVPhotofact 875-1
Models AA-116 (Late prod.), AA-122, AA-130, AA-131, AA-132TVPhotofact 874-1
Model AA-123TVPhotofact 866-1
Model AA-519Color TVPhotofact 888-2
Models AA-550, AA-551Color TVPhotofact 900-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 1.23201, 1.24401, 1.9940124-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 889-5
Chassis 1.23301, 1.23401, 1.12501, 1.236018-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 879-6
Chassis 1.24201, 501, 1.27901, 1.95601, 1.98501, 6012-transistor phonoPhotofact 873-4
Chassis 1.25001, 1.27001, 1.953026-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 882-6
Chassis 1.25002, 1.251024-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 990-4
Chassis 1.25601TVPhotofact 970-1
Chassis 1.30401, 1.305018-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 945-4
Chassis 1.30601, 1.34201, 1.36201, 1.3630122-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 947-4
Chassis 1.31401, 1.321014-transistor phonoPhotofact 922-5
Chassis 1.315019-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 947-3
Chassis 1.322016-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 926-5
Chassis 1.324017-transistor AM radioPhotofact 956-5
Chassis 1.330014-transistor AM radioPhotofact 939-4
Chassis 1.33301, 1.33401, 1.33501, 1.336018-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 949-4
Chassis 1.34401, 1.35801AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 969-4
Chassis 1.35501phonoPhotofact 959-6
Chassis 1.35601, 1.35701stereo phonoPhotofact 958-5
Chassis 1.36101AM-FM radioPhotofact 967-4
Chassis 1.36501, 601, 701, 801AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 965-4
Chassis 1.37801, 1.37901AM-FM radio-lampPhotofact 1016-4
Chassis 1.40101, 1.403015-transistor AM radioPhotofact 940-4
Chassis 1.40201, 1.404016-transistor AM radioPhotofact 955-4
Chassis 1.436018-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 991-3
Chassis 1.44601, 701, 801, 9017-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1044-4
Chassis 1.46601, 1.46701AM-FM radioPhotofact 1025-5
Chassis 1.48101Color TVPhotofact 989-1
Chassis 1.88601/7016-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 825-5
Chassis 1.93501, 601, 701, 801, 9015-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 822-5
Chassis 1.96401, 1.89403AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 837-5
Chassis 1.99001, 1.99101, 1.99201, 1.993014-transistor clock radioPhotofact 881-4
Models 10R16, 10R18 (Ch. 1.42202)5-tube AM RadioPhotofact 523-3
Model 10Y33-19 (Ch. 1.45301)CBPhotofact 1035-SED
Models 12R25, 12R27 (Ch. 1.69202)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 779-5
Model 28R02 (Ch. 1.37301)7-transistor AM radioPhotofact 953-5
Model 30R74-12 (Ch. 1-48401)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1023-3
Model 35R98 (Ch. 1.85101)15-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 778-5
Models 36R18, 36R19, 46R18, 46R19 (Ch. 1.92401, 1.19601)6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 801-5
Models 36R48, 37R68, 46R48, 47R6811-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 840-7
Model 45P68 (Ch. 1.90501)5-tube AM radio, phonoPhotofact 794-6
Model 47R82 (Ch. 1.26001)10-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 907-5
Models 48P26, 48P28 (Ch. 1.31301)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 928-5 (2)
Model 57P49 (Ch. 1.24301)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 890-4
Model 57P56 (Ch. 1.25401)6-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 903-5
Model 57R58 (Ch. 1.20401)6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 887-4 (2)
Models 57R72, 75, 78 (Ch. 1.2001)6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 886-5
Model 60K34-12 (Ch. 1.48201)Color TVPhotofact 1112-1
Model 65K38 (Late production), Chassis 1.87803TVPhotofact 822-1
Model 66K18TVPhotofact 789-9S, 800-1
Model 66K18 Late Production (Ch. 1.97501)TV w/ Battery PackPhotofact 881-1
Model 66K48TVPhotofact 799-1
Model 66P38 (Ch. 1.957801)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 827-4
Models 66P45, 58, 68 (Ch. 1.92901, 1.94201, 1.96601)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 829-4 (2)
Model 66P79 (Ch. 1.95301)5-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 839-6
Model 67K37 (Ch. 1.25601)TVPhotofact 954-12S
Model 67K48 (Ch. 1.27801)TVPhotofact 872-11S, 884-1
Model 67K58 (Ch. 1.22801)TVPhotofact 1018-1
Model 67P19 (Ch. 1.24101)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 888-4
Model 67P49 (Ch. 1.25101)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 891-5
Models 68K18 (Ch. 1.37101), 68K27 (Ch. 1.31701)TVPhotofact 942-12S
Models 68K18, 68K27, 68K37, 68K38TVPhotofact 982-1
Models 68K37 (Ch. 1.31801), 68K38 (Ch. 1.31901)TVPhotofact 942-13S
Model 68P79 (Ch. 1.33901)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 934-5
Model 73P03 (Ch. 1.77401)5-tube AM radio-phonoPhotofact 690-5
Model 78K39Color TVPhotofact 964-1
Model 78K48Color TVPhotofact 962-1
Models 80K54-18, 80K55-11, 80K56-14 (Ch. 1.48101)Color TVPhotofact 960-12S
Model 86P58 (Ch. 1.96801, 1.97601)21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 851-5
Model 87K58Color TVPhotofact 867-9S, 890-2
Models 87P38, 87P58, 88P48 (Ch. 1.26201, 601, 1.36401)32-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 935-3
Model 96B28 (Ch. 1.97201)door alarmPhotofact 788 "servicer", Dec. 1965
Model 97P18 (Ch. 1.27302)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 931-4
Model 97P88 (Ch. 1.27001)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 937-4
Model 97R29 (Ch. 1.22001)CB transceiverPhotofact 933-SED
Model 97R59 (Ch. 1.22101CB transceiverPhotofact 937-SED
Model 450T, 451T (Ch. RE-281)AM RadioPhotofact 110-3
Model 655SWT (Ch. RE327)2-band AM RadioPhotofact 187-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 82N61-112-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 704-6
Model 82N76-11, 83N79-113-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 690-6
Models 1000, 1001TVPhotofact 778-2
Model 1002TVPhotofact 782-1
Model 1050TVPhotofact 797-3
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model T-875-tube AM radioPhotofact 579-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model FO-CXPACassette Stereo Tape Player w/ AM/FM radioservice manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model CTV-6600Color TVPhotofact 898-1
CEF-119AM Car RadioPhotofact 523-4
FP-271ATAM Car RadioPhotofact 563-5
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models RC-2, RCD-4record changersPhotofact 854-5 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 6YR-15A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 579-5
ModelDescriptionDocument type
CX2300Crossover w/ Multiband LimiterOperating Manual
(English and German)
Bell Sound
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 2419FM stereo tunerPhotofact 1040-SED
5625M, 5625M3phonoPhotofact 523-5
Model 606011-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 463-3
Model BE-104-tube PA AmplifierPhotofact 936-SED
Models BE-20, BEM-206-tube power ampPhotofact 1049-SED
Model BE-356-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 954-SED
Model BE-757-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 999-SED
Model Carillon 104-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 965-SED
Model Carillon 20, 236-/5-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 1033-SED
Model Carillon 356-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 1047-SED
Model Carillon 756-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 988-SED
aka Bendix Pacific
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model Skipper 430 (12V)radiotelephonePhotofact 794 "servicer", Jan. 1966
ModelDescriptionDocument type
200FMAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 862-5
Model Stereo 20014-transistor phonoPhotofact 798-6
Model Stereo 200FM25-transistor FM-stereo-radio-phonoPhotofact 862-5 (2)
BK Precision
Dynascan Corporation
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 212020 MHz Dual-Trace OscilloscopeInstruction Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 4132Low-Frequency ConverterInstruction Manual
Model BTX-111UHF ConverterPhotofact 1283-SED
FSM-2Field Strength MeterOperating & Service Manual
Models Homer 75V, Homer 300V 
Photofact 1240-SED
aka David Bogen
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Professional "PA" Amplifiers Catalog No. 317
Sound Systems Catalog No. 206
Series 5 Installation/Operating Instructions
Series 9IntercomsInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Series 9, T, XIntercomsSales literature
Series 12 Installation/Operating Instructions
Series 15Centralized School Sound Systemincl. Schematic
Series 20 and 30School Centralized Sound SystemsInstallation Manual
Series 20 Operating Instructions
Series 30 Operating Instructions
Models 55S, 51, 630, 636, 420, 535, 430, 727MicrophonesEngineering Specifications (2)
Model 88/MKIIphonoEngineering Spectications
Series 119, 123, and 133Centralized School Sound Systems 
Model 150phonoEngineering Specifications
Model 210phonoEngineering Specifications
Series 220 Operating Instructions
Series 220 and 330School Centralized Sound Systems 
Series 330 Operating Instructions
Switches APM, APR, PF, CS1, FLR, FLRP Engineering Specifications
Model AT-6phonoEngineering Specifications
Model AT60023-transistor stereo amplifierPhotofact 927-SED (2)
Model "Autoslim"phonoEngineering Specifications
Model B50phonoEngineering Specification
Model B50-16phonoEngineering Specifications
Model BPRV-2Signal GeneratorEngineering Specifications (2)
Model BT20AMobile Transistorized 25 Watt P.A. Amplifier 
Model BT35 Transistorized Mobile 35 Watt P.A. Amplifier 
Model BT400AmplifierEngineering Specifications, Schematic
Model C10 10-Watt Transistor Public Address Amplifier 
Models C10B & C20BPublic Address Amplifiersincl. Schematic
Model C20 20-Watt Transistor Public Address Amplifier 
Model C20A 20-Watt Transistor Public Address Amplifier(2)
Model C60 60-Watt Transistor Public Address Amplifier 
Models CAM & CMMixer-Preamplifiers 
Model CDMMixer-Preamplifier 
Centralized Sound Systems for Schools  
Model CFCAcoustic Feedback Controller 
Model CFCAcoustic Feedback ControllerEnginnering Specifications
Model CFC-1Acoustic Feedback ControllerEngineering Specifications
Model CHA10 10 Watt P. A. Amplifier 
Model CHB10A/LC 10 Watt Public Address Amplifier 
Model CHB14A 14 Watt Public Address Amplifier 
Challenger CHB SeriesPA AmplifiersSales Literature
Model CHB20A 20 Watt Public Address Amplifier 
Model CHB20A20 Watt Public Address AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model CHM6AIntercom MasterDescription, Installation Instructions
Field Service Bulletin No. 79Eliminating RF Interference in CHS Series Amplifiers 
Field Service Bulletin No. 79AEliminating RF Interference in Microphone Inputs in CHS Series Amplifiers, PMA-2 Preamp 
Model CHS-20AFlex-Pak Amplifier 
Models CHS35A, 60A, 100A Flex-Pak Amplifier(3)
Models CHS-35B, CHS-60B & CHG-100BPublic Address Amplifiersincl. Schematic (2)
Model CHS50 100 Watt Transistor Public Address Amplifier 
Model CMP-1 Compressor-Limiter 
Model CP-1Automatic-Reverse Stereo Cassette Playerincl. Schematic
Model CR-1Mounting AssemblyEngineering Specification (2)
Model CSM Studio Mixer-Preamplifier 
Models CT30, CT60, CT100Acousta-Master AmplifiersIntallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematics (2)
Models CT-35/60/100Acousta-Master Amplifiers(photocopies)
Models CT60B and CT100BPublic Address Amplifiersincl. Schematic
Model CTMAcousta-Master PreamplifierInstallation and Operating Manual (3)
Model CTM Acousta-Master PreamplifierEngineering Specifications
Model CXM Mixer-Preamplifier 
Control Units DCP-1 & DXP-1Program Channel Control UnitsEngineering Specifications (2)
DMA-20, DMA-40, DMA-80, DMA-160Mixer/Power AmplifiersInstallation & Operation Instructions
Models DS, DIP, DLFSwitch BanksEngineering Specifications
Model FT60FM tunerPhotofact 927-SED (2)
HCA-1, HCM-9, HCR-1Amplifier, Control Station, Remote Unit for Deluxe Home Communo-Phone Intercom SystemInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Deluxe Home Communo-Phone SystemIntercomInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
Model IC-20IC-Aux ChannelEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Series IE Intercom Models IE-4B & RIE-1B  
Series IE Intercom Supplementary Installation Instructions
Series IE-C Intercom Models IE-7C and IE-13C with Model RIE-1C Remote  
Model IE-4S Intercom System Instruction Manual
Series IM Intercom System Operating Instructions only
Models IP-6 and IP-11 with PRS-IP Power Supply (2)
Models J1024, BPRV-2Signal GeneratorsEngineering Specifications
Models K10, K10-1484AmplifiersEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Models K15-K15YAmplifiersEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Models K130-K130Y (or K130, K130Y)AmplifiersEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic, also Photofact 425-3
Models KR6, KR24Standby RelaysEngineering Specifications incl. Schematics (2)
L112, L136, L115A, L119, L121, L123LoudspeakersEngineering Specifications (3)
Model LA-1Line AmplifierEngineering Specification incl. Schematic (2)
Model LPC-1Loop Priority CircuitEngineering Specification (2)
Model M60A60 Watt Public Address AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model M120120 Watt Public Address Amplifier 
Model M120120 Watt Public Address AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model M330AmplifierEngineering Specifications,
Schematic (2)
Model MBT6060 Watt All-Silicon Transistor Booster AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
MCT-1Control PanelSchematic
Model MO30Booster AmplifierEngineering Specifications, Schematic (2)
Model MO60Booster AmplifierEningeering Specifications
Model MO100Booster AmplifierEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Model MO100A100 Watt Booster AmplifierOperating Instructions, Installation, incl. Schematic (2)
Model MO100A100 Watt Public Address Booster AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model MP-1Monitor PanelEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Series MRX Intercom Models MRX-9/17, RX-1/3, PRS-MR  
Model MSEMicrophoneEngineering Specification (2)
Models MT60 & MT125A60-Watt and 125-Watt
Booster Amplifiers
(2, 1 is photocopies)
Models MT60A & MT125B60-Watt and 125-Watt
Booster Amplifiers
Model MT100Booster AmplifierPhotofact 985-SED
Model MT125Booster AmplifierEngineering Specifications
Model MT250Booster AmplifierEngineering Specifications (2)
Model MTA6060 Watt Transistor Public Address AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic (photocopies)
Model MTX3030 Watt Transistorized Professional AmplifierOperating Insructions incl. Schematic
Model MTX30A30 Watt Transistor Professional Amplifier Preamplifier-MixerInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model MU155-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 946-SED
Model MU30amplifierEngineering Specifications (2)
Model MU50MPA amplifierPhotofact 946-SED
Model MU13030 Watt Public Address AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model MU125050 Watt Transistorized Mobile Public Address AmplifierPhotofact 943-SED (2)
MX30, MX60AmplifiersEngineering Specifications,
Model MX3030 Watt P.A. AmplifierOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model MX30A30 Watt Professional AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model MX60A60 Watt Professional AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic, Photofact 891 "servicer", June 1967
Model MXM5-input Preamplifier-MixerEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Model MXM-AMixer-PreamplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model NTB250Booster AmplifierInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model PAMPaging Access Moduleincl. Schematic
Model PCA-1Booster AmplifierEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Model PMM-2Flex-Pak Preamplifier 
Model PDRPreamplifierEngineering Specification incl. Schematic (2)
Plug-In Component Application Engineering Specifications (2)
Model POS-1OscillatorEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Model POT-1OscillatorEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Model PRIV Engineering Specifications (3)
Model PRS-5Multi-Mix AdapterEngineering Specifications (2)
Model PSBPower SupplyEngineering Specification incl. Schematic (2)
Models PSEAK-3/EAK-3, ETS-1, ESK-1 Engineering Specifications (3)
Model PSMTime Signal SystemBlueprint schematic
Model PSR-APower SupplyEngineering Specification incl. Schematic (2)
Model RF3516-tube FM stereo radioPhotofact 892 "servicer", June 1967
Model RI-6AM Radio and IntercomPhotofact 425-4
Model RM300AAM/FM Mono Receiver 
Model RM350AFM/AM Mono ReceiverInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
Model RP-2Preamplifier MixerEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Model RP60AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 996-SED
Model RP100BMMono FM-AM ReceiverPhotofact 928-SED (2)
Model RP235AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 909-SED
RPK1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, P-311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316Rack PanelsEngineering Specifications (3)
Model RT1000AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 938-SED (2)
Model RT4000FM stereo radioPhotofact 995-SED (2)
Model RT6000FM-stereo radioPhotoooofact 1043-SED
RT7000 Stereo PartySolid State 65 Watt FM-Stereo ReceiverSales Literature/Spec Sheet
Model RT8000AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1045-SED
Model RTX-1, RVXRemote ControlsEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic (2)
Model SAIntercom - PagingEngineering Specifications
Model SAIntercom - Paging SystemInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematics
Model SA-21, SA-42, SA-21L, SA-42L Field Service Bulletin - Modifying Amplifier Output Stage
Model SA-21, SA-42, SA-21L, SA-42LIntercom/Paging System 
School Systems Models SB, SBS, SBLSwitch BanksEngineering Specifications (2)
Model SC-24Preamplifier-MixerEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Models SCP-1 & SCXP-1Control UnitsEngineering Specifications (2)
School SystemsGeneralEngineering Specifications
School SystemsFunctions and ComponentsEngineering Specifications
School Sound System Series 5 Installation & Operating Instructions
School System Series 10 Engineering Specifications (2)
School Sound System Series 10 Installation and Operating Instructions
School Sound System Series 12 Installation and Operating Instructions
School System Functions and Components Series 20 Engineering Specifications (2)
School System Functions and Components Series 30 Engineering Specifications (2)
School Centralized Sound Systems Series 20 and 30 Installation Manual
School System Functions and Components Series 220 Engineering Specifications (2)
School System Functions and Components Series 330 Engineering Specifications (2)
School Centralized Sound Systems Series 220 and 330 Installation Manual
School Systems Console Cabinets Engineering Specifications (2)
School Systems Emergency Amplifier Engineering Specifications
School Systems Classroom Change Signalling Engineering Specifications
School Systems Telephone System Engineering Specifications
SR-2, SR-4Remote Units 
Models SR-2, SR-4Remote UnitsEngineering Specifications (3)
Series STA-20A and STA-20AL with PR-STA Power Supply (2)
Series STA-L/PRNCNurse Call System 
Models T4, T16, TS-025, TS-05, TS-2, TS-16TransformersEngineering Specifications (2)
Models T4, T16, TS-2, TS-05, TS-16, TS-16W, T20W, T5A, T25C, T45CTransformersEngineering Specifications (2)
Models T50, TM50, T200, TM200, T500, TM500, T525UTransformersEngineering Specifications
Models T155-6-7TransformersEngineering Specifications
Models T-161-3-4-5BLine TransformersEngineering Specifications
Model T661Radio TunerEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Model TA150Stereo AmplifierInstallation and Operating Amplifier incl. Schematic
TAMTelephone Access Moduleincl. Schematic
Models TCB 60, TCB 125, and TCB 250Tech Craft Power Amplifiers 
Model TCE 1002/3 Octave Equalizer 
Model TCM-100
Model TCP-3
Internal Telephone Intercom System
w/ Power Supply and Control Unit
Model TCP-ACAC Control Panel 
Model TCP-B350/525/700Blank PanelsInstallation Instructions
Model TCP-DP, -TP, -AFDS TCL-30, -50 Installation Instructions
Model TCP-MONMonitor Panel 
The Challenger Series
Model TIM12
IntercomInstallation and Operating Manual
Series TIXIntercomsOperating Instructions
Series TIXIntercomsInstallation Instructions incl. Schematics
Models TL600, TL10KLine TransformersEngineering Specifications
Model TM10-40Table Model Program-IntercomEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Model TP100FM-AM TunerEngineering Specifications (2)
Model TP160AM/FM Tuner 
Model TP160B FM/AM Tuner 
Model TQ-1Two Station Phone SystemDescription, Installation Instructions
Model TQ1-BTwo Station Phone SystemOperating Instructions
Model TQ-6Internal Telephone Intercom SystemDescription, Installation Instructions
Models TQ-6A and TQ-12AInternal Telephone Intercom SystemsInstallation Manual
Model TQ-12Internal Telephone Intercom SystemDescription, Installation Instructions
Models TQA-21 XQA-21Internal Telephone Intercom SystemsDescription, Installation Instructions
Series TQ-B, TSL-A
Telephones with
Power Supply
Model TRAPhone-Page Accessory(3)
Model TRBPaging AdapterInstruction Sheet (2)
Bogen-Phone TSD-10, TSD-20Internal Telephone Intercom SystemOperating Instructions
Bogen-Phone Series TSD Sales Literature
Bogen-Phone Series TSDIntercomInstallation Instruction
Model TT100AM/FM Stereo Transistor TunerInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematics
TU-35/60/100PA AmplifiersOperating and Instruction Manual
TU-35A/60A/100APA Amplifiersincl. Schematic
Model VP10phonoSales Literature
Model VP18Transistor Transcription Player, Portable PA SystemInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Model VP-40Transcription PlayerEngineering Specifications incl. Schematic
Model VP40A6-tube portable PA amplifierPhotofact 953-SED
Model VP50Transistorized Transcription Player, Portable PA SystemInstallation and Operating Manual incl. Schematic
Models WB6, WB8, WB12, WSB6, WSB8, WSB12Baffles, ReproducersEngineering Specifications (3)
Model WMA7575-Watt Wall-Mounted AmplifierEngineering Specifications (2)
Complete info
Model WMT-1Line Input/Line Output Matching Transformer 
ModelDescriptionDocument type
1800Professional Solid State Dual Channel Power AmplifierService Manual (photocopies)
1801Solid State Dual Channel Power AmplifierService Manual (photocopies)
Store brand for the W. T. Grant retail chain
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis V-2659-5, -100, V-266000-9Color TVPhotofact 986-2
Models 1004B32 (WTG-53025), 1004C32 (WTG-53033)TVPhotofact 1186-2
Model 1007D44 (WTG-90027)TVPhotofact 1341-1
Models 1105D34, E34, F34, G34, 1295A44 (WTG-80333A, 41A, 58A, 66A, 74A)Color TVPhotofact 1388-1
Models 1142D23, E23, F23Color TVPhotofact 1367-1
Model 1143B31 (WTG-61002)>Color TVPhotofact 1185-1
Models 2753A13 (WTG-79632), 2753B13 (WTG-79640)AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1383-4
Models 55012, 55038, 55046, 550532-transistor phonoPhotofact 948-5
Models 55079, 55087, 556084-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 994-6
Model 55244AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 993-4
Model 56903Color TVPhotofact 881-2
Models 57257D, 89219AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1049-3
Model 602936-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 915-4 (2)
Model 603016-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 908-4
Model 60327AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 913-5
Models 60400, 60418, BMAT-56614TVPhotofact 883-1
Model 613746-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 893-4
Model 613828-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 781-6
Model 61390, 61705, 6169710-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 906-4
Model 616893-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 801-6
Model 617136-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 810-5
Models 89854/A, 89870/A6-transistor phonoPhotofact 782-6
Models 89862, 95364B6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 819-5
Models 89953A, 89789, 897977-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 802-6
 FM stereo adapter used in models 89953A, 89789, 89797Photofact 802-7
Model 953643-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 817-5
Model 955395-tube AM radioPhotofact 690-7
Model 96172B8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 800-6
Models BATV-60509, 525A, 533A, 541A, 558AColor TVPhotofact 970-2
Models BATV-60681, 99, CATV-55269, 77AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 972-5
Models BWGE-56499A, 499B, 507A, 507B, 648A, BWGE-60459B, BWGE-91660BColor TVPhotofact 887-1 (2)
Models BWGE-56739A, BWGE-56747A, BWGE-56754ATVPhotofact 878-2
Model BWGE-56721ATVPhotofact 879-1
Model CATV-55335Color TVPhotofact 990-1
Model CMAT-55426Color TVPhotofact 1047-1
Model CMAT-55434Color TVPhotofact 1043-1
Model CMAT-59964TVPhotofact 942-14S, 976-1
Model CWGE-55236AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 971-4
Models CWGE-55301A, CWGE-59576AColor TVPhotofact 938-1 (2)
Model CWGE-55384AColor TVPhotofact 967-1
Models DMAT-55319, DMAT-55327TVPhotofact 1016-1 (stained)
Model DMAT-89391Color TVPhotofact 1034-1
Models DWGE-55210A, DWGE-89466A, DWGE-89557AColor TVPhotofact 1004-1
Models DWGE-89706A, DWGE-89714AColor TVPhotofact 1013-1
Model WGEC-60459AColor TVPhotofact 852-1
Model WGEC61648A, -61655ATVPhotofact 762-2
Model WGEC-61572ATVPhotofact 766-2
Model WGEC-61572BTVPhotofact 818-1
Models WGEC-61580, 98A, -61606A, 14ATVPhotofact 770-1
Models WGEC-61648B, WGEC-61655BTVPhotofact 819-1
Model WGEC-89458TVPhotofact 523-1
Models WGEC-89813A, -89821A, -89912A, -89920A, -89938B, -89946Acolor TVPhotofact 791-1
Models WGEC-89946CColor TVPhotofact 811-1
Models WGEC-89946D, WGEC-91728A, WGEC-91751AColor TVPhotofact 817-2
Model WGEC-89953WAM-FM-phonoPhotofact 766-5
Models WGEC-89995C, WGEC-91579ATV w/ AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 787-1
AM-FM chassis used in Models WGEC-89995C, -91579A Photofact 787-1A
FM Stereo (MPX adapter) used in Models WGEC-89995C, -91579A Photofact 787-1B
Model WGEC-91397, 405, 413, 470, 926, 934TVPhotofact 690-2
Models WGEC-91504A, -91512A, -91520A, -91538AColor TVPhotofact 792-1
Model WGEC-91587A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 823-5
Model WGEC-91660AColor TVPhotofact 822-2
Model WGEC-95190CAM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 774-6
Model WTG=55013AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 971-5
Models WTG-60376, 384, 392TVPhotofact 846-1
Models WTG-61622A, WTG-61630ATVPhotofact 850-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 750AM clock radioPhotofact 1055-4
Model 2519TVPhotofact 1477-1
Model 5812G, 5812STVPhotofact 997-1
Model 6912TVPhotofact 1062-12S
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models MA55/65 series, McDonald 400turntablePhotofact 1127-5
Model UA25 series4-speed turntablePhotofact 784-6
Model UA50 series4-speed turntablePhotofact 873-5
UA70 series, McDonald 5004-speed turntablePhotofact 921-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 240, 242, 2479-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 916-5
Model 459 Series4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 838-6
Models 490, 492, 493AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1047-3
Models 650, 652, 653, 6548-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 953-6
Models 672, 673, 675, 6766-transistor AM radioPhotofact 563-6
Models 1210, 1212, 12187-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 835-5
Models 1220, 1221, 12228-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 842-5
Models 1230, 1232, 12348-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 904-4
Models 1240, 1241, 12429-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 906-5
Models 1250, 12529-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 910-5
Models 1260, 1262, 1267AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 959-7
Models 1280, 1289AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1048-5
Model S-9208-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 830-5 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model TP-14-transistor phonoPhotofact 804-6
Model TRP-2F10-transistor AM-FM radio, phonoPhotofact 805-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 14N18-03, 54N18-035-tube AM RadioPhotofact 721-6 (2)
Models 18N17-03, 58N17-03 (Ch. 3.40801, 3.40901)4-transistor Am clock radioPhotofact 936-5 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 9950AR/5950ARTVPhotofact 2269-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 1T172M, 2C172M (Ch. CT-52), 3C212B, M, 4H212B, M, 5F212M, 6F212B, 7F212M, 8F212B, 9F212M (Ch. CT-57)TVPhotofact 187-3
Models SA-407, SA-5072-tube Stereo phonoPhotofact 793-6 (2)
Model SA-4083-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 826-5
Models SA-508T, SA-608T6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 802-8
Model SA-510T11-transistor phonoPhotofact 813-7
Model SA-707T4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 963-4
Model SA-708T6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 886-6 (2)
Model SA-709T6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 905-5
Capitol Records
ModelDescriptionDocument type
MM-502TphonoPhotofact 795-5 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis C18B01, AS-8090, AS-8091Color TV, AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1065-2, 1065-2A
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 122-138ATVPhotofact 767-1
Model 122-140ATVPhotofact 824-1
Model 122-141TVPhotofact 830-2 (2)
Models 122-141A, 171, 623, 624, 628, 628ATVPhotofact 816-2
Model 122-142TVPhotofact 834-1
Model 122-632ATVPhotofact 801-9S, 812-1
Models 122-642A, -644ATVPhotofact 807-1
Models 122-646A, -648ATVPhotofact 814-1
Models 122-652A, -654A, 656ATV w/AM-FM radioPhotofact 788-1
AM-FM chassis used in models 122-652A, -654A, 656A Photofact 788-1A
Model 122-660AColor TVPhotofact 820-1
Models 122-664A, -666A, 122-674A, 122-676AColor TVPhotofact 819-2
Models 122-667A, -668A, 122-670AColor TVPhotofact 833-2
Models 122-684A, 686A, 688AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 827-5
Models 122-692A, -694A9-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 817-6
Models 122-696A, -698A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 846-4
Model 122-732BTVPhotofact 1000-1
Model 122-733TVPhotofact 1002-1
Model 122-735ATVPhotofact 947-1
Model 122-740AColor TVPhotofact 1032-13S
Model 122-744ATVPhotofact 859-1
Models 122-745A, -747ATVPhotofact 919-1
Models 122-746A, -748ATVPhotofact 848-2
Model 122-752ETV, AM-FM radio, phonoPhotofact 1064-1, -1A
Models 122-755A, -758A, 771AColor TV, AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 992-1, 1A
Models 122-757A, -767A, 122-763AColor TVPhotofact 935-1
Models 122-759A, -773A, 122-775AColor TVPhotofact 946-1
Model 122-760AColor TVPhotofact 980-1
Model 122-761AColor TVPhotofact 945-1
Model 122-765AColor TVPhotofact 870-2
Models 122-767A, 122-768AColor TVPhotofact 849-1
Model 122-775BColor TVPhotofact 988-1
Models 122-780A, 122-782AColor TVPhotofact 930-1
Models 122-792A, 794A18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 878-5
Models 122-793A, 122-795A18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 954-5
Model 122-798A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 938-5 (2)
Model 122-799A, 122-800A, 122-801A, 122-802AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 964-5
Model 122-803A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 965-5
Models 122-1410A, 12A, 46A, 48A, 80AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 997-3
Models 122-1417A, 122-1418A, 122-1426A, 122-1428AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1069-3
Models 122-1452A, 122-1454AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 979-4
Models 122-1464A, 122-1472A, 122-1476A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 975-4
Model 122-1475AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1068-5
Model 122-1478AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1003-4
Model 122-1478BAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1107-4
Models 123-4616, -4617, -4623, -4626, -4627 (Ch. 329-3M), TDK305, TDJ307AM-FM-stereo radio-phono, tape unitsPhotofact 1415-4, -4A, -4B
Model 122-5025TVPhotrofact 1487-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
AC-402SMonochrome/Graphic/Printer Carduser manual
Channel Master
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 6440, 64416-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 860-6
Model 64639-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 874-5
Model 653812-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 789-5
Model 6551AM radio-phonoPhotofact 787-6
Model 6552CBPhotofact 997-SED
Model 6571TVPhotofact 790-10S
Model 6572TVPhotofact 782-2
Model 6573TVPhotofact 786-1
Model 6574TVPhotofact 799-11S, 857-1
Model 66723-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 829-5 (2)
Model 66733-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 821-5
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Projet II User's Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 8510ADot Matrix Serial Impact PrinterService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 18N1X, 18P1X, 18Q1XTVPhotofact 766-3
Chassis C11Color TVPhotofact 883-2
Chassis C15Color TVPhotofact 955-1
Chassis C3059-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 791-5
Chassis T622-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 786-6
Chassis T726-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 784-7
Chassis T829-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 832-5
Chassis T9, T1030-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 839-7
Chassis T1130-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 914-4
Chassis T1231-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 911-3
Chassis T13AM-FM radioPhotofact 971-6
Chassis T14AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 970-5
Chassis T15AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1029-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 45-1006-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 866-2
Model 45-1515-tube AM radioPhotofact 812-6
Model 46-2008-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 867-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 122-1008TVPhotofact 1062-2
Model 122-1018Color TVPhotofact 1064-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
C1211stereo phonoPhotofact 563-7
Columbia Record Club
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 70116-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 834-5
Model 701212-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 794-7
Models 7016, 7019, 70203- or 4-transistor phonoPhotofact 942-4 (2)
Models 7016A, 7020A4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1008-5
Models 7016S, 7020S6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 901-4
Model 70216-transistor AM-phonoPhotofact 856-4
Model 7024phonoPhotofact 830 "servicer", Aug. 1966
Models 7030S, 7031S3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 826-6
Models 7034, 70358-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 782-7
Models 7035A, 7048, 7049phonoPhotofact 1006-5 (2)
Model 70436-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 861-6
Model 7047stereo phonoPhotofact 967-5
Model 70746-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 964-6
Model 751821-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 820-5
Models 7534/35/MXAM-FM-phonoPhotofact 807-7
Model 7553radio-phonoPhotofact 880 "servicer", April 1967
Model 7563SAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 954-6
Concert Hall
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 99-3012LP, 22LP, 32LP, 42LPQ, 99-3301W,
11WQ, 41W, 51WQ, 62LP, 71WQ, 81WQ
AM-FM stereo phonoPhotofact 1477-5
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 1045-tube tape recorderPhotofact 946-SED
Models R1000, R1100tape recorderPhotofact 1059-SED
Model TG-093CB transceiverPhotofact 998-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models 36, 39TVPhotofact 110-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
TR-630Pen holder AM RadioPhotofact 523-6
aka CDE
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model AR-22R,
Antenna Rotator,
Control Box
Photofact 850 "servicer", Nov. 1966
Model AR_33antenna rotorPhotofact 1034-SED
Model TR-2Cantenna rotorPhotofact 827 "servicer", July 1966
Model TR-10antenna rotatorPhotofact 931-SED
Company shows on some paperwork as Gamble-Skogmo, Inc.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 05RA2-43-8515AAM-FM radioPhotofact 110-5
Model 05RA33-43-8120AAM radioPhotofact 110-6
Model 43-9060FTVPhotofact 523 "Servicer", March 1961
Model PH13-38271-tube phonoPhotofact 766-6
Model PH20-3834B5-tube AM radio-phonoPhotofact 912-5
Models PH20-3843A, -3939C, -3942C8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 983-4
Models PH20-3844A, -4008A, -4009A, -4206B4-tube, 8-transistor AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 931-5
Models PH20-6016, -6211, 6212, -6213AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 982-4
Model PH30-3840A5-tube AM radio-phonoPhotofact 930-4
Model PH30-3841A2-transistor phonoPhotofact 917-3
Models PH30-6010A, PH30-6011A4-transistor phonoPhotofact 932-5
Model PH30-6012A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 945-5
Model PH40-6015A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 928-6 (2)
Model RA1-3950A11-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 765-6
Model RA1-4060A, RA1-4091A10-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 888-5
Models RA1-4207A, RA1-4208A, RA1-4212A9-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 834-6
Models RA1-4209A, RA1-4210AAM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 828-5
Model RA1-4216A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 933-4
Models RA1-4219A, RA1-4220AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 934-6
Models RA1-6214A, RA1-6215A18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 957-5
Models RA1-6216A, RA1-6217A, RA1-6218AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 959-8
Model RA1-6219A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 952-5
Models RA1-6226A, RA1-6227A, RA1-6228AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1039-3
Model RA1-6229AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1017-4
Models RA44-5524A, RA44-5860A8-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 969-5
Model RA44-5525AAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 977-3
Model RA44-5811A5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 976-5
Model RA44-5812A, RA44-5523A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 988-4
Model RA44-5861AAM-FM radioPhotofact 968-5
Model RA44-5862A9-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 942-5 (2)
Models RA44-7699A, -8313A, -8314A4-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 915-5 (2)
Models RA44-7700A, RA44-8315A5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 910-6
Models RA44-7705A, RA44-8318A8-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 936-6
Model RA44-8309B6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 900-5
Model RA44-8316A6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 926-6
Model RA44-8367AAM-FM radioPhotofact 763-6
Model RA60-7698A8-transistor AM radioPhotofact 939-5
Models RA60-7704A, RA60-8317A9-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 935-4
Models RA60-9921A, 23A, 24AAM radioPhotofact 967-SED
Model RA60-9936AAM radioPhotofact 971-SED
Model RA60-9955A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 908-5
Models RA78-5526A, -5813AAM-FM radioPhotofact 973-4
Model RA78-5809A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 964-7
Model TV2-6610AColor TVPhotofact 924-1
Models TV2-6611A, TV2-6612A, TV2-6810AColor TVPhotofact 941-1
Models TV2-6613A, TV2-6615A, TV2-6616A, TV2-6811AColor TVPhotofact 939-1
Model TV2-6617AColor TVPhotofact 960-12S, 997-2
Model TV2-6618AColor TVPhotofact 1001-1
Model TV2-6622AColor TVPhotofact 1034-2
Models TV2-6623A, TV2-6625AColor TVPhotofact 1003-1
Models TV2-6626A, TV2-6627AColor TVPhotofact 1032-13S
Model TV2-7109ATVPhotofact 987-1
Model TV2-7110ATVPhotofact 912-1
Model TV2-7111ATVPhotofact 915-3 (2)
Model TV2-7112ATVPhotofact 938-2 (2)
Model TV2-7310ATVPhotofact 944-1
Model TV2-9368ATVPhotofact 792-2
Model TV2-9369A, TV2-9370A, TV2-9371ATVPhotofact 795-1 (2)
Model TV2-9372ATVPhotofact 801-9S, 807-2
Model TV2-9373ATVPhotofact 788-2
Model TV2-9374ATVPhotofact 809-2
Model TV2-9375TVPhotofact 794-2
Model TV2-9398ATVPhotofact 761-2
Model TV2-9453ATVPhotofact 839-1
Model TV2-9454ATVPhotofact 842-1
Model TV2-9506ATVPhotofact 815-2
Models TV2-9508A, TV2-9509ATVPhotofact 790-1
Models TV2-9547A, 48A, 49A, TV2-9679A, 80ATVPhotofact 822-3
Models TV2-9552A, TV2-9553ATVPhotofact 847-2
Models TV2-9554A, TV2-9559ATVPhotofact 853-1
Models TV2-9568B, 9BTVPhotofact 763-3
Models TV2-9676A, -9677A, -9678ATVPhotofact 768-1
Models TV2-9681A, TV2-9682A, TV2-9683A, TV2-9684A, TV2-9687BColor TVPhotofact 814-2
Models TV2-9694A, 95A, 96A, 97A, 99A, TV2-9730ATVPhotofact 777-3
Models TV2-9700A, TV2-9701A, TV2-9731AColor TVPhotofact 840-1
Models TV2-9707A, TV2-9710AColor TVPhotofact 914-2
Model TV15-9702AColor TVPhotofact 834-2
Model TV21-9367ATVPhotofact 892-1
Model TV21-9643AColor TVPhotofact 916-1
Model TV24-1025ATVPhotofact 1388-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 1602AM clock radioPhotofact 1119-5
Model 6303, 6304Color TVPhotofact 1124-1
T560Car Stereo/ Cassette PlayerService Manual
T613Car Stereo/ Cassette PlayerService Manual
Model TR-505tape recorderPhotofact 998-SED
Crestmark and Gotham
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 1048,, 151EMX9-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 802-9
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model G-205MY (Ch. 205G)5-tube phonoPhotofact 813 "servicer", May 1966
CDTMU, JR-21CGDBF, CDGBU (Ch. 474, 475)
TVPhotofact 886-SED (2)
Models JR-21PDBF, JR-21PDMFTVPhotofact 997-SED
Models T-60CL, GY, GN, IY, RD (Ch. 60T)5-tube AM RadioPhotofact 721 "servicer", Oct. 1964
(This does not appear to be the same company that makes those big audio amplifiers)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 7TV-1TVPhotofact 1050-12S
Models AD-105B, B-1350, CTV-12AM-FM radio-TVPhotofact 958-1
Model HT-4306-transistor AM radio (savings bank)Photofact 842-6
Model HT-4606-transistor AM radioPhotofact 891-6
Model TPA-1064-transistor phonoPhotofact 810-6
Model TRP-104F10-transistor AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 899-5
Model TRP-1057-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 807-8
These typically include schematics, a block diagram, and rather crude board layout info. Some are better than others.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Compacpiano schematics (photocopies)
Compacpiano 74 schematic (blueprint) (2)
Compacpiano B schematic (blueprint)
E.V.I. Service manual
Multiman S2, Orchestrator Service manual
Orchestrator Service manual
Performer Service manual
Road Racer Service manual (2)
toccata Service manual
trilogy Service manual
trilogy Preset Reprogramming Service Procedure
Curtis Mathes
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 14B68, 32C812-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 860-7
Chassis 33C8MX15-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 818-5
Chassis #369-transistor phono amplifierPhotofact 769-5
Chassis 38A, 38CAM-FM radioPhotofact 903-6
Chassis 4422-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 897-6
Chassis 4623-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 929-5
Chassis 47-1AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1019-4
Chassis 55AM-FM stereoPhotofact 1264-4
Chassis CMC15 seriesColor TVPhotofact 799-2
Chassis CMC20 series, CMC21 seriesColor TVPhotofact 831-2
Chassis CMC21 series (AFC. remote version)Color TVPhotofact 990-2
Chassis CMC22 seriesColor TVPhotofact 833-3
CMC24 series (AFC, Remote)Color TVPhotofact 1002-2
Chassis CMC26, 27, 28, 29Color TVPhotofact 921-1
Chassis TV19-1, TV19-2TVPhotofact 779-1
Model 10M070TVPhotofact 906-1
Models 10M100, 10M113TVPhotofact 1050-13S
Models 53M023, 033, 043, 053, 063 (Ch. CMC-33)Color TVPhotofact 1070-1
Model AG3223 (Ch. 12A8, 32)TVPhotofact 906 "servicer", Sept. 1967
Datom Industries
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Amp Chassis "A"6-tube stereo amplifier chassisPhotofact 876-6
Tuner Chassis "A"9-tube AM-FM-stereo chassisPhotofact 876-5
Chassis "B"AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 789-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models DP-104, DP-1058-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1062-4
Model DP-1078-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1066-5
Model DP-1088-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1063-4
Models DP-222, 223, 224
DP-634, 635
Photofact 838 "servicer", Sept. 1966
Model DP-2313-tube phonoPhotofact 854 "servicer", Dec. 1966 (2)
Model DP-2526-transistor stereo phono/amplifierPhotofact 890 "servicer", June 1967
Models DP-253, DP-6178-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 925-4
Model DP-25410-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1057-4
Models DP-264, DP-265, DP-266, DP-2673-tube phonoPhotofact 864 "servicer", Feb. 1967
Model DP-270, DP-271, DP-277, DP-2933-tube phonoPhotofact 1041-SED
Model DP-2888-transistor phonoPhotofact 936-7
Model DP-2903-tube phonoPhotofact 870 "servicer", March 1967
Model DP-291phonoPhotofact 839 "servicer", Sept. 1966
Models DP-470, DP-471radio-phonoPhotofact 847 "servicer", Nov. 1966
Model DP-4813-transistor phonoPhotofact 777-5
Model DP-4834-transistor phonoPhotofact 882-7
Model DP-4853-transistor phonoPhotofact 941-6 (2)
Model DP-4934-transistor phonoPhotofact 789-7
Model DP-4944-transistor phonoPhotofact 883-4
Model DP-561phonoPhotofact 760-5
Model DP-5621-tube phonoPhotofact 792-6
Model DP-5632-transistor phonoPhotofact 876 "servicer", April 1967
Models DP-598, DP-616, DP-647phonosPhotofact 867 "servicer", Feb. 1967
Model DP-6156-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 785-6
Model DP-61810-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1055-5
Models DP-630, 6313-tube phonoPhotofact 836 "servicer", Sept. 1966
Models DP-632, DP-6334-tube phonoPhotofact 852 "servicer", Dec. 1966
Models DP-643, DP-6442-tube phonoPhotofact 690-8
Model DP-6462-transistor phonoPhotofact 826 "servicer", July 1966
Model DP-6562-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 685-7
Model DP-6582-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 761-5
Model DP-6656 transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 762-5
Model DP-6666-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 881-5
Model DP-6686-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 894 "servicer", July 1967
Model DP-6696-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 880-5
Model DP-6703-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 637-6
Model DP-6726-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 924-4
Model DP-6804-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 884-4
Model DP-68311-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 937-5
Model DP-685AM radio, stereo phonoPhotofacct 1051-4
Model DP-6928-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 868-6
Models DP-693, DP-6948-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 869-4
Model DP-6988-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 938-4 (2)
Model DP-6998-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1052-4
Models DP-710, DP-711phonoPhotofact 834 "servicer", Sept. 1966
Models DP-720, DP-7213-tube phonoPhotofact 857 "servicer", Dec. 1966
Model DP-7326-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 886-7 (2)
Model DP-8616-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 917-SED
Model DP-8628-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 929-6
Model DPS-412-transistor phonoPhotofact 780-6
aka Delmonico-Nivico, "Nivico" also shows JVC America or Victor Co. of Japan on some paperwork
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis C-25TVPhotofact 1056-1
Chassis FA-10CAM-FM radioPhotofact 942-3A
Model 4T-20UTVPhotofact 987-SED
Model 4T-50UHFTVPhotofact 806-1
Models 4TR-60, -317, -33012-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 777-6
Model 9T-4UHFTVPhotofact 771-2
Models 133, 225, 228, 931A, 945, 955, 965 (Ch. 23611), 935FX, 945FX, 955FX, 965FX, 975FX (Ch. 23612)radio-phonoPhotofact 869 "servicer", Feb. 1967
Model 151Color TVPhotofact 1002-15S, 1039-1
Models 246, 6426-Tube AM Radio w/ Stereo Amp, Record ChangerPhotofact 760-6
Model 133011-tube radio-phonoPhotofact 871 "servicer", March 1967
Models 2410, 2420TVPhotofact 1056-16S
Models 2600, 2610TVPhotofact 996-12S, 1018-2
Models 2810, 2820TVPhotofact 1002-15S, 1024-1
Model 3010TVPhotofact 1030-1 (2)
Model 3210TVPhotofact 1002-16S, 1028-2
Model 3310, 7208TVPhotofact 996-13S, 1033-1
Model 7208Color TVPhotofact 1035-2, 1056-16S
Model CCTV21TVPhotofact 782-3
Models CT-195, CT-197EA, CT-199Color TVPhotofact 928-2 (2)
Model CTV-60TVPhotofact 942-3
Model CTV-60X6UHFTVPhotofact 769-1
Models FA-25, FC-7266-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 852-5
Model FA-7276-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 807-9
Model FMS-41111-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 849-4
Models GM-331, 335, 345, 371, 375 (Ch. 24619)6-tube AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 774-7
Models JB-36, -60, -72, JBR-70, 36X4, 72X6 (Ch. FA8)8-tube AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 775-5
Model P-112TVPhotofact 932-1
Model P-119TVPhotofact 930-2
Model PCT-198Color TVPhotofact 926-1
Model PHS-5111-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 808-5
Models PV-16R, UHF-16TVPhotofact 875 "servicer", March 1967
Model RPS-5315-transistor AM-SW-phonoPhotofact 828-6
Model SRC-104-speed record changerPhotofact 891-7
Model TFP-31AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1009-3
Model TFP-41AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 10177-5
Model TPH-144-transistor phonoPhotofact 809-5
Model TPH-274-transistor phonoPhotofact 813-8
Model TPH-378-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 993-5
Model TR-27TVPhotofact 1043-2
Model TRP-29AM radio/phonoPhotofact 819-6
Model UHF-12TVPhotofact 780-1
Model VPF-969" TV, AM-FM radio, phonoPhotofact 872-2
Delta Communications Company
ModelDescriptionDocument type
2600 SeriesIntercomsService Schematics
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model L-546AM RadioPhotofact 425-5
Model R-1103AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 998-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 1009record changerPhotofact 690-9
ModelDescriptionDocument type
1A435APower Amplifier - 50 WattsDescription, Schematic (2)
1A455Medium-Gain PreampDescription, Schematic
1A475BPower Amplifier - 100WDescription, Schematic
1A485CIntercom Mixing and Control PanelSchematic, Description/Schematic (2), Blueprint Schematic (2)
1A75510 Watt AmplifierSchematic, parts list
1A760Master Control PanelSchematic
4C25IntercomPhotofact 187-4
9A290AInput Selector PanelDescription, Schematic
9A565Annunciator & Selector Switch PanelOperating Instructions, Schematic (2)
10A120AM-FM TunerOperating Instructions, Service Information, External Connections, Schematic
11A55FF, 11B55Tape RecorderPhotofact 187-5
11A195AAutomatic Phono AssemblyDescription (3)
12A235Sound SystemDescription
12(A,B)902, 12(A,B)903, 12(A-D)904Compact Communications CentersOperating Instructions, Installation, Schematics
12E190ASound SystemDescription, Installation & Service Instructions
12F210A, 12B215ASound SystemsOperations, External Connections Diagram
17A85Power SupplyDescription
Model 18A175BChime Assy.Schematic (2)
Model 19A17Tone ControlDescription, Schematic
19A75ADual Channel Adapter KitSchematic, Blueprint Schematic
System 2000Nurse/Patient Communication SystemInstallation Manual incl. Schematics (2)
System 2000Nurse/Patient Communication SystemOperating Instructions
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 120677A/678B/679A/684A/689A
  Remote Rec. Ch. 471345, Trans. Ch. 471347
Remote Controls
Photofact 690-3
Photofact 690-3A
Chassis 120786, 120808A/BColor TVPhotofact 851-1
Chassis 120809A, BTVPhotofact 823-1
Chassis 120822A, 120835AColor TVPhotofact 880-1
Chassis 120854A, B, 120855A, BTVPhotofact 864-2
Chassis 120856A, B, 120857A, BTVPhotofact 871-2
Chassis 12086124-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 944-5
Chassis 120894A, 120895A, 120899AColor TVPhotofact 1050-1
Model 16DP01W (Ch. T10K10-1C)TVPhotofact 1205-1
Models 43T02, 03, 43C07, 49P04, 05, (Ch. 120804A, 5A, 6A, 7A)TVPhotofact 802-1
Models 43T04, 49P07, 40P08 (Ch. 120837A, 46B, 47B)TVPhotofact 846-2
Models 46P01, 49P03 (Ch. 120780, 120783A)TVPhotofact 775-2
Models 49P09, 49P10 (Ch. 120856A, B, 120857A, B)TVPhotofact 863-10S
Models 55C29, 32, 34, 35, 55K18, 55T01 (Ch. 12926, 120928)Color TVPhotofact 1044-15S
Model 59P01 (Ch. 120814A)Color TVPhotofact 877-2
Model 59T01W (Ch. 120916A)Color TVPhotofact 1068-12S
Models 63C01, 02, 03, 04 (Ch. 120761, 120767)10-tube AM-FM-stereo tuner, 8-transistor stereo amplifier, phonoPhotofact 788-5
Models 63C05/06/07 (Ch. 120763, 120767)AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 804-7
Models RA-109-A1, -A2, -A3, -A5, -A6, -A7TVPhotofact 110-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model AF250PA12-tube AM-FM RadioPhotofact 463-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
PAT-4Stereo PreamplifierInstrucions for Assembly, Operation incl. Schematic
PAT-4AStereo PreamplifierInstructions incl. Schematic
SCA-80Stereo AmplifierInstructions for Assembly, Operation incl. Schematic
ModelDescriptionDocument type
379Solid State FET Sine-Square Wave GeneratorOperating Manual
Model 3566AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 956-SED
Model AF-45-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 996-SED
Model ST846-tube preamplifierPhotofact 937-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 14T4P123, 14T5P119, 14T5P123TVPhotofact 804-2
Chassis 15T4, 15T5TVPhotofact 768-2
Chassis 17P219, 17P223TVPhotofact 784-2
Chassis 27P125Color TVPhotofact 855-2
Chassis 27P125-2UColor TVPhotofact 874-2
Chassis C3Color TVPhotofact 973-1
Chassis C4Color TVPhotofact 948-13S, 991-1
Chassis C5Color TVPhotofact 972-12S, 1044-1
Chassis C6, C6-A, C7A-E, C7-B, -D, -E, -G, C7H-EColor TVPhotofact 1198-1
Chassis HF2-1, HF3-1, HF3-2AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1043-3
Chassis M4TVPhotofact 937-1
Chassis M5TVPhotofact 942-14S
?AM-FM radio chassis used in models Tempora, Tempora M, Tempora MUPhotofact 784-2A
Ambassador/U, Normandy/U, Pacifican/U (Ch. 16T4P123, 16T5P123)TVPhotofact 806-2 (2)
Models Armada TR50M, Cartier TR50M, Homestead TR50M, Italia TR50M, Pacifican TR50M24-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 847-6
Models Armada, Balmoral, Cartier, Dimension, 717 Circa, 702 Circa (5600-225, -244, -233, 75-701, -702)25-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 894-5
Models Bedford, Bedford M, Corsair, Corsair M, Romano, Romano M, Tampico, Tampico MAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 767-6
Models Caravan 5150-237, Fontaine 5150-240, Mandalay 5150-238, Yorkton 5150-23923-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 884-5
Models Carleton TR20/20M, Esquire TR20M, Fontaine TR20M, Lexington TR20M23-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 836-7
Models Clarendon S2600-242, Granada S1300-241, Parklane S1300-245AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 923-3
Models Crescendo TR25M, Mayfair TR25M, Venetian TR25M22-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 861-7
Models Envoy, Envoy U, Envoy Deluxe, Envoy Deluxe UTVPhotofact 813-11S
Model Envoy MKIUTVPhotofact 838-1
Models Kalmar TR125M, Montalvo TR125MK1M, Montego TR125M, Toulaine TR125MK1MAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 822-6
Models Lexington, Madrid, Marquette, Mayfair, Pacifican, Venetian (S300-227, 229, 232, 235, 234, 236)23-transisor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 889-6
Models Titan Mark I, IU (Ch. 15T4P119-1, 15T5P119-1)TVPhotofact 795-2 (2)
TR18/M, TR22/MAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 793-7 (2)
Models TR30M, MA24-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 799-5
Model York11-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 800-7
Various modelsProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 909-3 suppl. to 806-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 72K9-transistor AM radio-preampPhotofact 1046-4
Chassis 73CAM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1029-5
Chassis 74CAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1030-4
Chassis 98AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1053-4
Models 124870, 125265 (Ch. 12M)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1036-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
AP2600Power AmplifierOwner's Manual incl. Schematics
ELX-1Broadcast MixerOwner's Manual incl. Schematics
Model 100STwo-Way Constant Directivity Speaker Systemspec sheet
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model R-200010-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 949-5
Model R-2600AM-SW-FM clock radioPhotofact 957-6
Model R-3000AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 973-5
Model R-3500AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 991-4
Model R-3800AM clock radioPhotofact 987-4
Model R-3900AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 997-4
Model R-50007-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1119-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 120698K, 750G, 753J, 764F, J, 775T, 776G, 777GTVPhotofact 776-2
Chassis 120735D, 120786A, 120808A/BColor TVPhotofact 860-1
Chassis 120779A/B, 120780A/B/H, 120782A/B, 120783A, 784A, 120810A, 811A, 813ATVPhotofact 801-1
Chassis 120790A, 120809A, 120809BTVPhotofact 813-2
Chassis 120795, 6, 7, 85-transistor AM radioPhotofact 853-5
Chassis 120815, 1208324-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 869-5
Chassis 120818, 911-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 871-5
Chassis 120820, 120821AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 874-6
Chassis 120822A, 120835A, 120844AColor TVPhotofact 871-3
Chassis 1208334-transistor phonoPhotofact 864-5
Chassis 12083610-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 872-6
Chassis 120837A, 839A, 840A, 840B, 840C, 841A, 842A, 843A, 846B, 847B, 848FTVPhotofact 838-2
Chassis 120844AColor TVPhotofact 839-12S
Chassis 120852A, B, 120853A, 120855A/BTVPhotofact 858-1
Chassis 120852C, D, E, 120882ATVPhotofact 952-2
Chassis 120856A, B, 120857A, BTVPhotofact 866-2
Chassis 120880A, B, 120881ATVPhotofact 974-1
Chassis 120883B, 120884A, B, 120890B, 120896AColor TVPhotofact 944-2
Chassis 120894A, 895A, 897A, 898A, 899AColor TVPhotofact 1062-3
Chassis 120904A, B, C, 120905A, 120906A, B, 120907A, 120911A, B, C, 120934A, 120935A, CTVPhotofact 1057-1
Chassis 120908A, 909A, B, 910A, 912A, 913A, B, 933A, B, 936ATVPhotofact 1048-1
Chassis 120921A, 120923Color TVPhotofact 1063-1
Chassis 120950, 1209558-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1040-4
Chassis 1210059-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 967-6
Model 7P50TVPhotofact 1036-1
Model 9P50TVPhotofact 821-9S, 825-3
Model 11P04A (Ch. 120771)TVPhotofact 764-11S,
Photofact 778-3
Model 12P51TVPhotofact 886-2
Models 13C12, 13T02, 13T04, 19P14, A, 19P15, 19P21 (Ch. 120804A, 805A, 806A, 807A)TVPhotofact 800-2
Models 15P23, 15P24 (Ch. 120914A, B)TVPhotofact 1056-2
Models 18P29, 18P30, 19P29, 19P30 (Ch. 120856A, B, 120857A, B)TVPhotofact 858-10S
Models 18P48/50, 19P87, 88, 89W (Ch. 120959A, 69A, 70B)TVPhotofact 1112-2
Models 25EC23W, 25EC24S (Ch. 30K2091-2)Color TVPhotofact 1415-1
Models 26C36, 26C37, 26K14, 26K15, 26T05 (Ch. 120921, 120923)Color TVPhotofact 1020-12S
Models 26C41, 26C42, 26T04 (Ch. 120920A/B)Color TVPhotofact 1026-12S
Models 26C45, 26C47, 26C48 (Ch. 120924)Color TVPhotofact 1026-13S
Model 29P01 (Ch. 120814A)Color TVPhotofact 827-10S, 859-2
Model 29P04Color TVPhotofact 951-1
Model 29P10Color TVPhotofact 1044-15S
Models 31L07, 31L08 (Ch. 120789)6-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 839-8
Models 31L09, 10, 11 (Ch. 120791, 2, 3, 4)5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 830-6 (2)
Models 31L50, 31L53, 31T506-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 945-6
Models 31L51, 31T516-transistor AM radioPhotofact 921-5
Model 31L526-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 922-6
Models 31L54, 31L55, 31T53, 31T54AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1012-4
Model 31P59CB transceiver and AM radioPhotofact 921-SED
Models 32P01/02 (Ch. 120745)3-transistor phonoPhotofact 818-6
Models 32P03, 32P04 (Ch. 120778)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 812-7
Model 32P14 (Ch. 120864)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 900-6
Model 32P15 (Ch. 120865)12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 902-4
Model 32P164-transistor phonoPhotofact 1039-4
Model 32P177-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1042-4
Model 32P18AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1044-5
Model 32P19 (Ch. 120938)phonoPhotofact 1041-4
Model 32P20 (Ch. 120937)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1043-4
Model 32P24 (Ch. 120945)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1057-5
Model 32P32 (Ch. 120968)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1185-4
Models 33C01, 02, 03 (Ch. 120761, 767, 770)10-tube AM-FM-stereo, phonoPhotofact 792-7
Models 33C28, 33C29, 33C30 (Ch. 121004)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1037-3
Model 33C14 (Ch. 120860)23-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 927-3 (2)
Models 33C15, 33C16, 33C17 (Ch. 120861)24-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 939-6
Models 33C21, 33C25, 33C26, 33C27 (Ch. 121003)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1002-5
Models 33C22, 33C23, 33C24, 33C42 (Ch. 121000)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 998-4
Models 35P01, 35P02Color TVPhotofact 957-1
Models 35P03, 35P04Color TVPhotofact 1059-1
Models 851B, 870B, 874BAM radioPhotofact 563 "Servicer"
Jan. 1962
Model 895B (Ch. 120431B)AM-FM radioPhotofact 425-6
Models 120758A, 120759A, 120760ATVPhotofact 774-1
Models P-1936A, 37A (Ch. 120716, 120732)AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 761-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 120863, 120869AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1027-4
Models 33C38, 33C39 (Ch. 120862)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1009-4
EMI Scope
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 201stereo phonoPhotofact 958-6
Coming later. Email me if you need something.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
EPSPerformance SamplerMusician's Manual (52 pages)
ESQ-1Digital Wave SynthesizerMusician's Manual (207 pages)
included in Moog stuff
ModelDescriptionDocument type
E-20B, E-60, E-65, E-70, E-75, E-85Amplifiersservice manuals
ModelDescriptionDocument type
LQ-67024-pin Dot Matrix PrinterUser's Guide
RX-80PrinterUser's Manual (incl. Schematic)
OptionRS-232C/Current Loop Interface Type 2user manual (incl. schematic)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Speedlink/PC8-bit Ethernet AdapterUser's Manual
Model 55097-tube AM-FM Radio, Intercom SystemPhotofact 760-7
Model FMA-205-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 1004-SED
Model FMA-355-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 952-SED
Model MC6-tube AM Radio / IntercomPhotofact 761-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
151-152Electronic OrganService manual
F.A.S.T. 4 Schematic (small) (2)
F.A.S.T. 5 Schematic (2)
VIP345Electronic OrganService manual
VIP600 (some photocopies)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model RI-84089-transistor AM-FM radio and intercomPhotofact 825-6
Model RI-8409 (late production)10-transistor AM-FM radio and intercomPhotofact 828-7
Note: Most Fender "service manuals" are one to three sheets. The guitar and bass models are typically a single sheet, good for part numbers. I've seen these referred to as "data sheets" elsewhere.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
300PSGuitar/Bass Amplifierservice manual
'62 Esquier, 278000Guitarservice manual
'62 Jazz Master, 277800Guitarservice manual
'62 Jaguar, 277700Guitarservice manual
'72 Stratocaster, 275900Guitarservice manual
'72 Stratocaster-Left Hand, 275920Guitarservice manual
90's Telecaster ThinlineGuitarservice manual
Bandmaster ReverbAmplifierservice manual
Bassman TenAmplifierservice manual
Bassman 50Amplifierservice manual
Bassman 70Amplifierservice manual
Bassman 100Amplifierservice manual
BroncoGuitarservice manual (2)
BulletGuitarservice manual
Bullet B-30Bassservice manual
Bullet B-34Bassservice manual
Bullet DeluxeGuitarservice manual
Bullet H-1Guitarservice manual
Bullet H-2Guitarservice manual
Bullet S-3Guitarservice manual
ChampAmplifierservice manual (2)
Champ 25 SEAmplifierservice manual
Concert Controller IAmplifierservice manual
Concert PAAmplifierservice manual
Elite Precision Bass IBassservice manual
Elite Precision Bass IIBassservice manual
Elite StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Elite TelecasterGuitarservice manual
Fender Blender service manual
Fender Black/Gold TelecasterGuitarservice manual
Fender Gold/Gold StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Fender Gold/Jazz BassBassservice manual
Fender Precision BassBassservice manual
Fender Standard StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Fuzz WahPedalservice manual
Jimi Hendrix StratocasterGuitarservice manual
J. Vaughan Tex Mex StratGuitarservice manual
Jazz Bass DeluxeBassservice manual
Lead IIIGuitarservice manual
M-80 PreampPreamplifierservice manual
Masterseries D'Aquisto EliteGuitarservice manual
Masterseries Esprit.Flame UltraGuitarservice manual
Model AA964musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 897 "servicer", July 1967
MusicmasterGuitarservice manual (2)
Musicmaster BassBassservice manual (3)
MustangGuitarservice manual (2)
Mustang BassBassservice manualr (2)
P-Bass SpecialBassservice manual
Precision BassBassservice manual (3)
Precision Bass SpecialBassservice manual
PrincetonAmplifierservice manual
Princeton ReverbAmplifierservice manual
Pro ReverbAmplifierservice manual
PS 160Vocal Sound Systemservice manual
Quad ReverbAmplifierservice manual
Rosewood Telecaster, 274800Guitarservice manual
SKX 65R / SKX 100Ramplifierservice manual
Squier Precision-Left Hand, 276220Bassservice manual
Squier Standard Stratocaster-Left Hand, 274620Guitarservice manual
S.R.V. StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Stage 112 SEamplifierservice manual
Std. Jazz BassBassservice manual
Std. Jazz Bass FretlessBassservice manual
Standard Jazz BassBassservice manual
Standard Jazz Bass-Left Hand, 276720Bassservice manual
Standard Precision BassBassservice manual
Standard StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Standard Stratocaster Left HandGuitarservice manual
Standard TelecasterGuitarservice manual
StarcasterGuitarservice manual (2)
StratocasterGuitarservice manual (2)
StudioBass Amplifierservice manual
Super Six ReverbAmplifierservice manual
Super Twin ReverbAmplifierservice manual
TelecasterGuitarservice manual (2)
Telecaster BassBassservice manual
Telecaster CustomGuitarservice manual (2)
Telecaster DeluxeGuitarservice manual (3)
Telecaster ThinlineGuitarservice manual
Tex Mex Tele SpecialGuitarservice manual
Tex Mex Strat SpecialGuitarservice manual
Vibro ChampAmplifierservice manual
Vibrosonic ReverbAmplifierservice manual
Vintage '57 Precision BassBassservice manual
Vintage '57 StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Vintage '62 Jazz BassBassservice manual
Vintage '62 Precision BassBassservice manual
Vintage '62 StratocasterGuitarservice manual
Vintage TelecasterGuitarservice manual
Walnut Precision Bass SpecialBassservice manual
Walnut Super StratGuitarservice manual
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 4-A-25610-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 865-6
Model 4-B-67AM Car RadioPhotofact 187-6
Model 4-C-18Battery-Line AM RadioPhotofact 110-8
Model 4-V-5 (Code 1-4-UL5C1)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 812 "servicer", May 1966
Model 13-G-243 (Code 458-4-11P02)TVPhotofact 768-3
Model 13-G-244 (Code 464-4-23K6196)TVPhotofact 767-2
Also see Sanyo/Fisher
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 50, 75 (Ch. X-50)20-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 775-6
Model 90TAM-FM TunerPhotofact 425-7
Model 440-T, 1285, 1278, 1242, 1381stereo receiver, preamplifier, control amplifier, multiplex decoder, IF amplifierPhotofact 1094-SED
Model 500-C (Serial #30001-49999 inclusive)FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1042-SED
Model 600 (Serial #30001-39999)22-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 932-SED
Model 600-TFM-stereoPhotofact 1288-SED
Model 800-CAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1037-SED
Models A-9, A-1912-tube radio-phonoPhotofact 1061-SED
Model A-69 (Ambassador VI)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 977-SED
Model E-49 (Electra VII)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1050-SED
Model F-59AM-FM-stereoPhotofact 941-SED
Model FM-50-B9-tube FM stereo tunerPhotofact 889 "servicer", June 1967
Model FM-100-B (Serial $10001-19999)FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 896 "servicer", July 1967 (2)
Model FM-200-B Serial #20001 thru 29999FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 1045-SED
Model K-1000stereo amplifierPhotofact 949-SED
Model KX-200stereo control ampPhotofact 1053-SED
Model P-29 (Philharmonic IV)AM-FM stereoPhotofact 986-SED
Model P-290 (Philharmonic V) serial #20001 thru 29999AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1053-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Kora 05980, Lotos 05960, Rheingold 05970 (Ch. 05733)AM-FM radioPhotofact 690 "Servicer", April 1964
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 50MKII, 60MKIIrecord changerPhotofact 971-7
Model 3500 seriesrecord changerPhotofact 989-3
A.T.5L.Mrecord changerPhotofact 805-7
Model A70record changerPhotofact 765-7
General Electric
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 9SF, 12SF, 15SFTVPhotofact 1415-2
Chassis 19QAColor TVPhotofact 1388-3
Chassis AATVPhotofact 763-4
Chassis ABTVPhotofact 786-11S, 810-1
Chassis ACTVPhotofact 850-3
Chassis AC-BColor TVPhotofact 1925-1
Chassis ADTVPhotofact 912-14S, 946-2
Chassis AE, A1TVPhotofact 1015-1
Chassis CAColor TVPhotofact 766-13S, 826-1
Chassis CB-21" VersionColor TVPhotofact 843-1 (2)
Chassis CB-23" Version, CB-25" VersionColor TVPhotofact 839-2
Chassis D1, DETVPhotofact 1009-1
Chassis DBTVPhotofact 765-13S, 796-2
Chassis DCTVPhotofact 812-10S, 828-2
Chassis H-2Color TVPhotofact 1029-1
Chassis KCColor TVPhotofact 845-10, 903-1
Chassis KDColor TVPhotofact 912-20S
Chassis KEColor TVPhotofact 978-12S
Chassis P-1TVPhotofact 990-13S
Chassis P-1, P-2TVPhotofact 1020-1
Chassis S-2TVPhotofact 965-1
Chassis SATV, AM Clock Radio in some modelsPhotofact 764-2
Chassis SBTVPhotofact 770-13S
Chassis SCTVPhotofact 842-2
Chassis T1C4-transistor phonoPhotofact 856-5
Chassis T1N1A, T1N2A, T1N2B4-tranistor phonoPhotofact 890-5
Chassis T2AB, TU1220AM-FM radio-phono
Chassis T2B8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 808-6
Chassis T2C10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 848-4
Chassis T2N-A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 927-4 (2)
Chassis T7C14-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 858-4
Chassis T7C, TU50-2AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 987-6
Chassis T7N-J, -JA12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 979-5
Chassis T20A, TU-500-1, -2, -715-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 888-6
Chassis T20C, TU520-2, -3, -7AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 922-7
Chassis T20F, TU200-5stereo phono, transmitter-receiver ("porta-fi")Photofact 994-7
Chassis T30C, TU520-1, -2, TU525-1, -3, TU530-1AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 895-6
Chassis T60, TU505, TU510AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 854-6 (2)
Chassis T125A, TU525-1AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 919-4
Chassis TATVPhotofact 765-2
Chassis TCTVPhotofact 854-2 (2)
Chassis TU105-1, TU110-3, T7N-A, -B, -C, -G25-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 909-4
Chassis TU376-1, -3, T15AM-FM chassis, amp chassisPhotofact 783-6
Chassis TU376-1, T2514-transistor AM-FM-stereo, 10-transistor stereo amp, phonoPhotofact 788-6
Chassis TU376-1, -2, -4, T7, AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 866-6
Chassis TU405-1, TU410-1, T50C, T113AM-FM-Stereo, phono, amplifierPhotofact 792-8
Chassis TU500-1, TO500-2AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 874-7
Models 21C700, 21C701, 21T500Color TVPhotofact 970-SED
Model A615A2-transistor phonoPhotofact 932-SED
Models C403D, C505B, 06B, 45B, 46B, 47B5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 802-10
Models C535A, T1210A6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 803-6
Models C555B, C, C1425A, 35A, 36A, T295B, T1125A, B, 35A, B4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 871-6
Models C1410A, 11A, 12A5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 847-7
Models C1420A, T1120A6-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 855-5
Models C1429D, C4415A, C4418A, C4419A5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1021-3
Models C1432C, 33C, 40B, 60B, 61B, 70B, 79B, 79C, 80B, 90A, C4403A, 04A, T1130B, 32B, 51B, 60B, 75B, 79B4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 970-6
Model C1468AAM clock radioPhotofact 975-5
Models C1530A, 31A, 35A, 40A, T1220A, 21A, 30A, 31A, 35A, 40A3-transistor, 6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 836-8
Models C1545A, T1245AAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 884-6
Models C1550A, 60A, 61A, T1250A, 60A, 61AAM-FM radioPhotofact 867-5
Models C1565A, C1580B, Z, C2520A, C2550B, T1280B, T2240B, T2250BAM-FM radioPhotofact 973-6
Models C1574D, C2530B, 35A, 45A, 60A, T2230B, 31B, 35A, 45A, 60A, T4200AAM-FM radioPhotofact 985-4
Models C2500B, T2200BAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1056-5
Models 2505A, T2205AAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1022-4
Model C2509AAM clock radioPhotofact 987-5
Models C2510A, B, 11B, 30A, 50A, 55A, T2230A, 40A, 50AAM-FM radioPhotofact 976-6
Models C2510H, 30H, 50H, 60H, C4550A, T2230H, 31H, 40H, 50H, 60H (Early prod.)AM-FM radioPhotofact 1038-4, 1038-5 (Late prod.?)
Models C4600A, B, PBC4600BAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1317-4
Model CBM723CBGEducational TVPhotofact 860 "servicer", Jan. 1967
Model M140BWD (Ch. VB)TVPhotofact 793-11S, 807-3
Models M150CWH, M151CAV, M152CBN, CGL, CVY (Ch. SC)TVPhotofact 827-10S
Model M213BWD (Ch. HB)Color TVPhotofact 785-10S, 808-3
Model M231CWD (Ch. HC)Color TVPhotofact 849-9S, 883-3
Model M235GWD-1 (Ch. G-1)Color TVPhotofact 954-12S
Models M420DEB, PAM424CVY, PAM451CW (Ch. DD)TVPhotofact 883-10S, 889-1
Model P885A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 980-SED
Models RC7000A, 01A, RP2220A, 30A, 30BN, 31A, 31BG (Ch. T2A/AB)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 807-10
Models RC7831BWD-A/36BNP-A/39BCL-A (Ch. TU505-5, T112)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 864-6
Models RD200-2, -4, RD210-1 thru -8, RD255-1 thru -7record changerPhotofact 828-8
Models RD300, 310, 325 series4-speed record changerPhotofact 926-7 (2)
Models RP1751B, RP1753B2-transistor phonoPhotofact 879-7
Models RP1816BN-B, 17BG, 22A, RP2210A, 11A, 19A, 26A (Ch. T1)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 811-7
Models RP2260A, 90A, 91A, 91B (Ch. T7, A, TU222-2)AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 824-5
Model RP2371WD-A (Ch. T20B)14-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 859-5
Models RP3010A, RP3011A, RP3020B2-transistor phonoPhotofact 939-7
Model RP3030A4-transistor phonoPhotofact 980-4
Model RP3060AAM radio-phonoPhotofact 958-7
Model RP3070AAM radio-phonoPhotofact 971-8
Model RP31004-transistor phonoPhotofact 1020-6
Model RP3120A, B2-transistor phonoPhotofact 1023-4
Model RP3160A8-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1030-5 (2)
Model RW-366remote controlPhotofact 796-2A
Models SAM332YMD, YMP, YOA, YWD, SAM333YMD, YMP, YOA, YWD (Ch. BY)TVPhotofact 832 "servicer", Aug. 1966
Models T1050B, T1060A, B, T1061A, BAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1061-4
Models T1170A, T1171A, T1172AAM radioPhotofact 1036-5
Models T1270B, T1271B9-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 939-8
Model T1500A11-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 806-6
Model T1090AAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 986-5
Model TR100TEB-5 (Ch. T-5)TVPhotofact 1056-14S
Model TR805BEB (Ch. TB)TVPhotofact 804-10S, 831-3
Models TR810CTN, TR812CVY, TR814CEB, TR853CEB/CVY (Ch. TC)TVPhotofact 841-11S
Models V941g, V942g (Ch. T2AC)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 906-6
Models W326B, W327B, W330B, W332B, W333B, W334B, W337B15-transistor AM-FM radio w/intercomPhotofact 875-5
Models W370A, 71A, 72A, 76, 77AM-FM radio, intercomPhotofact 804-8
Models W376A, B, W377A, W378A, A, W380, W384, W3887-transistor AM radio, intercomPhotofact 860-8
Models WM220HSG-3, 226HWD-3, 229HWD-3 (Ch. H-3)Color TVPhotofact 1056-14S
ModelWM226HWD-2 (Ch. H-2)Color TVPhotofact 996-12S
Models WM260CBG-1, WM264CWD-1 (Ch. C-1)Color TVPhotofact 1038-15S
General Electro Music
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Instapiano plus bassElectronically synthesized pianoOwners Manual & Service Information
Instapiano deLuxe Schematic
General Radio
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Type 650-A and
Type 650-P1
Impedance Bridge and
Operating and Maintenance Instructions
Type 1309OscillatorOperating Instructions
incl. Schematic
Type 1309-AOscillatorOperating Instructions incl. Schematic (2)
Type 1382Random-Noise GeneratorPreliminary Instructions incl. Schematics (3)
Type 1564Sound and Vibration AnalyzerInstruction Manual
incl. Schematic
Type 1564-ASound and Vibration AnalyzerInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2)
Type 1565ASound Level MeterInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2)
Type 1565-BSound-Level MeterInstruction Manual
incl. Schematic
Type 1650-AImpedance BridgeInstruction Manual
incl. Schematic
Type 1650-BImpedance BridgeInstruction Manual
incl. Schematic
included in Moog stuff
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models G50B, G100B, Super Thor, Thor/
GA5W, GA5WT, GA5WTR, G10, G20, G20A, G30, G30A, G35, G40, G50A, G50, G55, G60, G70, G80, G100A, G105, G115/
GPA35, GPA50, GPA70, GPA100
Bass Amplifiers
Guitar Amplifiers

PA Systems
service manual
Model GA-30musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 796 "servicer", Jan 1966
Model GA-40 (early version)musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 780 "servicer" Oct. 1965
Model GA-77musical instrument amplifierPhotofact "servicer" 800, Feb. 1966
Model GA-80musical instrument amplifierPhotofact "servicer" 810, April 1966
Model GA-85musical Instrument AmplifierPhotofact 769 "servicer", Aug. 1965
Gold Star
ModelDescriptionDocument type
CR-401 (Ch. NF7X)Color TVPhotofact 1870-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 151TR, 4301, 4303, 43046-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 767-7
Model 43058-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 765-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 702U6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 579-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models Mark I, 600musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 784 "servicer", Nov. 1965
Models Mark V and 700, Mark X and 800musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 791 "servicer", Dec. 1965
Models Mark XXX and 5000musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 785 "servicer", Nov. 1965
Models Mark XX, 1000musical amplifierPhotofact 797 "servicer", Feb. 1966
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 36PG9-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 966-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 2220CA, 2220UAM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 773-6
Models 2420U, 2440UAM-SW-FM RadioPhotofact 760-8
Model 3299U/SAM-SW-FM RadioPhotofact 762-6
Models 4070U (M/U), 4070U/STAM-SW radioPhotofact 766-7
Model 5399U/SLW-AM-SW RadioPhotofact 764-6
Model AG1025W/08G4-speed record changerPhotofact 776-7
Model HF U/SAM-SW-FM tunerPhotofact 1066-SED
Models KS400/U, Locarno/U, Mandello/U, Mendello/mU, Trento/U7-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 782-8
Models KS450U, KS460U12-tube AM-FM-Stereo-PhonoPhotofact 770-5
Model KS490USAM-SW-FM-stereoPhotofact 772-7
Model NF1U, NF2Ustereo amplifierPhotofact 981-SED
Model SO280U/S, SO290U/SAM-SW-FM-stereo radio, reverb, phonoPhotofact 780-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 2400, 2600 (Ch. R24-5, R26-5)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1742-3
H. H. Scott
Model 315FM stereo tunerPhotofact 903 "servicer", August 1967 (2)
Model 315BFM stereo tunerPhotofact 1032-SED
Model 342FM-stereo receiverPhotofact 968-SED (2)
Model 382AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 955-SED
Models 2001, 2002, 2003 (The Copley)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 984-SED (2)
Models 2501, 2502, 2503AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 974-SED
Model LC-21stereo control centerPhotofact 908 "servicer", Sept. 1967
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model CB-6CB transceiverPhotofact 975-SED
Model CB-11CB transceiverPhotofact 943-SED (2)
Model CB-18CB transceiverPhotofact 1066-SED
Models FM-46, 48, 52, 54AM-FM radioPhotofact 985-5
Model FM-666-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 904-5
Models WR-600W, WR-3000radiosPhotofact 859 "servicer", Jan. 1967
Model WR-7006-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 831-4
Model WR-1000AM-SW radioPhotofact "servicer" 798, Feb. 1966
Much of the real early stuff isn't listed here though I do have it, is on single sheets, and I will photocopy it if requested. Much of the stuff that's listed here (specifically service manuals) is still shrink-wrapped, never been used.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Auto Vari-64 Acessory
Model 101100, 101300
 Service Manual
121000 - Piper IIOrganService Manual
122100 Series Service Sheet (Schematics, pictorials, board layouts, disassembly procedures)
122399 Series Service Sheet (Schematics, board layouts, parts list, adjustments)
124300OrganService Sheet (Schematics, board layouts, parts list, adjustments)
125500 Series
125100, 125200
OrganService Manual
126000 SeriesOrganService Manual
Century 222100OrganService Manual
227000, 232000, 328000, 333000 Service Information
Console 820100OrganService Manual
B-3000 Theory of Operation, Parts List, Schematic (Incomplete service manual)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model A5009-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 579-9
Model F-10 (Tempo)FM TunerPhotofact 425-9
Model F5007-tube FM tunerPhotofact 580-5
Model TA5000-X (Festival III)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 967-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
GK-3014-tube battery-operated AM RadioPhotofact 563-8
aka Heathkit
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models AJ10, AJW10, GDW-91WAM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 637-8
Models AJ-41, AJW-41AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 939-SED
Model GR-25Color TVPhotofact 820 "servicer", June 1966
Model GR-104TVPhotofact 868 "servicer", Feb. 1967
Model GR-180Color TVPhotofact 882 "servicer", May 1967
Model GR-227Color TVPhotofact 1001-SED
Model GR-295Color TVPhotofact 1046-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 1A-51TVPhotofact 1092-1
Models CA-550, CE-700, CR-350, CT-900Color TVPhotofact 1487-2
Model CNA-24TColor TVPhotofact 958-2
Model CNA-1900TColor TVPhotofact 879-10S, 902-1
Model DPQ-6004-transistor phonoPhotofact 998-5
Model DPT-630AM radio-phonoPhotofact 999-3
Model DPT-640AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1003-5
Model IA-50TVPhotofact 1026-1
Model K-700HAM-FM radioPhotofact 988-5
Models K-780H, K-790HAM-FM radioPhotofact 1043-5
Model KC-740H, K-710HAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1049-4
Model KC-750HAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 993-6
Model KC-751HAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1041-5
Model KC-777AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1340-4
Model KH-1010HAM-FM radioPhotofact 991-SED
Models P-302, P-4026-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 770-6
Model P-5028-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 771-6
Model SA-83PTVPhotofact 1021-1
Model TC-400AM clock radioPhotofact 1056-6
Model TC-500AM clock radioPhotofact 985-6
Model TC-501AM clock radioPhotofact 1058-4
Model TWA-61TVPhotofact 1066-1
Model TWA-63TVPhotofact 990-13S, 1012-1 (2)
Model TWA-70TVPhotofact 1038-1
Model TWA-77TVPhotofact 956-1
Model TWA-1000TVPhotofact 814-3
Model TWA-1700TVPhotofact 761-3
Model TWA-1800TVPhotofact 966-1
Model TWU-65TVPhotofact 1062-12S, 1091-1
VK-C1500Color Video CameraInstruction Manual
VT-3APortable VTRInstruction Manual
VT-63AVCRservice manual
VT-TU3AVideo TunerInstruction Manual
HM Electronics Inc.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
System 22 / System 25Body-Pac Transmitter / Hand-Held TransmitterInstruction Manual
System 22R / System 25RBody-Pac Transmitter / Hand-Held TransmitterInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
 Wireless MicrophonesCatalog
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 902-033000, 905-054010AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 864-7
Chassis 902-051000, 906-064000AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 931-6
Chassis 913-000356, 366, 913-187486Color TVPhotofact 904-2
Chassis 913-162215Color TVPhotofact 847-3
Models 501, 502C (ch. 1101, 1102)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 579 "servicer", May 1962
Model 718CB transceiverPhotofact 1056-SED
Models B800, M800, SP800, W800, B8000,
M8000, SP8000, W8000 (ch. 1107, 1110)
14-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 580 "servicer", May 1962
Models B3081, U, M3081, U, P3081, U, W3081, UTVPhotofact 1003-SED
Models B4001, U, B4021, U, M2001, U, M4001, U, M4011, U, P4001, U, SP2001, U, SP4021, U, (Ch. 704, U)Color TVPhotofact 807 "servicer", April 1966
Models BT744, CT744, OT7445-tube AM RadioPhotofact 690-10
Models MS-1702, SP-1701, W-1700 (Ch. 902-050000)20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 930-5
Models SP6001, W6000 (Ch. 902-032000)21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 858-5
Model WP7419A (Ch. 917-000026)Color TVPhotofact 893-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 139.66300electronic garage door openerPhotofact 818 "servicer", June 1966
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 996EA/MED/W, 997 (Ch. AS-8109)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1091-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
2380 and 2381Personal Printer Series IIUser's Reference
7137Disk Array SubsystemCustomer and Service Information
Network Adapter II Installation Instructions
Personal System/2 Dual Async Adapter/A Installation Instructions
Proprinter Guide to Operations
ModelDescriptionDocument type
EZ-Tapefor DOS and WIndowsUser's Manual, Getting Started
International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model SA-7209-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 895 "servicer", July 1967
Model SMX-10010-tube AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 901 "servicer", August 1967
Model SMX-500AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 944-SED
Model SMX-80021-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 972-SED
Ivie Electronics, Inc.
also on some documents "Cetec Ivie"
ModelDescriptionDocument type
5000Modular Sound Systemspec sheet (2)
5101Power Modulespec sheet (2)
52022-Way Crossoverspec sheet (2)
5301Octave-band Equalizerspec sheet (2)
5301Octave-Band EqualizerOperation and Owners Manual
53031/3-Octave Equalizerspec sheet (2)
53031/3-Octave EqualizerOperation and Owner's Manual
5306Notch Filterspec sheet (2)
5306Notch FIlterOperation and Owner's Manual
5404Digital Delayspec sheet
5504Automatic Microphone Mixerspec sheet (2)
5504Automatic Microphone MixerOperation and Owners Manual
55056X1 Mixerspec sheet (2)
55056X1 MixerOperation and Owners Manual
55066X2 Mixerspec sheet (2)
55066X2 MixerOperation and Owners Manual
5506RMRemote Mixerspec sheet
5702Compressor/Limiterspec sheet (2)
5702Compressor/LimiterOperation and Owner's Manual
5805A/5806Amplifier CombinationSpec Sheet
5805A/5806Amplifier CombinationOperation and Owners Manual
5807A/5808Amplifier Combinationspec sheet (3)
5807A/5808Amplifier CombinationOperation and Owners Manual
5825Dual 50 Watt Low Impedance AmplifiersSpec Sheet (2)
5825Dual 50 Watt Low Impedance AmplifierssOperation and Owners Manual
53PNGNoise Masking Generatorspec sheet (3)
J. C. Penney
is listed under Penncrest/J. C. Penney
ModelDescriptionDocument type
JT-H105, JT-H105SPortable AM-SW RadioPhotofact 523-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 454TL-75UHF converterPhotofact 843 "servicer", Oct. 1966 (2)
Model 454TL-300UHF converterPhotofact 787 "servicer", Dec. 1965
Model 2300ATV/FM Distribution AmplifierPhotofact 761-"servicer"
Model 2880TV/FM Distribution AmplifierPhotofact 766 "servicer", July 1965
Model 3440VHF-FM AmplifierPhotofact 924-SED
Model APM-102, 102Antenna preamplifier, power supplyPhotofact 763 "servicer", July 1965
Model LPM-102TV antenna amplifierPhotofact 783 "servicer", Nov. 1965
Model SPM-102, 102antenna amplifier, remote power supplyPhotofact 771 "servicer", Aug. 1965
Model SPC-103, 103antenna preamplifier, remote power supplyPhotofact 779 "servicer", Oct. 1965
Model SPC-132, 132antenna amplifier, power supplyPhotofact 770 "servicer", Aug. 1965
Model SRXFM Antenna PreamplifierPhotofact 809 "servicer", April 1966
Model SVC-560UHF ConverterPhotofact 795 "Servicer", Jan. 1966 (2)
Model TA-12Antenna amplifierPhotofact 823 "servicer", July 1966
Model TA-66VHF Antenna AmplifierPhotofact 821 "servicer", June 1966
Model TAC-4TV/FM Antenna AmplifierPhotofact 920-SED
Model TAU-12UHF Antenna PreamplifierPhotofact 793 "servicer", Jan. 1966 (2)
Model TC-88TV-FM antenna amplifierPhotofact 989-SED
Model UPC-105UHF Antenna PreamplifierPhotofact 816 "servicer", May 1966
Model UVC-7083 (Ultra Vista)UHF ConverterPhotofact 824 "servicer", July 1966
Model VC-100 (VISTA)UHF ConverterPhotofact 777 "servicer", Oct. 1965
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models 17C9, 17T9, 17TW7, 21C9, 21T9TVPhotofact 187-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models VT-2 (Ch. A2), PTVAntenna amp, power supplyPhotofact 808 "servicer", Apr. 1966
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model A-6156-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1031-4
Model A-909AM-FM radioPhotofact 1050-4
Model ACR-8056-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1012-4
Model ACR-8106-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1038-6
Model ACR-8156-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1039-5
Model ACR-8306-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1026-4
Model AR-8256-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1030-6 (2)
Model B-6016-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1037-4
Model FCR-1205AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1023-5
Model FCR-1200AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1028-4
Model FCR-1220AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1022-5
Model FR-1215AM-FM radioPhotofact 1020-7
Model RP-244-transistor phonoPhotofact 1028-5
Model RPR-60AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1011-3
Model RPR-106AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1018-4
Model RPR-229AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1019-5
Model RPR-620AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1021-5
Model RS-616-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1027-5
Model RS-68Cclock radioPhotofact 1014-5 (2)
Model RT-6 "El Personal"6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1033-4
Model RT-466-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1023-6
Model RT-291CAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1025-7
Model SR-56AM clock radioPhotofact 1024-5
Model ST-12F12-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 835-6
Model STC-56-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 827-6
Model STC-1010-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 831-5
Model UHT-2, PTHUHF amplifier, power supplyPhotofact 811 "servicer", April 1966
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 2450, 2541, 2460, 2462TVPhotofact 1264-1
Model A-K350/A-K350BStereo Integrated Amplifierservice manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
K3Digital Wave Memory SynthesizerService Manual
K4/K4r16-bit Digital Synthesizer (Module)Service Manual
R-100Drum machineService Manual
SX-2108-Voice Polyphonic Programmable SynthesizerService Manual
Kay Musical Instrument Company
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 804musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 786 "servicer", Nov. 1965
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models AB-7600, AB-9000Mast-mounted/antenna-mounted amplifierPhotofact 1240-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model KW-40AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1053-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model KX-9000AM-FM radioPhotofact 1066-SED
Model R-5006-tube car FM radioPhotofact 949-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model EightFM radioPotofact 1053-SED
Model Eleven12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 721-9
Model "Sixteen-D"Stereo amplifier (preamp)Photofact 1006-SED
Model "Sixteen-E" (Run 3)stereo amplifierPhotofact 895 "servicer", July 1967
Allied Radio Corp.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models C-560 (83YX835, 83YX836), KA-95 (83YU934)9-tube CB transceiver, 14-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 1068-SED
Model KG-65 (83YX315), KG-240 (83YX602), KG-765 (83YU556 or 83YX765)AM-FM tuners, stereo amplifierPhotofact 1060-SED
Model KN-136M (35DU815)AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 956-SED
Model KN-141M (95DU006)FM stereo tunerPhotofact "servicer" 978, September 1968, 978-SED
Model KN-170AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 935-SED
Model KN-225AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 904 "servicer", August 1967
Model KN-245AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 979-SED
Models KN-250M (35DU817), KN-260MC (35DU853)FM stereo tunerPhotofact 983-SED
Model KN-265 (95DU017)AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 999-SED
Model KN-360 (95DU056)AM-FM-FM Stereo ReceiverPhotofact 1036-SED
Model KN-700A (92SU424)5-tube stereo preampPhotofact 463-5
Model KN-940 (95DU035)stereo amplifierPhotofact 1039-SED
Model KN-950 (95DU036)stereo amplifierPhotofact 1005-SED
Model KN-999stereo amplifierPhotofact 1000-SED
Model KN-32103-tube power ampPhotofact 1049-SED
Model KN-3230Mmobile PA amplifierPhotofact 948-SED
Model KN-3235BPA amplifierPhotofact 983-SED
Model KN-3275B (95DU114)7-tube PA amplifierPhotofact 964-SED
Model KN-4000A (85Y301 or 85Y304)CB transceiverPhotofact 1049-SED
Model KN-4002 (95DU651)stereo record-playback preampPhotofact 1006-SED
Model KU-45AAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 942-SED (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
01/WFD, 01/W service manual
707Performing SynthesizerService manual
C-2500/C-3500/C-5000/C-7000"Digital Piaon"Service Manual
CX-3Portable OrganService manual (3)
DDD-5Dynamic Digital DrumsService Manual
DL-50Strings SynthesizerService manual (2)
DP-80Digital PianoService Manual
DP-2000C/DP-3000CDigital PianoService Manual
DRM-1Digital Rhythm ModuleService Manual
DRV-2000Digital ReverbService manual
DRV-3000Dual Digital Effect ProcessorService Manual
DS-8Digital SynthesizerService Manual
DSS-1Digital Sampling SynthesizerService Manual
DVP-1Digital Voice ProcessorOwner's Manual
DVP-1Digital Voice ProcessorService Manual
DW-6000Programmable Digital Waveform SynthesizerService Manual
DW-8000Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizerservice manual
EXK-WS Reconstruction Manual
M1Music WorkstationService Manual
New Rack Series:
Midi Patchbay
Pro Digital Tuner
Line Mixer
Service manual
PolysixProgrammable 6VOC SynthesizerService Manual (2)
Poly-61Programmable Polyphonic SynthesizerService Manual (photocopies)
SDD-2000Sampling Digital DelayService Manual
SG-1/1DSampling GrandService Manual
SQ-88 Track Multi SequencerService Manual
SQD-88-Track MIDI RecorderOwner's manual?
T-Series T1 T2 T3Professional Performance Seriesservice manual
X-911Monophonic Guitar SynthesizerService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 1047AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 1041-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
1000 Series: (1000 Rack, K1000, EGP, Mark III) Service Manual (2)
PC88 Service Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
F-2010Compact Laster PrinterProgramming Manual
Coming later. Email me if you need something.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 17-0164WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1052-5
Model 24G0207WX8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 768-6
Model 99-75038-transistor AM radioPhotofact 983-5
Model FS-223AM-SW transistor radioPhotofact 563-9
Model FS-2365-tube FM radioPhotofact 637-9
Model HA-60 (99-3009L)CBPhotofact 923-SED
Model HA-85CB transceiverPhotofact 958-SED
Model HE-100CB transceiverPhotofact 990-SED
Models KT-220, LT-2203-tube multiplex adapterPhotofact 704-8
Model KT-650FM tunerPhotofact 963-SED
Model L7EF33-transistor phonoPhotofact 863-6
Model L70PhonographPhotofact 760-9
Model LA-21515-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 887 "servicer", May 1967 (2)
Model LA-230AM-FM-stereo radiophotofact 970-SED
Model LA-260stereo amplifierPhotofact 971-SED
Model LA-280stereo amplifierPhotofact 947-SED
Model LS-204-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 855-6
Model LS-22 (24-0226WX)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 910-7
Model LS-256-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 854-7 (2)
Model LS-306-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 862-6 (2)
Model LS-33 (24-0227WX)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 916-6
Model LS-44AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 946-4
Model LSC-20 (99-0163WX)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 915-6 (2)
Model LSC-30 (99-0160WX)stereo phonoPhotofact 961-4
Model PRO-50 (24-0216WX)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 860-9
Model RK-580 (99-1555WX)AM-FM-stereo radio-tape-phonoPhotofact 1051-5
Model T60 (24-02923WX)stereo phonoPhotofact 1120-5
Some of these are rather *small*, maybe 4x6 inches or so.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
1977/78 Catalog Catalog
1981/82 Catalog Catalog
Model LAC-895Antenna CouplerInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2)
Model LAG-26Audio Generator Sine-SquareInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LAG-120Audio GeneratorInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
Model LBO-5115" OscilloscopeOperating Instructions and Service Manual
LCG-388Color Bar Pattern GeneratorInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
Model LCG-391Color Bar Pattern GeneratorInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
Model LCR-740LCR BridgeInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LDC-822Digital CounterInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
Model LDM-170Distortion MeterOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model LDM-851Digital MultimeterInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LEM-73Electronic MultimeterInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2)
LEM-75Electronic MultimeterInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LHM-80AHigh Voltage Meter Probeincl. Schematic
Model LIM-870AAntenna Impedance MeterInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
Model LSG-1Wide Band SIgnal GeneratorInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
Model LT-70BMultimeter V.O.MInstruction Manual
incl. Schematic
Model LT-70AMultimeter V.O.M.Instruction Manual incl. Schematics
Model LT-70BMultimeter V.O.M.Instruction Manual (2)
Model LTC-906Transistor CheckerInstruction Manual (photocopies)
Model LV-71F.E.T. V.O.M.Instruction Manual incl. Schematics
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model Varislope IIIExternally-powered preamplifierPhotofact 425-9
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models 85BHP (FFC-18805-C, -D) 95BH (b9FL-15801-A, -B, FFC-19061-B)AM Car RadioPhotofact 425-10
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 1J61G-07AAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1186-4
Models 6M30G-12A, B12-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 858-6
Model 7H11G7-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 917-4
Model 7H13G11-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 923-4
Model 7H15G14-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 924-5
Models 7H16C, 7J24C10-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 927-5 (2)
Models 7H17A, 8H24GAM radioPhotofact 988-6
Model 7H18G11-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact -25-5
Model 7J21A9-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 916-7
Model 7J22GAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 982-5
Model 7J23G6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 915-7 (2)
Model 7J76AAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 990-5
Model 8F997-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1043-6
Model 8H226-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1021-6
Model 8H25A, D, H, JAM-FM radioPhotofact 989-4
Model 8J25AM clock radioPhotofact 1013-5
Model 8J29AAM clock radioPhotofact 981-5
Model 8J35AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1008-6
Model 8K37(tubular!) AM radioPhotofact 1022-6
Model 8K39AM RadioPhotofact 1014-6 (2)
Model 8M34EAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 997-5
Model 9H33G6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1020-8
Model 9H36WAM-FM radioPhotofact 1026-5
Model 9J37WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1029-6
Model 9J40AM clock radioPhotofact 1015-4
Model 9J41WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1035-4
Model 9J42AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1019-6
Model 9J45AM clock radioPhotofact 1024-6
Model PH-415-transistor phonoPhotofact 805-8
Model PH-42, 5F965-transistor phonoPhotofact 846-5
Models R746, R441 (Series 32A)AM-FM stereo radio w/ cassetteservice manual
Models TC-851, 5J96G8-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 847-8
Models TC-860, 5J95G10-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 849-5
Models TM-66, 5G756-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 850-5
Model TM757-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 784-8
Models TM-80, 5G766-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 842-7
Model TM-8217-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 799-6
Models TM-861, 5H85G10-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 888-7
Models TM-999, TM-1000, 5G777-tube AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 857-5
Models TR-609, 4R229-transistor AM-SW radioPhotofact 837-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model T-1OrganService Manual
V120Micro GenieService Manual
Model 8507-tube AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 770-7
Model Caruso 10007-tube AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 810-7
Models N650 (Milano), N741 (Como)7-Tube AM-SW-FM RadioPhotofact 761-8
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models 52 series, 53 series4-speed record changerPhotofact 817-7
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 58-01-007-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 463-6
Chassis 64-01-00, 81-01-00, 81-02-0011-tube AM-FM-PhonoPhotofact 563-10
Chassis 64-02-00AM-FM TunerPhotofact 563 "Servicer"
Jan. 1962
Chassis 57-04-00, 57-06-00TV, AM-FM TunerPhotofact 523 "Servicer", March 1961
Chassis 75-01-00 thru 75-12-007-tube AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 784-9
Chassis A92-01-004-Tube AmplifierPhotofact 762-7
Chassis A504-01-AA8-transistor stereo phonoPhorofact 871-9
Chassis A508-01-AA4-transistor phonoPhotofact 892-5
Chassis A510-01-AA10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 923-5
Chassis A516-001-AA, A516-02-AA, R256-01-AA10-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 866-7
Chassis A595-01-AH, R221-01-AA/ -BA, 704037-1, 704040AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 978-5 (2)
Chassis R202-01-00, R202-02-00, R202-02-10, R202-03-00, R202-03-1025-transistor AM-FM-Stereo radioPhotofact 767-8
Chassis R204-13-10, -20 thru R204-21-10, -2021-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 841-6
Chassis R205-01-00, R205-13-00, R205-14-0020-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 809-6
Chassis R207-01-0020-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 790-5
Chassis R201-01-1018-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 852-6
Chassis R208-01-00AM-FM Stereo ConsolePhotofact 760-10
Chassis R209-01-00, R209-01-10AM-FM-stereo radio, phonoPhotofact 791-6
Chassis R211-01-00 thru R211-06-0017-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 836-9
Chassis R212 Series19-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 900-7
Chassis R214-01-00, -AA, -02-00, -AA, -03-00, -AA20-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 877-7
Chassis R214-04-00, -AA, -05-00, -AA20-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 875-6
Chassis R216-01-AA18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 909-5
Chassis R218-01-AAAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 970-7
Chassis R220-03-AA, -BB, R220-04-AA, -BBAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1010-5
Chassis R222-01-AA, -02-AA, -03-AAAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1009-5
Chassis R252-01-AA/BA, R252-02-AA/BA, R252-03-AA/BA5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 840-8
Chassis R253-01-00, R253-01-BA19-transistor AM-FM stereo radioPhotofact 857-6
Chassis R254, R255 Series10-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 850-6
Chassis R254-01-CE thru -09-CE, R255-01-BBAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 984-4 (2)
Chassis R256-02-BB, -03-BB, -04-BBAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 977-4
Chassis R257-01-AA, -02-AA, R261-01-AA, -BB10-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 907-6
Chassis R258-01-AA5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 876-7
Chassis R260-01-AA, -AB, R260-02-AA, -AB6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 904-6
Chassis R262-01-AA, R262-02-AAAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 969-6
Chassis R264-01-AA, R264-02-AAAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 975-6
Chassis R264-03-BA, -04-CB, -05-AA, -06-AA, -07-AA, -08-AA, -08-CBAM-FM-stereo radio
Chassis R265-01-AA, R265-02-AAAM-FM radioPhotofact 1018-5
Chassis R265-03-AA, R265-04-AAAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1027-6
Chassis R266-01-AA thru R266-08-AA4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1029-7
Chassis R268-01-AA, -02-AAAM-FM radioPhotofact 1036-6
Chassis R269-02-AAAM-FM radioPhotofact 1062-5
Chassis R300-01-00/ -02-00/ -03-005-tube AM radioPhotofact 704-9
Chassis R307-01-00 thru R307-16-007-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 771-7
Chassis T-904 seriesColor TVPhotofact 766-13S
Chassis T/U907TVPhotofact 793-11S
Chassis T907-01-00, T907-03-00, T907-04-00, T907-07-00TVPhotofact 811-2
Chassis T/U908 seriesTVPhotofact 789-9S
Chassis T/U908-01-00, T/U908-03-00TVPhotofact 812-2
Chassis T910-01-00, T910-02-00, T910-03-00TVPhotofact 791-10S, 810-2
Chassis T/U911, 919, 920 seriesColor TVPhotofact 887-2 (2)
Chassis T/U914-01-00, T/U914-02-00, T/U914-03-00TVPhotofact 790-2
Chassis T915-01-AA, T915-02-AA, -BA, T915-03-AA, T915-04-AATVPhotofact 798-10S, 819-3
Chassis T/U916-01-AATVPhotofact 936-1
Chassis T917-01-AATVPhotofact 875-11S, 922-1
Chassis T/U918 seriesColor TVPhotofact 837-10S
Chassis T/U918-01-AA, -BB thru T/U918-07-AA, -BB, T/U918-08-AA, -BAColor TVPhotofact 875-2
Chassis T/U919-01-AA, BB, T/U919-02-AA, BB, T/U919-03-AA. BB, T/U919-04-AA, BB, T/U919-05-AA, BB, T/U919-06-AA, BB, T/U919-07-AA, BB, T/U919-08-AA, BB, T/U919-09-AA, BBColor TVPhotofact 835-11S
Chassis T/U920-01-AA, BB, T/U920-02-AA, BB, T/U920-03-AA, T/U920-04-AA, BB, T/U920-05-AA, BB, T/U920-06-AA, BB, T-U920-07-AA, BBColor TVPhotofact 839-12S
Chassis T920-15-CB, -16-CB, -17-CB, -34-CB, -45-CBColor TVPhotofact 1046-SED
Chassis T921 seriesTVPhotofact 856-10S
Chassis T/U921-01-10TVPhotofact 994-1
Chassis T921-01-AATVPhotofact 879-2
Chassis T922-01-AAColor TVPhotofact 896-1 (2)
Chassis T924-01-AA, T924-02-AAColor TVPhotofact 956-2
Chassis T925-01-AATVPhotofact 927-1 (2)
Chassis T927-01-AATVPhotofact 963-1
Chassis T928-01-AATVPhotofact 978-13S, 992-2
Chassis T931 seriesColor TVPhotofact 936-12S
Chassis T931-01-AA thru T931-19-AA, T931-23-AA, -25-AA, -26-AAColor TVPhotofact 984-1
Chassis T932-01-AA, T933 seriesColor TVPhotofact 984-12S
Chassis T932-01-AA, T932-01-BBColor TVPhotofact 1017-1
Chassis T933-01 thru T933-18 series, T933-20-AAColor TVPhotofact 1005-1
Chassis T935-01-AATVPhotofact 1068-12S
Chassis T936-01-AA, T936-02-AA, T940 seriesColor TVPhotofact 1068-13S
Chassis T937-03-AA, -04-AATVPhotofact 1049-2
Chassis T938 seriesColor TVPhotofact 1002-12S, 1037-1
Chassis T944, T945 seriesTVPhotofact 1056-15S
Chassis T9923-01-AATVPhotofact 882-2
Chassis 704028remote controlPhotofact 796-3A
704028-8, 704018-4remote control receiver, transmitter for above chassisPhotofact 790-2A
Chassis U44-01-31, -03-31, -05-31, -06-31, -08-42, -09-42, -10-42, -11-42TVPhotofact 779-2
Chassis U49-01-00TVPhotofact 760-1
Model 1FM058, 1FM059AM-FM radioPhotofact 967-7
Model 1P2104-transistor phonoPhotofact 883-6
Model 1P2148-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 897-7
Model 1R1006AM radioPhotofact 1052-SED
Models 1R1705, 6AM-FM radioPhotofact 1043-7
Models 1RP211, 1RP2126-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 893-5
Models 10C010, 10R010AM clock radioPhotofact 957-7
Model 10C011, 10R01110-transistor AM radioPhotofact 963-5
Model 20P2104-transistor phonoPhotofact 1028-6
Model 48019 KC FM stereo generatorAssembly and Operating instructions
Models 602 thru 608 seriesrecord changerPhotofact 848-5
Models A517-01-00, A517-02-00stereo phonoPhotofact 859-6
Model AM-848-transistor AM radioPhotofact 963-SED
Models FM-015, FM-01610-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 898-6
Models FM-017, FM-01810-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 943-4 (2)
Model FM-939-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 945-SED
Model TR-100Mtape recorderPhotofact 986-SED
Model W615turntablePhotofact 864-8
Model W623 & 624turntablesService Manual
Model W626 series4-speed turntablePhotofact 962-5
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
816 Series, 817 SeriesTape TransportsPhotofact 425-11
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models 185, DD501-tube phonoPhotofact 778-6
Models 625, 625U2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 773-7
Model 6652-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 770-8
Model 7072-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 785-7
Model 7322-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 772-8
Model 7372-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 780-8
Models 808, DD101SS8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 774-8
Models 909, 909U, DD2013-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 775-7
Models 910, DD201SS8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 777-7
Model DD1013-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 776-8
(Canadian Marconi Co.)
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models 3605, 4605 (Ch. 812)AM-FM stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 858 "servicer", Jan 1967
Models 3612, 4612 (Chassis type 804)radio-phonoPhotofact 819 "servicer", June 1966
Models 3615, 3616, 3625 (Ch. 875)radio-phonoPhotofact 837 "servicer", Sept. 1966
Models 3617, 3626, 3627 (Ch. 876)radio-phonoPhotofact 840 "servicer", Oct. 1966
Models 3618, 3628radio-phonoPhotofact 822 "servicer", July 1966
Models 3623, 4614 (Chassis type 805)AM-FM radioPhotofact 825 "servicer", July 1966
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 401 (Ch. C-212, PA-212stereo phonoPhotofact 851-6
Model M16TV (Ch. 202A)TVPhotofact 834-3
Models M-400C, CNH, W, WNH, M-800C, CNH, W, WNH (Ch. M4-1)9-tube radio-phonoPhotofact 814 "servicer", May 1966
Model M-1000AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 843-6 (2)
Coming later. Email me if you need something.
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model JM-10IntercomPhotofact 187-8
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model M-790Atape recorderPhotofact 1035-SED
Model M18035-tube AM radio/phonoPhotofact 765-9
Model M18053-transistor phonoPhotofact 762-9
Model M18062-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 764-7
Model M18076-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 763-7
Model M18086-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 766-8
Model M1820W, M51005-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 798-7
Model M19003-transistor phonoPhotofact 796-6
Models M1902, M1904A, M19053-transistor phonoPhotofact 847-9
Model M19033-transistor phonoPhotofact 833-5
Models M1906A, M20066-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 914-5
Models M1912, M20128-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 920-5
Models M1916, M460012-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 799-7
Model M20053-transistor phonoPhotofact 911-4
Model M20076-transistor phonoPhotofact 914-SED
Model M20086-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 913-6
Models M2014, M5108AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 945-7
Model M21033-transistor phonoPhotofact 978-6 (2)
Models M2107, M2107A11-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 945-8
Model M21088-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 943-5 (2)
Model M21098-transistor phonoPhotofact 940-5
Models M2114, M2115, M5109, M5125, M5126AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 955-5
Model M21196-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 972-6
Model M22003-transistor phonoPhotofact 1016-5
Models M2201, M2202, M22053-transistor phonoPhotofact 1013-6
M2203, M22063-transistor phonoPhotofact 1014-7
Model M22043-transistor phonoPhotofact 998-6
Models M2207, M2208, M2209stereo phonoPhotofact 1012-5 (2)
Model M221010-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1000-4
Model M2211AAM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1010-6
Models M2212, M512810-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1005-5
Model M2214AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1021-7
Model M23036-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1069-4
Model M2303, M23058-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1054-4
Model M23098-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1045-4
Models M2310, M231410-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1068-6
Model M2312AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1067-4
Models M4002, M5130, M5132AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1017-6
Model M4004AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1063-5
Model M45958-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 925-SED
Model M461012-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 921-SED
Models M4650, M5024, M502626-transistor AM-FM-stereoPhotofact 783-7
Model M4800AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1032-4
Model M51028-tube AM-FM radio, phonoPhotofact 805-9
 FM stereo adapter used in Model M1502Photofact 805-10
Models M5115, M5117, M511928-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 947-5
Models M5120, M5122, M512423-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 924-6
Models M5121, M5129, M5131, M5151AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1070-4
Model M5127AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 995-3 (2)
Models M6000, M70008-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 912-6
Model M60028-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 950-5
Model M7002AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 957-8
Model M7003AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 997-6
Model M70048-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1050-5
Model M7020AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1065-4
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model C22stereo amplifierPhotofact 958-SED
Model MR65BFM-stereo tunerPhotofact 1042-SED
Model MR71AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 1002-SED
Model MX11017-tube AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 934-SED
"Service Data" includes description, operation, parts list, connections, and schematics.
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
108Trans. AmplifierSchematic
Accu-FiveFive Mixer Audio Central Control UnitInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
AF-100AM/FM Tuner, Transistor TypeService Data
AF-100AAM/FM Tuner, Solid StateInstallation and Service Manual
AF-100BAM-FM TunerService Data (photocopies)
AF-200AM/FM FM Stereo TunerInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (3)
CM-10, CM-20PA AmplifiersService Data
Model CM-355-tube amplifierPhotofact 915-SED (2)
EF-1Electronic FuseService Data
EPK-1RIAA Mag Phono AdapterSchematic
IN SeriesIntercomDetailed Description, Schematics (2)
LC-40012 Watt Portable LecternService Data, Photofact 901 "servicer", August 1967
LC-2000C200 Watt Power AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LR-1000Line MonitorService Data (2)
LR-1003Transistorized Line Amplifier/VU MonitorService Data (2)
LR-1003ATransistorized Line Amplifier VU MonitorDetailed Description, Schematic, Spec Sheet
LR-1003CTransistorized Line AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LR-1005/LR-1008EqualizersInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
Models LT-30, LT-30TamplifierPhotofact 907 "servicer", Sept. 1967
LT-80B8 Watt Transistor AmplifierService Data, Photofact 918-SED
LT-80C/108C10 Watt Universal AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
Model LT-250amplifierPhotofact 901 "servicer", August 1967
LT-250A25 Watt PA AmplifierService Data (2)
LT-250C, LC-500C, LT-750C, LT-1000CBasic AmplifiersInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (3)
LT-252B25 Watt Shelf-Mount Universal AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
Model LT-300APA amplifierPhotofact 976-SED
Model LT-304power ampPhotofact 1049-SED
Model LT-33232-watt amplifierPhotofact 1283-SED
LT-50050 Watt Transistor AmplifierService Data, Photofact 1000-SED
LT500A/LT750A/LT100050/75/100 Watt Transistor AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2, 1 is photocopies)
LT-500D/LT-1000D50 Watt/100 Watt Power AmplifiersService Data
LT-50250 Watt Transistor AmplifierService Data (2)
LT-50450 Watt Transistor AmplifierService Data (2)
LT-75075 Watt Transistor AmplifierService Data
LT-754/8Universal AmplifierIntallation and Service Manual
LT-1005100 Watt Universal AmplifierInstallation and Service Manual (4, 1 is photocopies)
LT-1500150 Watt Transistor AmplifierService Data
LT-1500A150 Watt Transistor AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
LT-2000D200W AmplifierSchematic
LT-3500A350W Power AmplifierService Data
LTW-252/LTS-252In-Wall/Surface AmplifiersService Data
LTW-754/8Universal AmplifierDetailed Description and Schematics (2)
LTW-754/8CUniversal AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
LX-10/LX-10WPreamplifierInstruction Manual
LX-10A, LXW-10AMicrophone PreamplifiersDetailed Description and Schematic
LX-10C, LXW-10CMicrophone PreamplifiersInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
LX-50Transistor Mixer/PreampService Data (2)
LX-50ATransistor Mixer/PreamplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
LX-50CMixer/PreamplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LX-50CMixer/PreamplifierSpec Sheet
LX-500CMixer/PreamplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
LX-600Six Channel Transistor Mixer PreamplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
MA-1010 Watt P.A. AmplifierService Data, Photofact 1039-SED
MA-1210 Watt PA AmplifierService Data
Model MA-20PA amplifierPhotofact 1039-SED
MA-5050 Watt AmplifierService Data, Photofact 962-SED
MA-100100 Watt Basic AmplifierService Data, Photofact 890 "servicer", June 1967
MCS-7001Control PanelInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
MCS-7002Program Expander PanelInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2)
MCS-7004 and MCS-7009Emergency Panel and Red Emergency TelephoneInstallation and Service Manual
MSC-7008Time-Tone Control PanelInstallation and Service Manual
MCS-7010Intercom PanelInstruction Manual (5, 1 is photocopies)
MCS-7022Adaptor PanelInstallation and Service Manual (2, 1 is photocopies)
MCS-7038Multiple Tone GeneratorInstallation and Service Manual
MCS-7042Detector and Repeating Chime AssemblyInstallation and Service Guide
MCS-7043Privacy/Call-In SwitchInstallation and Service Manual
MCS-7044Privacy/Call-In SwitchInstallation and Service Manual
MPA-1Mic Preamp Adder CardInstallation and Operation incl. Schematic (4)
MS-25B25 Watt AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
MS-7575 Watt AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
MS-75. MSA-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6Expandable 75W Amplifier, Plug-In ModulesInstallation and Service Manuals (2, 1 is photocopies)
MS-200Mixer/Line AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
MS-504/MS-1004Power AmplifiersInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
MS-10 and MS-25AmplifiersInstallation and Service Manual
MS-75275 Watt AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2, 1 is photocopies)
MX-5Mixer/PreamplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2, 1 is photocopies)
MXR-4Microphone MixerInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
PD-302Line Driver Amp.Schematic
RMA-2Remote Mute AdapterSchematic
RoyalcomIntercommunications SystemInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
RVA-1Remote Volume AdapterSchematic
SW-10Power DIstribution AdapterSpec Sheet
TA-600Talk Back AmplifierInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
TX-700Portable Test SetDetailed Description, Schematic
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models MM510T, MM512T, MM516C, T, XOB, XQA, XQR, XRA, XRPT, XSA, XSPT, XTA, XTR, XX900TVPhotofact 110-9
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model RP-60006-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 869-6
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model BB-090 (Ch. 2N-U1)TVPhotofact 1198-2
Models CH-160, 190, 191TVPhotofact 1283-2
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 10-565AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1057-6
Model 10-644AM radioPhotofact 969-7
Model 11-3088-transistor AM radioPhotofact 847-10
Model 11-317AM clock radioPhotofact 1053-5
Models 11-319, 11-3389-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 921-6
Model 11-325AM-FM radioPhotofact 1045-5
Model 11-327AM-FM radioPhotofact 1024-7
Model 11-3288-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 920-6
Model 11-330AM-FM radioPhotofact 1015-5
Model 11-334AM-FM radioPhotofact 1018-6
Model 11-347AM-FM radioPhotofact 1043-8
Model 11-4129-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 882-8
Model 11-434AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1031-5
Model 11-4606-transistor AM radioPhotofact 859-7
Model 11-4706-transistor AM radioPhotofact 930-6
Model 12-7024-transistor phonoPhotofact 1047-5
Model 12-724AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1108-4
Model 13-120CB transceiverPhotofact 1002-SED
Model 15-009TVPhotofact 1105-2 (2)
Model 15-010TVPhotofact 1304-1
Model 15-013TVPhotofact 1377-1
Model 15-090TVPhotofact 1317-1
Model 15-109TVPhotofact 992-3
Model 15-112TVPhotofact 1038-2
Model 15-114TVPhotofact 1164-1
Model 15-126TVPhotofact 1186-3
Model 15-214Color TVPhotofact 972-12S, 994-2
Model 15-218Color TVPhotofact 972-13S, 996-1
Model 19-325stereo amplifierPhotofact 1047-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
PW-40Record ChangerPhotofact 795-6 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 606-transistor AM radioPhotofact 580-7
Model 200MXAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1054-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
300A Minitmoog / 5330 SatelliteSynthesizersOwners and Service Manual
301A Syn AmpSynth AmplifierOwners and Service Manual
Sonic V, Sonic VISynthesizersTechnical Service Manual
I'd forgotten, not having looked at this Moog stuff for so long, how nicely done it was -- very high quality production, with lots of clear photos and such.
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 72KAM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1028-7
Chassis 73CAM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1023-7
Chassis 74CAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1024-8
Chassis 98AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1048-6
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 21J, 91JAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1186-5
Chassis 258-transistor phono amplifierPhotofact 1143-4
35AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1646-3
Model 28-track playerPhotofact 1367-4
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 9TS-460A-09, C9TS-460ATVPhotofact 911-1
Chassis 12TS-458B-04TVPhotofact 930-3
Chassis 12TS-461, C12TS-461, D12TS-461, Q, E12TS416, QTVPhotofact 864-3
Chassis 20TS-592, 22TS-592tvPhotofact 941-2 (2)
Chassis 20TS-611A, B, 22TS611A, BTVPhotofact 1004-2
Chassis 20TS-/21TS-/C21TS-/22TS-612ATVPhotofact 1035-1
Chassis 22TS-594, C22TS-594, JTS-594TVPhotofact 848-3
Chassis 23TS-951A, B, 23TS-919A, C23TS-919AColor TVPhotofact 953-1
Chassis A22TS-/20TS-/22TS-23TS-918AColor TVPhotofact 880-2
Chassis AETS-908YE, ETS-908YEColor TVPhotofact 856-1
Chassis AG23TS/ANTS/E23TS/F23TS/H23TS/J23TS-A914D/EColor TVPhotofact 912-2
Chassis BHS-67243AM clock radioPhotofact 992-5
Chassis C12TS-465TVPhotofact 1091-2
Chassis C16TS-597, 16TS-597TVPhotofact 1036-2
Chassis C/D18TS-594C, D, C22TS-594C, D, D20TS-594C, DTVPhotofact 910-1
Chassis C20TS-/F20TS-/Y22TS-/22TS-592TVPhotofact 1048-2
Chassis C21TS-612A, 20/21/22TS-612ATVPhotofact 1002-14S
Chassis C23TS-919, 23TS-915, 23TS-919Color TVPhotofact 912-20S
Chassis CHS-/ DHS-/ EHS-/ FHS-2703AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1099-4
Chassis CHS-3296, FHT-15, HMX-6stereo phonoPhotofact 1198-5
Chassis CHS-3502, DHS-350210-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1042-5
Chassis CHS-62298, 299, 335, DHS-62298, 99AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1007-4
Chassis CHS-/ RHS-67220AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 995-4 (2)
Chassis CHS-67250, DHS-67250AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1053-6
Chassis CTS-597, C18TS-597, D18TS-597, NCTS-597TVPhotofact 855-3
Chassis CTS-597A, NCTS-597TVPhotofact 842-3
Chassis D/9TS-460A, B, E, F9TS-460B, Y, YD9TS-460A, B, YE/YF9TS-460BTVPhotofact 1044-2
Chassis DHS/EHS-62301console stereoPhotofact 978-7 (2)
Chassis E/F/G/H19TS-597TVPhotofact 1041-1
Chassis H12TS-461, H12TS-461TVPhotofact 1042-1
Chassis HS-1242, HS-1266stereo phonoPhotofact 791-7
Chassis HS-1245A/B, HS-1247A/B/C, HS-1248A/BAmp, Tuner, PreampPhotofact 795-3A
Chassis HS-1246A/B, HS-1247A/B/C, HS-1248A/BAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 782-9
Chassis HS-1259A/B/C/D/E, HS-1241A/B/C, HS-1328AM-FM Tuner, AmpPhotofact 795-3B
Chassis HS-1259A/B/C/D/E, HS-1241A/B/C, HS-1264, HS-1328AM-FM radio, amplifierPhotofact 780-9
Chassis HS-1260A, B, C, HS-1265A, HS-1323A, B, CAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 790-6
Chassis HS-2334A, HS-2339A, B, C, D, E, FAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 837-7
Chassis HS-2336A, HS-2339A, B, C, D, E, FAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 810-8
Chassis HS-2338A, B, HS-2346A, NCHS/PCHS-2331A, B, C, D, E, FAM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 853-4
Chassis HS-2338BC, D, HS-2346B, C, D, E, F, HS-62249A, B, C, NCHS-/PCHS-62257A, B, C, D, E, E-1, FAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 963-6
Chassis HS-8201, 027-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 877-8
Chassis HS-8206, HS-820710-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 849-6
Chassis HS-61201A, HS-62238B, HS-62250B, HS-62281C, D, E, FAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 897-8
Chassis HS-67230AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 997-7
Chassis HS-67211, HS-68212AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 984-5 (2)
Chassis HS-67214, HS-6821410-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 896-5 (2)
Chassis HS-67232, HS-67232-1AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1000-5
Chassis HS-632306-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 911-5
Chassis JTS-594, C22TS594, 22TS-594TVPhotofact 840-10S
Chassis JTS-908Y, STS-908Y, TS-908Y, VTS-908YAM-FM Radio, TVPhotofact 795-3 (2)
Chassis QTS/ RTS/ STS/ TS/ VTS-448, QTS/, STS/ ST-448Y, QTS/ VTS-450, QTS-450YTVPhotofact 579-2
Chassis STS-914Y, TS-914Y, TS-914YBColor TVPhotofact 798-2
Chassis TS-589C seriesTVPhotofact 792-11S
Chassis TS-908/Y
Photofact 721-3
Photofact 721-3A
Chassis TS-914YColor TVPhotofact 773-12S
Chassis TS-915/919Color TV"Troubleshooting by panel replacement"
Chassis TS-921B, CColor TVPhotofact 1002-14S
Chassis TS-924B, CColor TVPhotofact 1000-2
Chassis ZDTS-589C, JTS-589C, NJTS-589C, WKTS-589C, ZKTS-589CTVPhotofact 803-3
Chassis ZWKTS-589TVPhotofact 841-1
Model 11MXAM Car RadioPhotofact 563-11
Models 16BP76BN, 16BP77BE, BJ, BL, BN (Ch. CTS-597, NCTS-597)TVPhotofact 832-9S
Models 19BP100BE, 116BE, 117BA, 118BB, 118BC, 118BW (Ch. SDTS-596, NDTS-596, DTS-596)TVPhotofact 804-3
Models 19BP117BA, 19BP118BB, BC, BW (Ch. DTS-596)TVPhotofact 787-9S
Models AC40AB, AG, AW (Ch. HS-4152)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 792-9
Models AT23AB, AE, AH, AN (Ch. HS-4143)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 809-7
Models BP72BN, 73BE, BJ, BL, BN (Chassis 12TS-461, C12TS-461)TVPhotofact 846-11S
Models BP304DN, 305DG (Ch. H/J12TS-461), BP510DW, 511DW, 512DH, 513DW (Ch. E/F/G19TS-597)TVPhotofact 1002-13S
Models CP462FN, 463FW (Ch. 16TS-930)Color TVPhotofact 1062-13S
Models HK31B, M, HK39B, CW, M, W, WA (Ch. HS-712A, -1)3-tube ampPhotofact 463-7
Models HK-54-1, HK-60 (Ch. HS-996, HS-1023)2- or 3-tube FM Stereo Multiplex Adapter, power supplyPhotofact 637-10
Model HS-7201 (Late production)4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 859-8
Model MP9EL/ER (Ch. CHS-202)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 1047-6
Models MP10CL, MP10CN (Ch. HS-63213)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 876-8
Models MP50EH/ER (Ch. CHS-200)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 1051-8
Models MP100BL/BN (Ch. HS-2348)3-transistor phonoPhotofact 815-5
Models MP102CL, CN, CR (Ch. HS-63226)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 912-7
Models PK180AW, PK182AC, PK183AD (Ch. HS-1262)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 743-6
Models PP70AA, AG, AN (Ch. HS-1268)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 774-9
Models PP180EH, EN (Chl. CHS-201)stereo phonoPhotofact 1055-6
Models PP200BL/BN, PP201BE/BN (Ch. HS-2347)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 816-7
Models PP202BE/BN (Ch. HS-2349A)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 834-7
Models PP207CE, CN, PP209CN, CU (Ch. HS-2349B)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 878-7
Model PP218DN (Ch. CHS-63234)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1039-6
Models PP220DW, EW (Ch. CHS-63235)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1052-6
Model PP224EE (Ch. CHS-3503)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1043-9
Model PP248FT (Ch. CHS-3505)stereo phonoPhotofact 1077-5
Model SP51B/N (Ch. HS-1134)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 690-11
TS-915/919A, B & C ChassisColor TVSchematic
TS-934, ATS-934, STS-934
remote rcvr, xmtr
Photofact 1205-2, 1205-2A
Model TT22CW (Ch. HS-67206)16-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 942-6 (2)
Models X25E, X25J6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 580-8
Models XC10BH, BL, BN, BY, XT1BH, BL, BN, BY (Ch. HS-7201)4-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 838-7
Modelx XC15CH, XC16CW, XT4CE, CH, CL (Ch. HS-67216)6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 898-7
Models XP201CL, CN, CR, CU, XP202CE, CH (Ch. C9TS-460, 9TS-460)TVPhotofact 887-9S
Model XP303CW (Ch. 12TS-458)TVPhotofact 901-9S
Music Technology Incorporated aka Artisan Electronics Corp.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
C.P.B.-1 Schematics
C.P.B.-2 Schematics
Chassis AS-5002, -1, -2, -3TVPhotofact 782-4
Chassis AS-8070, -1, AS-8071, -1, -2AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 823-6
Chassis AS-8103, AS-8104AM radio, FM-stereo radio-phono1006-1B, 1006-1A, 1008-1B, 1008-1A
Chassis AS-9015-4Color TVPhotofact 1006-1
Chassis AS-9021-7Color TVPhotofact 1008-1
Model 3181 (Ch. AS-5004-3)TVPhotofact 1004-3
Model 6111TVPhotofact 770-2
National Panasonic
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model RE-1245-tube AM radioPhotofact 817-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model Boheme C (3/613C)6-tube AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 764-8
Model Fidelio C (4/630C)7-tube AM-SW-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 790-7
Model Turandot-C (3/614C)6-tube AM-FM RadioPhotofact 763-8
Northern Radio Company
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Type 233 Model 1Transistor Power SupplyInstruction Book incl. Schematic
Type 248, 249 & 250 Model 1Multiplexer, Demultiplexer & Shelf 
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 2034-BAM radio-intercomPhotofact 1005-6
Models 2062-B, 2067-B, 2068-BAM-FM radio-intercomPhotofact 48-6
Model 2071AM-FM-stereo-intercomPhotofact 775-8
Models 2540-B, 2541-BAM-FM radio-intercomPhotofact 1004-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
DMXMIDI/Memory ExpansionInstallation Procedure, Schematics
SEM-1ASynthesizer Expansion Module "A"Schematic
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model RA-4026-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 563-12
Model RA-490 (MX-601)2-tube FM stereo multiplex adapterPhotofact 637-11
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 303AM-FM radioPhotofact 789-1A
Chassis 311, 312, MX10, PS-3AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 882-9
Chassis 313, 314AM-FM chassisPhotofact 824-6
Chassis 315, 316/MX10AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 868-7
Chassis CTC15-Ccolor TVPhotofact 789-1
Chassis CTC17Color TVPhotofact 824-2
Chassis CTC-18 seriesColor TVPhotofact 837-10S, 962-SED
Chassis CTC20Color TVPhotofact 905-1
Chassis CTC30Color TVPhotofact 1033-2
Chassis MX82-tube MPX adapterPhotofact 786-8, 789-1B
Chassis MX8, MX102-tube MPX adapterPhotofact 824-7
Chassis MX12, PS6, PS7, 32325-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 941-7
Chassis NAPTV, AM-FM radioPhotofact 765-3
Chassis NCP
Chassis 302/-1/-2/-4, 303/-1/-2
Chassis 301
AM-FM radio
AM radio
Photofact 793-2 (2)
Photofact 793-2A (2)
Photofact 793-2B (2)
Model 3P41ETVPhotofact 780-2
Model 3P47TVPhotofact 829-9S (2), 837-1
Models 3P48 Series A, 3P49 Series ATVPhotofact 823-2
Model 5T100 (Ch. NDP)TVPhotofact 834-10S, 840-2
Models 6P28U, 6P29U, 6P30UTVPhotofact 820-2
Model 6P31TVPhotofact 942-15S, 953-2
Model 9P42U/43UTVPhotofact 799-3
Models 9P44, 9P45, 9P46TVPhotofact 821-1
Models 9P56, 9P57, 9P58TVPhotofact 887-9S, 906-2
Models 9P59, 9P60TVPhotofact 888-10S
Model 9P59TVPhotofact 908-1
Model 9P65 (Ch. 30319UR)TVPhotofact 1008-2
Model A105 (Ch. 301)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 772-9
Model A695AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 855 "servicer", Dec. 1966
Model AFM-256-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 858-7
Model AFM-26C, AFM-26M6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 943-3 (2)
Models AFM32, AFM33, CF34, CF359-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 946-5
Models CC5400, 01, CD5404, CK3386 (Ch. CTC31)Color TVPhotofact 1039-2
Model CF566-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 773-8
Model CR306-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 937-6
Model CR316-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 944-6
Model CS700AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1061-5
Model CT-400Color TVPhotofact 1044-16S
Model CT-910Color TVPhotofact 892-9S, 918-1
Model CT-911 (Ch. CT-1940)Color TVPhotofact 972-13S, 1001-2
Model F97AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 978-8
Models F99, F106 (Ch. 300)7-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 811-8
Models F107, F115, S116 (Ch. 302, 303)7-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 786-7
Models F110, S118A, S119A, S133 (Ch. 320, 321, MX8)9-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 939-9
Model FB225 (Ch. 325)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 979-6
Model MA-1003-transistor phonoPhotofact 918-6
Model MA-1501-tube phonoPhotofact 563-13
Model MA-2412-tube phonoPhotofact 761-10
Model MA-2431-tube phonoPhotofact 809-8
Model MA-2451-tube phonoPhotofact 995-5 (2)
Model MB36AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 980-5
Model MRP-165-tube radio-phonoPhotofact 776-9
Model MRP-175-tube AM radio-phonoPhotofact 829-6 (2)
Model SA-2512-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 802-10
Model SA-2613-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 771-8
Model SA-3023-Tube stereo phonoPhotofact 760-11
Model SA-4006-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 914-6
Model SA4906-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1010-7
Models SA-500, SA-5018-transistor phonoPhotofact 919-5
Model SA-60010-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 920-7
Model SB238, SS232, SS236, SS237, SS240 (Ch. 327)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1041-6
Model SS-3038-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 808-7
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
PM336-tube amplifierPhotofact 523-8
Packard-Bell aka Teledyne Packard Bell
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 88-14K, Q, R, S, T, V, W, WA, X, Y, ZTVPhotofact 811-3
Chassis 88-19-1, 88-19-4, 88-19-8, 88-19C, D, E, FTVPhotofact 845-1
Chassis 88-21TVPhotofact 905-2
Chassis 98C7D, 98C8Color TVPhotofact 744-3
Chassis 98C9, 98C10Color TVPhotofact 854-3 (2)
Chassis 98C17, AColor TVPhotofact 1023-1
Chassis 98C18Color TVPhotofact 1009-2
Chassis 98C19Color TVPhotofact 1019-1
Chassis 98C21, 22, 32, 33Color TVPhotofact 1124-2
Chassis 98C39, 98C40Color TVPhotofact 1383-2
Chassis DPA-75, -75-2, 14TU2, 14TU3AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1020-9
Chassis DPA-150-4, DPA-150-4-1, 15TU4AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1022-7
Models 5R11, 5R12, 5RC13, 5RC145-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 736-6
Models 7R2, 7R3 (Ch. 7R2)7-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 463-10
Model 17VK1 (Ch. V8-5)TVPhotofact 579 "servicer", May 1962
Models 19T15D, 19T39A (Ch. 88-18E)TVPhotofact 790-10S, 801-2, 851-2
Models 19T40, 41, 42, 43 (Ch. 88-19C, D, E, F)TVPhotofact 796-9S
Models 21CC5A, 21CD3A, 21CT5A (Ch. 98C7C)Color TVPhotofact 685-1
Models 21CT7, 21CT8 (Ch. 99C1)Color TVPhotofact 833 "servicer", Aug. 1966
Models 2121, 2422, 2423TVPhotofact 187-9
Models 21DC9, 21DT4, 24DC5 (Ch. 98D4, 98D5, RM-201)TVPhotofact 425-1
Models 23K6, 23T9 (Ch. 88-16C)TVPhotofact 770-3
Models C96248CHT, C96249RSW, C96346WALColor TVPhotofact 1164-2
Models CP-956, 958, 964, 968 (Ch. 98C21)Color TVPhotofact 1056-12S
Model CQ-322COlor TVPhotofact 1008-12S, 1068-2
Models CQ-522BGE, CQ-524PEC/WALColor TVPhotofact 1066-2
Model CQ-622Color TVPhotofact 1092-2
Models CQ-942, 952, 9554, 955, 962 (Ch. 98C18), CQ-956, 958, 966, 968 (Ch. 98C19)Color TVPhotofact 984-13S
Model CR-424BGEColor TVPhotofact 954-13S, 971-1
Models CR-634, CR-636Color TVPhotofact 1020-2
Model CR-932WAL (Ch. 98C11A)Color TVPhotofact 985-1
Models CRQ-310, CRQ-312, CRW-402, CRW-502, CRW-504, CRW-506, CRW-602/B, CRW-606/B (Ch. 98C17)Color TVPhotofact 912-21S
Models CRQ-310, CRQ-312Color TVPhotofact 937-2
Models CSQ-302, 304 (Ch. 98C11)Color TVPhotofact 878-3
Models CSW-506, -602, -604, -606 (Ch. 98C15)Color TVPhotofact 884-2
Model MQ-123TVPhotofact 1008-12S
Models MR-623, MR-625, MR-631TVPhotofact 972-1
Models RM-323BGE, MR-325WAL, MOD, MR-523BGE, -525WAL, MSM-202A, -204ATVPhotofact 969-1
Model MSE-102TVPhotofact 865-2
Models MSJ-202, MSJ-204TVPhotofact 888-10S, 893-2
Models MSM-202, MSM-204TVPhotofact 895-2
Model MQ-123TVPhotofact 1046-1
Models RPC-18, RPC-18S (Ch. 7HF1, MPX-2-1)7-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 637-12
Models RPC-27, -28, -34, -37 (Ch. 8HF2/-1, 8HF3)8-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 773-9
Models RPC-38, -39, -40, -41A (Ch. 8TU8, MPX-5-1, DPA-150)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 810-9
Models RPC-41, 41B, 46 (Ch. 15TU1, DPA-150, -1)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 845-4
Model RPC-45B (Ch. 8TU8-2, DPA-75, MPX-5-1)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 837-8
Models RPC-50, -52, -54 (Ch. 18HF1)18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 902-5
Models RPC-56, -58 (Ch. DPA-75, 14TU1)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 905-6
Models RPC-60, -62 (Ch. DPA-150-2, 15TU2)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 907-7
Model RPS-02AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1032-5
Model RTS-22AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1057-7
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis NMX-P3C, NMX-P3DColor TVPhotofact 1649-1
Chassis T125Q-ATVPhotofact 1710-1
AG-500RMonitor/PlayerOperating Instructions (photocopies)
Models AN-12, AN-12DTVPhotofact 777-10S, 784-3
Models AN-14, AN-14DTVPhotofact 637-2
Model AN-16TVPhotofact 768-12S
Models AN-16, AN-16YTVPhotofact 781-2
Model AN-19TVPhotofact 800-3
Model AN-22TVPhotofact 856-2
Models AN-32, AN-42DTVPhotofact 1013-2
Model AN-36TVPhotofact 944-3
AN-29, AN-39DTVPhotofact 862-1 (2)
AN-52WTVPhotofact 1014-1 (2)
Models AN-69, C, AN-79, C (Ch. N49A)TVPhotofact 1017-2
Models AN-89D, DC (Ch. N-59A)TVPhotofact 1005-2
Models AN-109, C, AN-209DTVPhotofact 984-14S
Models AN-109, AN-109C, AN-209DTVPhotofact 1010-1
Models AN-109N, AN-309D, AN-409T (Ch. N-93)TV w/ clockPhotofact 1032-14S, 1077-1
Models AN-142A, ACTVService Manual
Models AN-169, AN-179 (Ch. N-919A)TVPhotofact 1044-12S
Model AN-189TVPhotofact 1044-13S
Model CT-21PColor TVPhotofact 1028-3
Model CT-61PColor TVPhotofact 963-2
Model CT-62PColor TVPhotofact 990-12S
Models CT-62P, PC, CT-63PC, PDColor TVPhotofact 1025-1
Model CT-63PDColor TVPhotofact 990-14S
Models CT-64P, CT-64PC, CT-65D, CT-65DCColor TVPhotofact 1068-14S, 1127-1
Model CT-66Color TVPhotofact 802-13S, 838-3
Model CT-66NColor TVPhotofact 931-1
Models CT-91T, CT-92D, DCColor TVPhotofact 1007-1
Models CD-92D, DCColor TVPhotofact 984-14S
Models CT-93P, PCColor TVPhotofact 1026-15S, 1057-2
CT-130VColor Monitor/VCROperating Instructions (photocopies)
Models CT210, CT-392/C, CT394/CColor TVPhotofact 1306-2
CT-603/C, CT-604, CT-606/CColor TVPhotofact 1317-2
Models CT-9000, CT-9010, CT-9020, CT-9030Color TVPhotofact 2046-1
Model KX-P6500laser printerOperating Instructions
Model Mitey-9UTVPhotofact 787-2
Models RC-165, RC-1856-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 845-5
Models RC-605, RE-6559-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 848-7
Model RC-6859-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 943-6 (2)
Models RC-736, RE-716, RE-7267-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 929-7
Model RC-1087AM clock radioPhotofact 970-8
Model RC-11176-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 944-7
Model RC-60177-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 940-6
Models RC-6530, CAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1341-4
Model RC-7117AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1041-7
Model RC-7148AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1049-5
Models RC-7167, RE-7367, RC-7367C9-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 956-6
Model RC-72477-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 947-6
Model RC-7467AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1045-6
Models RC-7538, RC-7548CAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1051-6
Model RC-7878AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1044-6
Model RE-7106-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 744-7
Models RE-744, RE-7846-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 825-7
Models RE-746, RE-75610-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 933-6
Model RE-747 (RD-7472, RE-7471)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1068-7
Model RE-78510-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 858-8
Model RE-78726-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 927-6 (2)
Model RE-11259-transistor AM radioPhotofact 936-8 (2)
Model RE-6125AM-FM radioPhotofact 1052-7
Model RE-6250/CAM-FM radioPhotofact 1050-6
Models RE-7127, RE-73277-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 937-7
Models RE-7257/C, RE-7487/CAM-FM radioPhotofact 1054-5
Model RE-7369/CAM-FM radioPhotofact 1047-7
Model RF-909-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 851-7
Model RJ-3CB transceiverPhotofact 979-SED
Model SE-1160Compact StereoService Manual
Model SE-1217AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 966-5
Model SG-45111-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 955-6
Model SG-5304-transistor phonoPhotofact 835-7
Model SG-5507-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 834-8
Model SG-5517-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 921-7
Model SG553AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1010-8
Model SG-5709-transistor AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 843-7 (2)
Model SG-5719-transistor AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 920-8
Model SG-63411-transistor phonoPhotofact 1070-5
Model SG-67115-transistor AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 935-5
Model SG-87017-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 918-7
Model TR-120TVPhotofact 829-1 (2)
Model TR-190TVPhotofact 817-3
Model TR-205TVPhotofact 954-1
Model TR-210DTVPhotofact 923-1
Models TR-228D, TR-921, TR-922DTVPhotofact 932-2
Models TR-238B, TR-903RATVPhotofact 966-3
Models TR-315B, BCTVPhotofact 984-1S, 1026-2
Model TR-329BTVPhotofact 1006-2 (2)
Model TR-339RAM-FM radio-TVPhotofact 1016-2
Model TR-415B, BCTVPhotofact 1038-12S
Models TR-415BA, BACTVPhotofact 1341-SED
Models TR-900, TR-900DTVPhotofact 805-3
Model TR-901TVPhotofact 849-2
Model TR-902DTVPhotofact 858-2
Model TR-903RTVPhotofact 857-2
Model TR-904RTVPhotofact 860-2
Model TR-905TTVPhotofact 869-1
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model FM-7407-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 855-7
Model RP-666-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 872-7
Model SST-6156-transistor AM radioPhotofact 870-6
Model SST-9159-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 859-9
Model SST-200011-transistor AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 869-7
Model TP-12TVPhotofact 836-2
Penncrest / J. C. Penney
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 642SP (Code 22.61201)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 685-10
Models 1009 (855-0014), 1012 (855-0022)TVPhotofact 1535-1
Model 1313-89TVPhotofact 1055-1
Model 1314ATVPhotofact 949-2
Model 1316A-89TVPhotofact 948-2
Model 2124 (855-2323)Color TVPhotofact 1477-2
Models 2317-48, 2329-43TVPhotofaaact 1054-2
Model 2319-44TVPhotofact 1032-1
Model 2354A-53TVPhotofact 783-3
Model 2356A-43TVPhotofact 769-2
Models 2361-48, 2363-43TVPhoofact 1070-2
Model 2371B-40TVPhotofact 776-3
Models 2373A-40, 2378A-48TVPhotofact 777-4
Models 2375A-40, 2375A-54TVPhotofact 785-2
Models 2377A-44, 2377A-48TVPhotofact 859-3
Models 2631-48, 4633-48, 4634-46, 4635-49Color TVPhotofact 1020-12S, 1056-3
Models 2864/A, 2866/AColor TVPhotofact 1415-3
Model 2881-87Color TVPhotofact 1067-1
Model 2882TVPhotofact 975-2
Model 2884Color TVPhotofact 1068-17S
Model 2891ATVPhotofact 772-3
Model 2892C-89TVPhotofact 767-3
Model 2892D-89, 4821A-48Color TVPhotofact 807-4
Mopdels 2895A-48, 2896A-46TVPhotofact 892-2
Models 2897-48, 2898-46COlor TVPhotofact 1053-1
Models 3123, 36205-tube AM radioPhotofact 781-7
Models 3522, -E, 3523-E, 5521, -E, 5522, -E, 5523, -E5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 869-8
Model 3530AM clock radioPhotofact 1060-4
Model 35406-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 900-8
Models 3611, 5511 (Ch. 2.99101/301)4-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 899-6
Model 36995-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 835-8
Models 3971, 3972, 5865, 5866AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1064-4
Model 42124-transistor phonoPhotofact 941-8 (2)
Models 4322C-48, 4324C-46, 4361C-48, 4364C-46TVPhotofact 860-3
Models 4326A-48, 4327A-48, 4328A-46TVPhotofact 873-2
Models 4351-48, 4352-46, 4391-48TVPhotofact 1006-3 (2)
Model 4370A-48TVPhotofact 781-3
Model 43735-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1045-7
Model 44444-transistor phonoPhotofact 945-9, 1048-7
Model 46008-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 940-7
Models 4621A-48, 4622A-46, 4623A-47, 4631A-48, 4632A-46Color TVPhotofact 903-9S, 922-2
Models 4708A, 472012-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1164-6
Models 4841D-48, 4842D-46, 4844B-48, 4845B-47, 4846A-48, 4847A-46, 4861E-48, 4862D-46Color TVPhotofact 810-3
Models 4851A-48, 52A-46, 53A-49, 93A-48, 94A-46, 95A-49Color TVPhotofact 999-1
Models 4851B-48, 4852B-46, 4853B-49TVPhotofact 1099-3
Models 4866A-48, 4867A-46, 4868A-49Color TVPhotofact 1010-2
Models 4871A-48, 4862A-48, 4882A-87, 4884A-48, 4885A-46, 6881A-48, 6882A-49Color TVPhotofact 835-1
Models 4871B-48, 2B-46, 3A-46, 4A-48, 5A-46, 6A-48, 7A-48, 8A-46, 4883A/48, 6881C-48, 2C-49, 2D-49, 5A-46Color TVPhotofact 906-3
Models 4877B-48., 4878B-46, 4886A-49, 4887A-47Color TVPhotofact 901-9S, 924-2
Models 4888-46, 4891-49, 4892-47Color TVPhotofact 1036-3
Model 4910AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1127-6
Models 5130, 53421-tube phonoPhotofact 807-11
Model 5311AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1185-5
Model 53223-transistor phonoPhotofact 785-8
Models 5331C, D3-transistor phonoPhotofact 1053-7
Model 53333-transistor phonoPhotofact 927-7 (2)
Model 53356-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 827-7
Model 53434-transistor phonoPhotofact 905-7
Model 548314-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 917-5
Models 5486, 54966-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 821-6
Models 5487, 64918-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 800-8
Model 54976-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 882-10
Models 5573, 55893-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 780-10
Model 55843-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 819-7
Models 5881, 5981, 7602, 16, 21, 97, 98A, 7702, 16, 21, 9710-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 938-6 (2)
Models 5901, 5902, 5903AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1067-5
Model 59639-tube AM-FM RadioPhotofact 762-9
Models 6015B, 8511, 8551, 8571AAM-FM-stereo radio-phono
Model 6385B-48TVPhotofact 773-2
Model 6385D-48, 6386C-46TVPhotofact 787-3
AM-FM-stereo chassis used in Models 6385D-48, 6386C-46 Photofact 787-3A
Model 64926-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 878-8
Model 6985AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 932-6
Model 6995AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1040-SED
Models 7503A-46, 7504A-45, 7513A-48, 7534A-4818-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 892-6
Models 7507A-46, 7536A-48, 7768B-47, 7778B-47, 7837A-48, 7878B-4739-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 911-6
Models 7508B-46, 7538B-47, 7577B-49, 8314A-48, 8324A-46, 8325A-55, 8344A-47AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 964-9
Models 7703A-46, 7704A-46, 7713A-48, 7734A-489-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 815-6
Models 7706A-46, 7735A, -48, 7777A-4720-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 861-8
Models 7707A-41, 7736A-48, 7768A-47, 7778A-47AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 834-9
Models 7727A-48, 7767A-4710-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 768-7
Models 7850A-48, 7850B-48, 7850C-4839-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-tape recorder-phonoPhotofact 917-6
Model 8110AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1059-4
Models 8111A-48, 8151A-49AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1040-5
Models 8211A-48, 8221A-46, 8231A-4718-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 949-6
Models 8418A-48, 8428A-47, 8429A-55, 8458A-41AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1003-6
Models 8418C-48, 8428B-47, 8458C-41AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1092-5
Models 8611A-48, 8621A-46AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1005-7
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models G560U, G663, G664
G340, G350
G230, G231, G232
Photofact 799 "servicer", Feb. 1966
Models G570, G670, G675
G270 series
G370, G375 series
Photofact 801 "servicer", Feb. 1966
Perpetuum Ebner
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 664-speed turntablePhotofact 580-9
Model PE344-speed turntablePhotofact 781-8
aka Philco-Ford
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 2CN20, 2CP20, 2CP30, 2CP31Color TVPhotofact 1311-2
Chassis 3BL23TVPhotofact 1277-1
Chassis 8H25, U, 8L35, UTVPhotofact 409-3
Chassis 12L80, 12L80UColor TVPhotofact 580-1
Chassis 15M91TVPhotofact 766-4
Chassis 16J27TVPhotofact 794-3
Chassis 16JT26, 16JT26ATVPhotofact 801-3
Chassis 16M91/A, 16QT85/AColor TVPhotofact 797-9S, 835-2
Chassis 16N35TVPhotofact 784-12S, 793-3 (2)
Chassis 16NT82, 17KT50Color TVPhotfact 853-2
Chassis 16QT85, 16QT85AColor TVPhotofact 827-2
Chassis 17C21, 17C21A, VTVPhotofact 897-1
Chassis 17J25TVPhotofact 890-3
Chassis 17J27, 17J27ATVPhotofact 861-1
Chassis 17J28, 17JT41TVPhotofact 877-10S
Chassis 17JT41, 17NT45TVPhotofact 888-3
Chassis 17N35TVPhotofact 847-14S, 863-1
Chassis 17NT45TVPhotofact 875-11S
Chassis 17NT82, 17QT85AColor TVPhotofact 899-2
Chassis 18J32TVPhotofact 968-1 (2)
Chassis 18JT41, 18LT43TVPhotofact 967-2
Chassis 18KT50, 18KT50BTVPhotofact 940-2
Chassis 18MT70, B, 18QT85, AColor TVPhotofact 954-2
Chassis 18L33TVPhotofact 971-2
Chassis 18N35TVPhotofact 972-2
Chassis 19KT50, B, 19MT10, 70, 70B, 885, 85BColor TVPhotofact 1002-17S
Chassis 19L21TVPhotofact 1020-13S, 1052-1
Chassis 19MT70, B, 19QT85, B, RColor TVPhotofact 1040-1
Chassis 19MT79, BColor TVPhotofact 996-14S, 1024-2
Chassis 19P22, 19S32TVPhotofact 1020-14S
Chassis 19QT85RColor TVPhotofact 966-12S
Chassis 19QT87, BColor TVPhotofact 1002-16S, 1026-3
Chassis 20QT87B/BX, 20QT88Color TVPhotofact 1119-2
Chassis 21HT15, 21HT16TVPhotofact 1164-3
Chassis N255T, ND255T18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 794-8
Chassis P10ST18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 865-7
Chassis P25ST, PD25ST18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 868-9
Chassis PD100STA, B21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 871-7
Chassis Q15ST, Q15STX, QD15ST, QD15STX, QN15STX, QU15STX17-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 893-6
Chassis Q35STX, QD35STX18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 913-7
Chassis QD100ST, QD100STA23-transistor AM-FM-sereo radio-phonoPhotofact 940-8
Chassis R8A, R8STNAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 972-7
Chassis R20STEAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 961-5
Chassis R100ST, STE, STXAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 975-7
Chassis RD300ST, QD300ST21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 937-8
Chassis RT-63-tube AM radioPhotofact 910-SED
Chassis S20A, S20ST, S20STC, S20STTAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1054-6
Chassis S40ST, S40STT, S40STTS, S40STTXAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1069-5
Chassis SD100STAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1058-5
Models 50-T1600, 50-T1632, 50-T1633 (Codes 122)TVPhotofact 110-10
Models 53-656, 53-658AM-SW RadioPhotofact 187-10
Models B710TBE, B730TWA, B740TWA (Ch. 20S323, 20S32ATVPhotofact 1108-1
Models C4551TWA, S5339BR, S5365WA, S5366WA, S5390WA (Late prod.) (Ch. 19KT50/B), S5368WA (Ch. 19KT51/B)Color TVPhotofact 1119-SED
Models F-1800, F-1801, F-1804phonoPhotofact 425-12
Models G-1706, s, G-1707, S, RT-150, SA-150010-tube radio-phonoPhotofact 463-11
Models G4231E, L, G4234S, SL, SM, G4640L W, G4660, UG4231E, L, UG4234S, SL, SM, UG4640L, W, UG4660 (Ch. 9L35, U)TVPhotofact 425-2
Model J-1396-1212-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 563-14
Model M1421-BKstereo phonoPhotofact 685-11
Models N-725, N-7275-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 743-7
Models N-1002WA, N-1723CH, MA, MB, WA (Ch. N10ST)18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 790-8
Model N1052BKTVPhotofact 769-3
Models N1200BR, N120BKTVPhotofact 767-4
Model N-1431BR1-tube phonoPhotofact 783-8
Model N-1432BK1-tube phonoPhotofact 777-8
Model N-1434GY2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 786-9
Model N-1436BE2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 793-8 (2)
N-1502BK4-transistor Stereo phonoPhotofact 795-7
Model N-1504BU6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 791-8
Model N1506BK8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 769-7
Model N-150810-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 781-9
Models N1703MA, MB, WA (Ch. N10A)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 763-9
Models N1880DCH, LCH, MB, PC (Ch. N50ST)21-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 771-9
Model P600MB, WA (Ch. 16NT82)Color TVPhotofact 835-11S
Models P710WH, P933WH, P941WA6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 831-6
Models P720WH, P822WH, P883WH5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 852-7
Models P721WH, P722WH, P723BE, P724WA, P880GY, P881BE, P884WA, P8855BR, BU5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 846-6
Models P726BK, WH, P886BK, WH6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 876-9
Models P730BE, BU, P731BE, BR, P940BR, BU, P942BR, GD, P944PC, WA6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 832-6
Models P713BK, WH, P935BK, WH11-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 873-6
Model P1441EB1-tube phonoPhotofact 856-6
Model P-1442EB2-transistor phonoPhotofact 857-7
Model P-1444GY4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 853-6
Model P1445BR4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 872-8
Model P1446GY6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 866-8
Model P1511BR6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 847-11
Models P1513, P1515WA6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 874-8
Models P3310XBE, P3312GY, WH, P3314GY, WH, P3390BK (Ch. 16J27), P3555WH, P3556MA, WA, P3620MA, WA, P3902BE, P3904MA, WA, P3906WA (Ch. 16JT26,A)TVPhotofact 783-10S
Model P5300WA (Ch. 17KT50)Color TVPhotofact 830-11S (2)
Models Q504BR, Q506BE, Q705BR, Q706BR5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 875-7
Models Q507WA, Q702BE, Q703GY, Q708WA5-tube AM radioPhotofact 870-7
Models Q711BE, Q712WA, Q960BE, Q961BR, Q967WA6-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 869-9
Models Q714BK, WH, Q716WA, Q936BK, WH, Q965WK11-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 907-8
Model Q1054BKTVPhotofact 896-2 (2)
Models Q1214, Q1216, Q3730GY, Q3734WA (Ch. 17LT43)TVPhotofact 851-10S
Models Q1460BR, Q1462BK3-transistor phonoPhotofact 896-6 (2)
Model Q1464BU4-transistor phonoPhotofact 900-9
Models Q1466BU, Q1467BK, Q1468TN6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 899-7
Models Q1562BR, 63BR, 64BR, 66WA8-transistor phonoPhotofact 895-7
Models Q1709MB, Q1711WA, Q1713WA (Ch. Q15A)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 898-8
Models Q2712WH, Q2714WA (Ch. 17H22)TVPhotofact 895-3
Models Q3330TN, XTN, Q3332BR, XTN, Q3334WH, Q3336GY, Q3392PE (Chassis 17J27, A)TVPhotofact 846-11S
Models Q3730GY, Q3734WA (Ch. 17LT43)TVPhotofact 865-3
Models Q3910WA, Q3912WA (Ch. 17J28)TVPhotofact 891-3
Models R-339BK, S-790BRAM clock radioPhotofact 1044-7
Models R512WH, R514WA, R701WA, WH, R703WA5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 950-6
Models R515WA, R516WH, R517WA, R751WH, R753WA, R756WA, R757WA7-transistor AM radioPhotofact 951-4
Models R739WH, R970WA, WHAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 976-7
Models R740, 41, 42, 43, 46, R971, 72, 73, 74, 76, 78AM-FM radioPhotofact 974-5
Model R755WA (Late prod.)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 964-8
Models R979WA, R1670WA, R1672WA, XWAAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1002-6
Model R1371BUphonoPhotofact 968-6 (2)
MOdels R1376B, R, S1376B, RAM radio-phonoPhotofact 1016-6
Models S521WH, 22WA, S759WH, 60WA, 61WH, 62WA, 64WA4-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1010-9
Models S958WA, S959WAAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1060-5
Model S1370R4-transistor phonoPhotofact 1019-7
Model S1375BAM radio-phonoPhotofact 1015-6
Models S1378, S1379AM radio/phonoPhotofact 1105-4 (2)
Model S-1481TNAM radio-phonoPhotofact 1054-7
MOdel S-1485BKAM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1061-6
Models S-1585WA, S-1586WA, S-1587WA8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1050-7
Model S1675WAAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1051-7
Models S1976CH, S1984PC (Ch. SD300ST)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1070-6
Models S2732WH, S2734WH (Ch. 19P22)TVPhotofact 1042-2
Model S3804WA (Ch. 19S32)TVPhotofact 1045-1
Model S5102A (Ch. 19FT20)Color TVPhotofact 1020-13S, 1058-1
T-52-124, TC-57B, TC-57CPBattery Operated Portable AM RadioPhotofact 523-9
Model T5062WAColor TVPhotofact 1008-13S, 1032-2
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model UR-7705-tube AM radio (built-in)Photofact 793-9 (2)
shows up as Phonola-Magnecord on some paperwork
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 18605-tube AM radio-stereo phonoPhotofact 580-10
Model 2001W1-tube phonoPhotofact 773-10
Models 2002, 2002A1-tube phonoPhotofact 851-8
Model 21057-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 950-7
Model 24637-tube AM/FM radio-phonoPhotofact 685-12
Models 3001, 30032-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 765-10
Models 3005, 30064-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 839-9
Model 30078-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 848-8
Model 3104A6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 948-6
Model 3108A4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 951-5
Model 40013-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 766-9
Model 40024-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 767-9
Model 40048-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 768-8
Models 4006, 70054-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 828-9
Model 400710-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 845-6
Model 40086-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 890-6
Model 410710-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 949-7
Model 5001/2, 6003/4/5/68-tube AM-FM-Stereo-PhonoPhotofact 769-8
Models 5003, 6008, 6009, 6010, 6011, 601218-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 841-7
Models 5103, 6114, 7007AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 977-5
Model 600711-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 770-9
Model 60134-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 887-5 (2)
Models 6015, 601619-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 911-7
Model 6113console AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 968-7 (2)
Model 9003A11-transistor AM-FM-stereo tuner, 14-transistor tape/amplifier, phonoPhotofact 938-7 (2)
AKA "Pilot Audio Systems", the name appears as "Morse/Pilot" on some literature.
We encountered a lot these in the context of local rental companies.
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 529stereoService Manual
Chassis 540stereoService Manual
Chassis 575SstereoService Manual
Chassis 722/724stereoService Manual
Chassis 7025 / 7025-A / 7026cassette deckService Manual
Chassis 7150 / 7151stereoService Manual
Chassis MAG 525/7stereoService Manual
Models 25T25, 25T35, 25T45, 25T75, C305, C315, C325, C335, C345, C385Color TV, AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 873-3
Models 5160, 5163, 8161, 8165stereoService Manual
Model 8001stereoService Manual
Model 8005stereoService Manual
Model 8060, 8070"boom box"Service Manual
Model 8110stereoService Manual
Model A700stereo amplifierPhotofact 972-SED
Models Allegro 10, 40, Encore 4AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1051-SED
Model C-249phonoService Manual
Model C-273phonoService Manual
Model C273MphonoService Manual
Model C273SSphonoService Manual
Model C309Color TVPhotofact 873-9S, 898-2
Model CAS 529Sequential Play/ Dubbing CassetteService Manual (2)
Model CAS 705 / 707Dubbing CassetteService Manual
Model Encore 30stereo phonoPhotofact 1112-SED
Model FA-550AM-FM tuner w/ preampPhotofact 425-13
Model L306Linear Tracking PlayerService Manual
Model Q530-06phonoService Manual
Model P259phonoService Manual
Model P-278DC Motor rim drive turntableService Manual
Model P-289phonoService Manual
Model Q510B-02Automatic Turntable SystemService Manual
Model RA250AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 951-SED
Model RA300AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 940-SED
Model SP-K11ACCphonoService Manual
Model SP-K12EMCphonoService Manual
Model T1100AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 935-SED
Model W-415stereoService Manual (2)
Model W-425stereoService Manual
Model W-450stereoService Manual
Model W500stereoService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
CT-W310, CT-W310-Sstereo dual cassette deckService Manual
CT-X700Wstereo dual cassette deckService Manual
DC-100Z, DC-101Zstereo cassette tape deck amplifierService Manual (photocopies)
SA-9900stereo amplifierService Manual
SX-6computer controlled stereo receiverService Manual (photocopies)
SX-450stereo receiverService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
  User's Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 8TS-245H9-transistor AM-SW radioPhotofact 848-9
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Pagemate I, II, II
Sheet Feeders
Service Manual
Special Instruments Laboratory
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 231Lectern, Wireless Microphone LecternInstruction manual incl. schematic
Models 231, 231-W Field Service Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model Mark V6-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 463-12
This brand was once owned by Motorola, and was later sold to Matsushita
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis ETS-961N, TS-961NColor TVPhotofact 1742-1
VH5041XW / VH5042XQ / VH5041-K / VH5043-KVCRsService Manual
VV7220Monitor-VCRService Manual
Radio Craftsmen
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model RC-10radioPhotofact 110-12
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model AF-3007-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 838-8
Model DS-85M5-tube AM radioPhotofact 803-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
AC22 and AC23Active CrossoversOperating and Service Manual (2)
AC22 and AC23Active CrossoversModification Notes
AD13 Operating and Service Manual
DC24 Operating and Service Manual
GE27 and GE14 Operating and Service Manual
GE30 Operating and Service Manual
HC6 Operating and Service Manual
MA6 Operating and Service Manual (3)
ME15 and ME30 Operating and Service Manual (2)
MP24 Operating and Service Manual
PE15 Operating and Service Manual
RA27 Operating and Service Manual
RE27 and RE14 Operating and Service Manual
SM26 Operating and Service Manual
SP15 Operating and Service Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 31005-tube AM radio w/ IntercomPhotofact 736-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 2030BTransistorized AmplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions
Model 2060XTransistorized Amplifierschematic
Model 2060XATransistorized AmplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions
Model 2060XATransistorized Inwall Amplifierschematic
2120Amplifier (tube)Installation & Operating Instructions
2134Amplifier (tube)Installation & Operating Instructions
Model 3008AmplifierInstallation & Operating instructions
Model 3008In-Wall Solid State Amplifierschematic
3010Amplifier (tube)Installation & Operating Instructions
3020Amplifier (tube)Installation & Operating Instructions
3030Amplifier (tube)Installation & Operating Instructions
3030Transistor Amplifierschematic
Model 3035AmplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions
Model 3035Amplifierschematic
3075Amplifier (tube)Installation & Operating Instructions
3075Amplifier (tube)schematic
Model 4004Solid-State Mixer-PreamplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions
Model 4004Solid State Mixer-Preamplifierschematic
4015AmplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions
Model 4015A (4015LT)AmplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions
Model 4015AP.A. Amplifierschematic
Model 4015LTP.A. Amplifierschematic
4080AmplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions, schematic
408075 Watt Solid State P.A. Amplifierschematic
4104Mixer-PreamplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions, schematic
4104-BMixer-PreamplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions, schematic
4104CMixer-PreamplifierInstallation & Operating Instructions, schematic
4115AmplifierInstallaton & Operating Instructions, schematic
Model 4115A15 Watt Transistor Amplifierschematic
Model 4115B15 Watt Transistor Amplifierschematic
4130A, BAmplifierInstallaton & Operating Instructions, schematic
Model 4130CTransistor Amplifierschematic
4160, BAmplifierInstallaton & Operating Instructions, schematic
4161Transistor Booster AmplifierInstallaton & Operating Instructions, schematic
4400 SeriesAmplicall IntercomsOperating Instructions
4412120 Watt Mixer-Amplifierschematic
4907RMixer-PreamplifierInstallation, Operating & Service Instructions, schematic
4908Mixer Expanderschematic
5400 SeriesAmplicall IntercomsInstallation Instruction
7104Master Amplicall intercomschematic
7104BMaster Amplicall intercomInstallation Instructions
7300AIndustrial Intercom Control CenterOperating Instructions
7300AIndustrial Intercom Control CenterInstallation & Service Instructions
7300AIndustrial Intercom Control Centerschematic
7300S schematic
7301Station Selector Facility Expanderschematic
7400 SeriesAmplicall intercomInstallation instructions
7400S schematic
7403S schemaitc
7600 SeriesAmplicall intercomOperating instructions (2)
Installation instructions
Model 7606Amplicall intercomschematic
8000 and 800LAmplicallInstallation & Service Instructions
8030NH, 8060NHIntercomschematic
CAX1400Volume CompressorInstallation & Operating Instructions
CAX1400Volume Compressorschematic
CTX1000Chime Tone Generatorschematic
DX125Transistorized Power AmplifierInstallaton & Service Instructions
DX125125 Watt Transistor Amplifierschematic
DX250ATransistorized Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions, schematic
DX250A-ATransistorized Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
DX250BTransistorized Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
DX250BTransistorized Power Amplifierschematic
Model HF-255A9-tube AM-FM tunerPhotofact 463-13
HF300X, S304X, S404XAM-FM TunersInstallation & Operation Instructions
HF4000AM-FM TunerInstallation & Operation Instructions
HS300Telephone Handsetschematic
HS1232BConsole Handset Assemblyschematic
HS1300 schematic
HS1300R schematic
HS1300T schematic (2)
K103CChime and Power Supplyschematic
K1400Chime and Power Supplyschematic
K1400BChime and Power Supplyschematic
KX300ASupervisory Tone Generatorschematic
MAX1400Microphone Input Expanderschematic
MAX2400AMicrophone Input Expanderschematic
MCX1400AMaster Control Panelschematic
MP1200Monitor Panelschematic
MS1400AMicrophone Selector Panelschematic
PAX1100Preamplifier Panelschematic
PAX1400Input Preamplifierschematic
PAX2100APreamplifier Panelschematic (2)
PBX1400 schematic
PCX14Mic Remote Volume Controlschematic
PL1101ALoop Priorityschematic
PS31Power Supplyschematic
PS32Power Supplyschematic
PS50APower Supplyschematic
PS352-SX352 schematic, inter-cabling diagram
PS500Power Supplyschematic
PSX29APower Supplyschematic (3)
RA32Power Amplifierschematic
RA-100APower AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
RA-100APower Amplifierschematic
RAX70Power Amplifierschematic
RCX14Mic Remote Volume Controlschematic
RCX15 schematic
RCX17Mic Remote Volume Controlschematic
RX1004Input Matching Amplifierschematic
RX1025Clock Signal Expanderschematic
RX1026Microphone Preamplifierschematic
S300, SK300, SP300, ST300Intercom-Program Control CentersOperating Instructions
Installation & Service Instructions
S300Intercom-Program Control Centerschematic
S301Station Selector/Facility Expanderschematic
S302Annunciator Light/Facility Expanderschematic
S330, SK330, SP330, ST330Dual-Channel Control CenterInstallation and Service Instructions
S330Intercom-Program Control Centerschematic
S330, SK330, SP330, ST330Dual-Channel Control CenterOperating Instructions
Model SAX35A35 Watt Transistor Amplifierschematic
SAX60Solid State Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
SAX60Solid State Power Amplifierschematic
SP125, SP1125, A, BSwitch Panelschematic
SP300Intercom-Program Control Centerschematic
SP1425DSwitch Panelschematic
SRX132A, SRX133A, SRX354AAM-FM TunersInstallation & Operation Instructions
SRX132, SRX133AM-FM Tunerschematic
SRX136AM-FM TunerInstallation & Operation Instructions
SRX136AM-FM Tunerschematic
SX350, SX350-T, SX350-K, SX350-KTIntercom-Program Control CentersInstallation & Service Instructions (2)
SX350, SX350-T, SX350-K, SX350-KTIntercom-Program Control CentersOperating Instructions
SX350Intercom-Program Control Centerschematic
SX350-KSupervisory Tone Intercom-Program Control Centerschematic
SX350-TIntercom-Program Control Centerschematic
SX351-SX391Station Selector Facility Expanderschematic
Light Annunciator Expander
Annunciator Power Supply
Junction Box Expander
Installation Instructions
SX390, SX390-T, SX-390-KDual-Channel Control CentersOperating Instructions
SX390, SX390-T, SX-390-KDual-Channel Control CentersInstallation & Service Instructions
SX390Intercom-Program Control Centerschematic
SX390TIntercom-Program Control Centerschematic
TA-125Transistorized Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
TA-250Transistorized Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
TA-250ATransistorized Power AmplifierInstallation & Service Instructions
also on some documents "Cetec Raymer"
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 201MicrophoneConnection and Operating Instructions
Model 7011 Watt AmplifierOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 790-66 Watt Solid State AmplifierInstallation and Operation Instructions incl. Schematic (2)
Model 795-1010W Solid State AmplifierOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 797-1010W Solid State AmplifierOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 800-3535W AmplifierSchematic
Model 801-3535W AmplifierSchematic
Model 801-4040W AmplifierOperating instructions incl. Schematic (2)
Model 802-PMMicrophone Preamplifier-MixerOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 802-PMAMicrophone Preamplifier-MixerOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 804-100100W AmplifierInstallation and Operation Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 804-100A100W AmplifierSchematic
Model 805Solid State FM TunerInstallation and Operation Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 807-1010W FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 810-100100W AmplifierOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 820FM TunerOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 822AM-FM TunerOperating Instructions incl. Schematic (2, photo)
Model 834-1515W FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 834-15A15W FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 840-3535W FM ReceiverSchematic
Model 840-3535W FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 840-35A35W FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 852Solid State AM-FM TunerInstallation and Operation Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 869-1515W AM-FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 870-15AM-FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 872Background Music ReceiverInstallation and Operation Instructions incl. Schematic (photocopies)
Model 872-3535W AM-FM ReceiverSchematic
Model 872-35A35W AM-FM ReceiverOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Models 1110 and 1160100W and 60W AmplifiersOperating Instructions incl. Schematics (2)
Models 1120 and 114020W and 40W AmplifiersOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Models 1701 and 1702Wall mounted single input one watt utility amplifiersOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 1824FM TunerProduct Data sheet
Models 1834-20, 1841-40, 1870-20, 1873-40FM, AM/FM ReceiversOperating Instructions incl. Schematics (2)
9000 Series
Model 9006
Model 9012
Modular Mixer Power Amps
60 Watts 6 Channels
120 Watts 6 Channels
Installation & Operating Instructions
incl. Schematic (2)
Model EQ-2Equalizer (tone controls)Product Data sheet
Model LTS-1Speaker/Line Tester (Impedance Bridge)Operating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model MOH-5Music-on-hold AdaptorOperating Instructions
Model TGSP-33-Tone GeneratorOperating Instructions
Model TGSP-4Tone GeneratorOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model TLA-1Telephone Line AdapterOperating Instructions
Model TM-2Telephone Matching AdapterOperating Instructions
Model TPA-1Telephone Paging AdapterOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model TSATelephone Station Access Paging AdaptorOperating Instructions incl. Schematics
1981, 1982 Catalogs  
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model CM-12Marine RadioPhotofact 781 "servicer", Oct. 1965
Model RAY-60ARadiotelephonePhotofact 802 "servicer", Mar. 1966
Model RAY-1030RadiotelephonePhotofact 861 "servicer", Jan 1967
aka RCA Victor
ModelDescriptionDocument type
CC 300Pro Wonder Video CamcorderOwner's Manual
Chassis CTC16XA, XAB, XAC, XH, XL, XM, XPColor TVPhotofact 795-9S
Chassis CTC17E, F, J, KColor TVPhotofact 779-3
Chassis CTC17XAB, XAC, XAD, XAE, XAF, XAH, XE, XFColor TVPhotofact 795-9S, 829-2 (2)
Chassis CTC19A, PColor TVPhotofact 794-13S, 823-3
Chassis CTC19D/UColor TVPhotofact 909-2 (2)
Chassis CTC20A, CTC20CColor TVPhotofact 837-2
Chassis CTC21A, B, C, DColor TVPhotofact 845-10Sm 881-3
Chassis CTC22 seriesColor TVPhotofact 892-9S
Chassis CTC22AA, DProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 1006-4
Chassis CTC22B, CColor TVPhotofact 917-1
Chassis CTC24A, B, H, J, CTC25A, BColor TVPhotofact 843-9S
Chassis CTC25XA, XBColor TVPhotofact 857-10S
Chassis CTC27A, B, CTC35A, BColor TVPhotofact 907-9S
Chassis CTC27A, BColor TVPhotofact 929-1
Chassis CTC27XAAColor TVPhotofact 982-2
Chassis CTC28A, AA, B
Color TV
Remote Receiver, Transmitter
Photofact 936-2 (2)
Photofact 936-2A (2)
Chassis CTC28A/B, CTC30A/B/C/DColor TVPhotofact 912-22S
Chassis CTC28E, FColor TVPhotofact 966-12S, 991-2
Chassis CTC30A, B, C, D, AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AFColor TVPotofact 926-2
Chassis CTC31A, AA, B, H, J, P, RColor TVPhotofact 912-23S
Chassis CTC31A, AA, B, P, RColor TVPhotofact 928-3
Chassis CTC31C, DColor TVPhotofact 987-2
Chassis CTC36E/HColor TVPhotofact 1012-2
Chassis CTC36M, N, XAA, XWColor TVPhotofact 1038-15S
Chassis CTC38AB, XA, XAH, XB, XC, XF, XJ, XK, XLColor TVPhotofact 1092-3
Chassis CTC38XA, XBColor TVPhotofact 1038-16S
Chassis CTC39A, B, H, XAA, XM XN, XWColor TVPhotofact 966-13S
Chassis CTC40A, BColor TVPhotofact 984-15S, 1030-2 (2)
Chassis CTC41A, XP, CTC42A, XP, XRCOlor TVPhotofact 1112-3
Chassis CTC54A, H, P
Color TV
Remote receiver, transmitter
Photofact 1254-2
Photofact 1254-2A
Chassis CTC55A, B, XP, XRProduction Change BulletinPhotofact 1311-4 (suppl. to Photofact 1203-2, 2A)
Chassis CTC58A, HColor TVPhotofact 1365-1 (photocopies)
Chassis CTC90B, C, D, F, H
Chassis CRK24A, CTP23A
Color TV
Photofact 1710-2
Photofact 1710-2A
Chassis CTC97A, H, HA, HB, HC, JA, JB, KA, KBColor TVPhotofact 1862-1
Chassis CTP11, CRK7BRemote Receiver, TransmitterPhotofact 879-3A
Chassis CTP18, CRK11ERemote Receiver, TransmitterPhotofact 1077-3A
Chassis KCS48TVPhotofact 776 "servicer", Sept. 1965
Chassis KCS136MA, MBTVPhotofact 777-10S
Chassis KCS136MA, MB, ME, MJTVPhotofact 797-4
Chassis KCS142AA/AC/R/UTVPhotofact 768-4
Chassis KCS-149AA, AB, ADTVPhotofact 781-4
Chassis KCS152D (1968 Production)TVPhotofact 898-3
Chassis KCS153XB, XCTVPhotofact 957-2
Chassis KCS153XCTVPhotofact 816-10S
Chassis KCS155FTVPhotofact 916-2
Chassis KCS156A, KCS163A, BTVPhotofact 843-2 (2)
Chassis KCS156J, PTVPhotofact 903-2
Chassis KCS158B, CTVPhotofact 924-3
Chassis KCS159A, BTVPhotofact 845-2
Chassis KCS159HTVPhotofact 902-2
Chassis KCS160C, E, F, N, PTVPhotofact 901-2
Chassis KCS163A (1968 Prod.), KCS163NTVPhotofact 899-3
Chassis KCS164D, ETVPhotofact 897-2
Chassis KCS168ATVPhotofact 935-2
Chassis KCS169TVPhotofact 954-13S
Chassis KCS169BTVPhotofact 984-2
Chassis KCS171BTVPhotofact 981-1
Chassis KCS171E, KCS173K, L, N, PTVPhotofact 1061-1
Chassis KCS173TVPhotofact 954-15S
Chassis KCS173B, D, E, HTVPhotofact 980-2
Chassis KCS174A, B, CTVPhotofact 973-1
Chassis KCS174D, E, FTVPhotofact 1050-2
Chassis KCS176D, ETVPhotofact 1127-2
Chassis KCS177ATVPhotofact 1069-1
Chassis KCS178ATVPhotofact 1070-3
Chassis RC-1213AA, AB, T, W5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 875-8
Chassis RC-1218A, B, C, RS-209A, RS-211A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phono, 6-transistor amplifierPhotofact 786-10
Chassis RC-1222B8-transistor AM-phonoPhotofact 898-9
Chassis RC-1223C, RK-314D, E, F, RS-215J, RS-239AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 930-7
Chassis RC-1223D, RK-314F, RS-215LAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1015-7
Chassis RC-1226A, D, E, F, J, K5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 939-10
Chassis RC-1227A, B, C22-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 894-6
Chassis RC-1227F, JAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1001-3
Chassis RC-1228A, B, C, D, E, H, J9-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 878-9
Chassis RC-1232A, B, C, D, E, F, H8-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 946-7
Chassis RC-3008A, B, CAM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1310-4
Chassis RC-3014A, B, TC-604 (RK-332B)AM-FM-stereo radio-phono, 8-track playerPhotofact 1367-5, 1367-5A
Chassis RS-225, A3-transistor phonoPhotofact 866-9
Chassis RS-225B3-transistor phonoPhotofact 951-6
Chassis RS-226A8-transistor phonoPhotofact 873-7
Chassis RS-230A, RS-239, RS-239Astereo phonoPhotofact 974-6
Chassis RS-235A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 908-6
Chassis RS-229A14-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 950-8
Chassis RS-236B8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 955-7
Chassis RS-248A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1019-8
KRS28Aremote control receiverPhotofact 786-2A
KRS28A, KRT4Bremote control receiver, transmitterPhotofact 789-2A
Models 192A084MU/MV, 192A098MU/MV,
192A099MU/MV (Late Production Ch. KCS133F, H)
TVPhotofact 563-1
Models AG005J, AG013E, N, Y (Ch. KCS153A, B)
Models AG185J, AG189W, WR, Y, YR (Ch. KCS154A, B)
TVPhotofact 772-12S
Models AG005J, AG013E, N, Y (Ch. KCS153A, B)TVPhotofact 794-4
Models AG029A, B, E, N (Ch. KCS152C)TVPhotofact 769-11S, 788-3
Models AG050E, J, AG065E, H, Y (Ch. KCS155A, B), Models AG143E, W, Y. AG159B, E, AG167G, GR, U, UR, W, WR (Ch. KCS149AA, AB, AD)TVPhotofact 771-11S, 784-4
Models AG083J, N, Y, AG089E, W, Y (Ch. KCS144E)TVPhotofact 767-13S
Models AG095ER, WR, YR (Ch. KCS142XA)TVPhotofact 770-13S, 789-2
Model AG127B (Ch. KCS148N)TVPhotofact 767-13S
Models AG127B, E (Ch. KCS148N)TVPhotofact 780-3
Models AG185J, AG189W/Y, AG189WR/YR (Ch. KCS154A/BTVPhotofact 786-2
Model AH066Y (Ch. KCS160A), AH074E, M, W (Ch. KCS164A)TVPhotofact 828-11S
Models AH066Y, AH074E, M, W, AH090MR, WR (Ch. KCS160A, KCS164A)TVPhotofact 836-3
Models AH126E, B, W (Ch. KCS156A), AH142E, U, AH148E, W, WR, Y, YR (Ch. KCS159A, B)TVPhotofact 831-9S
Models AH130E/ER/M/W/WR (Ch. KCS163A/B)TVPhotofact 833-9S
Models AH192E/M/W (Ch. KCS162A)TVPhotofact 833-9S
Models AH184M, Y, AH196ER, WR (Ch. KCS161A, B)TVPhotofact 834-10S
Models AH184M, Y, AH192E, M, W, AH196ER, WR, (Ch. KCS161A, 161B, 162A)TVPhotofact 840-3
Models AJ005B, AJ009E, Y (Ch. KCS157A)TVPhotofact 907-2
Models AJ005E, AJ009E, Y, (Ch. KCS157A), AJ024A, B, H, Y, AH025C, E, M, W (Ch. KCS165A)TVPhotofact 890-11S
Models AJ024A, B, H, Y, AJ025C, E, M, W (Ch. KCS165A)TVPhotofact 900-2
Models AJ058E, M, W (Ch. KCS168A)TVPhotofact 912-14S
Models AJ061E, M (Ch. KCS152D - 1968 prod.)TVPhotofact 894-9S
Models AJ087E, M, W, AJ091M, W (Ch. KCS164D, E), AJ097E, M (Ch. KCS156J)TVPhotofact 891-10S
Models AJ115W (Ch. KCS159H), AJ083E, M, AJ089GH, AJ093MR, WR, AJ135HK, NK, WK, AJ137WK (Ch. KCS160C, E, F, P, N)TVPhotofact 895-9S
Models AJ153E, J, AJ157M, W (Ch. KCS158B, C)TVPhotofact 912-15S
Models AL156H, 160W, 230BK, WK (Ch. KCS171A, B)TVPhotofact 954-15S
Models AL218W, Y, AL242M, W, AL306W (Ch. KCS174A, B, C)TVPhotofact 960-14S
Model AL266W (Ch. KCS175A)TVPhotofact 966-14S, 989-2
Models AM093B, M, Y, AM097E, AM100L, AM101S (Ch. KCS176A, B)TVPhotofact 1044-13S
Models AM121E, H, AM123W, AM129WK (Ch. KCS169A, B) 1970 productionTVPhotofact 1932-14S
Models AM133B, G, Y, AM139YK (Ch. KCS177A), AM162WTVPhotofact 1044-14S
Models AM193E, Y, AM195W, AM199WK (Ch. KCS171E)TVPhotofact 1032-15S
Models AM197W, AM239WK, AM295WR, AM309WK (Ch. KCS173K, L, N, P)TVPhotofact 1038-13S
Models AM223W, Y, AM235W, AM303W (Ch. KCS174D, E, F)TVPhotofact 1032-15S
Models BM333E, 339WK, CM355W, 369S (Ch. KCS156AA, AD, AH)TVPhotofact 1044-17S
Models CG223M, W, CG225W, CG229L (Ch. KCS136GA)TVPhotofact 811-9S, 820-3
Models EL418W, Y, EL424G, W, Y (Ch. CTC22AA, D)Color TVPhotofact 960-13S
Model EL442E, Y, EL448G, W, Y, EL454WK (Ch. CTC36E, H)Color TVPhotofact 972-14S
Model EP404W (Ch. CTC22A)Color TVPhotofact 1107-1
Models EP454E, W, EP462WK (Ch. CTC4XP)Color TVPhotofact 1062-13S
Models FG543E, M, W, Y, GG579M, W, Y (Ch. CTC20A)Color TVPhotofact 807-13S
Modelss FL484E, FL490W (Ch. CTC27XAA), GS703W, GS707L (Ch. CTC35C)Color TVPhotofact 954-14S
Models RGA27E/T/Y, RGD30A/E/Y (Ch. RC1213R/M)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 803-7
Models RGA39W, RGD40W (Ch. RC-1224)6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 831-7
Models RGC23W, RGC29W, RGC37L, RGC42S, RGC43E, N (Ch. RC-1220A)11-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 832-7
Models RGS19A, T/29W (Ch. RC-1210E) (1965 Prod.)6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 830-8 (2)
Models RHA21J, N, T, RHA25E, J, RHD25J (Ch. RC-1226A, B, C)5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 872-9
Models RHC11Y, RHC13J, W6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 879-8
Models RJC10E, J, N, RJC70WK7-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 946-6
Models RLA11B, RLA15N, Y, RLA73YK4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1006-6
Models RLA19G, T, RLD25Y5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1002-7
Model RLA28W6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1018-7
Models RLC20, 40, 50, 80 series, RLS30, 50, 70, 80 seriesAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1007-5
Model RLC36JAM-FM radioPhotofact 1044-8
Models RLC60W, 62C, 64S, 66F, 68FAM-FM radioPhotofact 998-7
Models RLC70B, 75W, 92WKAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1031-6
Model RLD13Y, RLD17B, G, RLD21A, N, Y, RLD71WK, RZD14YAM clock radioPhotofact 1026-6
Model RLD30WAM clock radioPhotofact 1004-5
Models RLS41J, RLS47WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1057-8
Models RP-221, RP-222, RP-223, RP-224 Series4-speed record changerPhotofact 896-7 (2)
Models RP-225, 226, 227, 228 seriesturntablePhotofact 980-6
Models RP-229-1, -4, -5, -6, -7, RP-229A-1, -2, -3, -4turntablePhotofact 1042-6
Models RZA205N, Y, RZD410N, Y, RZD415A, G, T, RZD943WKAM clock radioPhotofact 1064-5
Model RZG24A6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1124-SED
Model RZS43EAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1000-6
Models RZS45W, YAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 986-6
Models RZS452G/T, RZS460J, RZS475WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1091-5
Models TA-128 (Ch. KCS42A), TA-129 (Ch. KCS41-1)TVPhotofact 110-11
Model TC1000closed-circuit cameraInstructions incl. schematics
Models VFP21A/T, VFP32E/G, VFP43A6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 765-11
Models VFT26W, VFT27L, VFT28M, VFT29W, VFT30W, VFT31L (Ch. RC-1215M, RS-212AAM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 788-7
Models VGE03W/07W, VGP25E/T, VGP34E/G, VGP43E/T6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 841-8
Models VGE10W, VGE11L, VGP67E (Ch. RS-214B, C)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 822-7
Model VGE15M, VGP83 (Ch. RS-219A, B)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 851-9
Models VGP61E, J6-transistor phonoPhotofact 833-6
Model VGP72E (Ch. RS-216A)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 839-10
Models VHE20W, 24L, VHP39E, W (Ch. RS-227A, B)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 877-9
Models VHP11R, T, Y, VHP14A, G, J (Ch. RS-225C, D)3-transistor phonoPhotofact 868-10
Models VJP10A, B4-transistor phonoPhotofact 973-7
Model VJP34J (Ch. RS-228A)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 912-8
Model VKT 300/325video cassette recorder"Basic Service Data"
Models VLP12A, N, R, VMP12A, B, N (Ch. RS-250A)3-transistor phonoPhotofact 1053-8
Models VLP20A, H, H, Y4-transistor phonoPhotofact 1012-6
Models VLP26G, J (Ch. RC-1231B)AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1011-4
Model VLP34H/J, VLP36T (Ch. RS-243A)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1014-8
Model VLP39G (Ch. RS-245A)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1016-7
Model VLP64T (Ch. RS-230C)stereo phonoPhotofact 1027-7
Models VMP19A, G, V9P19A, G7-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 1065-5
Model VP-38 (Ch. RS-175B)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 523-10
(assorted)Production Change BulletinPhotofact 1535-4, suppl. to 1300-2, 2A, 2B)
a Radio Shack brand
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 12-699FM radioPhotofact 1063-6
Model 12-11164-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 990-6
Model 12-13946-transistor AM radioPhotofact 896-8 (2)
Model 13-10826-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 888-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 31096-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1028-8
Model 31165-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1030-7 (2)
Model 32106-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1032-6
Model 3216AM clock radioPhotofact 1034-4
Model 3316AM-FM radioPhotofact 1053-9
Model 3416AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1035-5
Model TR-32255-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 984-6
Model TR-3330AM-FM radioPhotofact 989-5
Model TR-3356, TR-3445AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 993-7
Model TR-40015-transistor AM radioPhotofact 986-7
Model TR-5023AM-FM radioPhotofact 999-4
Model TR-50438-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 995-6 (2)
Model TR-5044AM-FM radioPhotofact 994-8
Model TR-5045AM-FM radioPhotofact 996-4
Model TR-5046AM-FM radioPhotofact 1002-8
Model TR-60016-transistor phonoPhotofact 990-7
Model TR-6201AM radio-phonoPhotofact 985-7
Model TR-6240AM radio-phonoPhotofact 987-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
330 Series II, 345 Series II service manual (photocopies)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
T-2000, T-2200, TS-2005, TS-2025, TS-2205, TS-2225tape recorderPhotofact 563-15
aka Case Rixon
ModelDescriptionDocument type
R201cModemInstallation and Operating Instructions
What Roland calls "service notes" include the usual schematics, parts lists, board layout diagrams, etc. and are complete enough to work on this stuff but not usually including detailed technical descriptions as some brands do.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Boss BF-2Flangerservice notes July 7, 1980
BN-60/100 service notes October 18, 1983
Boss BP-1 service notes Mar. 1986
Boss BX-400 service notes Nov 1, 1983
Boss BX-800 service notes Jul. 25, 1984
CE-1Chorus Ensembleservice notes December 1976
Boss CE-300Super Chorusservice notes Jan 1984
CH-40, 60 Cube 60Chorusservice notes Feb 6, 1983
CPM-120 service notes Sep. 1985
Boss CS-1Compression Sustainerservice notes Nov. 11, 1980
Boss CS-2Compression Sustainerservice notes Jan 5, 1982
Cube-20/40/60 service notes Jan 1985
Cube-60 Bass service notes Sept 21, 1979
Cube-100 service notes Feb. 28, 1981
Cube-100 Keyboard service notes Oct. 1985
CR-5000/8000 service notes Dec. 8, 1981
D-5Multi-Timbral Linear Synthesizerservice notes Apr. 1989
D-10 service notes April 1988
D-20 service notes June 1988
D-50 service notes May 1987
D-110Multi-Timbral Sound Moduleservice notes June, 1988
DAC-15, DAC-15X service notes Dec. 1985
DAC-15B service notes May 1986
Boss DB-11Music Conductorservice notes Oct. 1985
Boss DB-33Dr. Beatservice notes Mar. 31, 1979
Boss DB-66Dr. Beatservice notes Mar. 1985
Boss DC-2Dimension Cservice notes Nov. 1985
Boss DD-2Digital Delayservice notes Feb. 15, 1984
DDR-30Digital Drumsservice notes Feb. 1986
Boss DE-200Digital Delayservice notes Mar. 20, 1984
DEP-3Digital Effects Processorservice notes Feb. 1987
DEP-5Digital Effects Processorservice notes Oct. 1986
Boss DF-2Distortion/Feedbackerservice notes Nov. 1984
Boss DI-1DirectBoxservice notes May 1985
Boss DM-2Delayservice notes Aug. 25, 1982
Boss DM-3Delayservice notes Jun. 5, 1984
DR-55Dr. Rhythmservice notes Feb. 21, 1980
Boss DS-1Distortionservice notes Sep. 20, 1978
Boss DSD-2Digital Sampler/Delayservice notes Jun. 1985
DT-100Digitizer Tabletservice notes Apr. 1987
E-10 service notes Dec. 1988
E-20 service notes Dec. 1988
EM-101 service notes Jan 1986
EV-5/FV-60 service notes Apr. 1985
FC-100Foot Controllerservice notes Jan 1987
FV-100/200 service notes Dec. 10, 1981
Boss GE-6Graphic Equalizerservice notes Nov. 11, 1980
Boss GE-7Graphic Equalizerservice notes June 25, 1981
Boss GE-10Graphic Equalizerservice notes Feb. 20, 1977
GK-1Guitar Synthesizer Driverservice notes Feb. 1987
GK-2Synthesizer Driverservice notes Mar. 1989
GM-70Guitar-MIDI Interfaceservice notes Mar. 1987
GP-8Guitar Effects Processorservice notes Apr. 1987
GR-50Guitar Synthesizerservice notes Mar. 1989
GR-77BBass Guitar Synthesizerservice notes Jun. 1986
GR-300, G-303/G-808Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizerservice notes May 20, 1980
GR-700Guitar Synthesizerservice notes Oct. 1984
GS-6Digital Guitar Sound Systemservice notes Mar. 1989
Boss HA-5/RH-11MHeadphone Amp/Headphonesservice notes Oct. 6, 1983
Boss HC-2Hand Clapperservice notes Jan. 20, 1984
Boss HF-2 service notes Nov. 1985
Boss HM-2Heavy Metalservice notes Dec. 15, 1983
HP-20/20SPiano Plus 20service notes Oct 1984
HP-60/70 service notes Dec. 8, 1981
HP-100/EP-50 service notes Jun. 1985
HP-300/400 service notes Sep. 10, 1983
HP-350/450 service notes Mar. 1985
HP-600/700/800 service notes Jul. 1987
HP-2000/3000/4500 service notes Sep. 1986
HP-3000S/4500S/5500S/5600S service notes Jul 1987
HP-5500/5600 service notes July, 1986
HS-60, Juno-106S service notes Jul. 1985
HS-80 service notes Jun. 1986
JC-50 service notes Jan. 15, 1983
JC-55 service notes May 1986
JC-77 service notes Nov. 1984
JC-120/JC-160 service notes Jan 20, 1983
JP-4Jupiter-4 Compuphonicservice notes Feb. 23, 1981
JP-6Jupiter-6service notes Jun. 13, 1983
JP-8Jupiter-8service notes Oct. 10, 1981-Jan 20, 1983
JSQ-60Digital Keyboard Recorderservice notes May 1, 1984
JU-1/HS-10Alpha Juno-1service notes Dec. 1985
JU-2Alpha Juno-2service notes Jan. 1986
Juno-60 service notes April 10, 1983
Juno-106 service notes Jul. 31, 1984
JX-8P/PG-800 service notes May 1985
Boss KM-400Keyboard Mixerservice notes June 25, 1981
Boss KM-600Keyboard Mixerservice notes June 25, 1981
Boss MA-1Mascot Amplifierservice notes Sept. 12, 1980
Boss MA-15A service notes Mar. 25, 1983
MC-202Micro Composerservice notes August 21, 1983
MC-500Micro Composerservice notes May 1986
MD-8MIDI DC8 Interfaceservice notes Feb. 15, 1984
Boss ME-5Guitar Multiple Effectsservice notes June, 1988
MKB-200MIDI Keyboard Controllerservice notes Apr. 1986
MKB-1000/300 service notes Feb. 1985
MKS-7 service notes Jul. 1985
MKS-10Planet Pservice notes Dec. 1984
MKS-20Digital Pianoservice notes Jun. 1986
MKS-30Planet-5service notes Dec. 1984
MKS-50 service notes Jan 1987
MKS-80Super Jupiter/MPG-80 Super Jupiter Programmerservice notes Dec. 1984
MKS-100Digital Samplerservice notes Jan. 1987
MM-4MIDI Thru Boxservice notes Dec 25, 1983
MPU-101MIDI-CV Interfaceservice notes June 1985
MPU-103MIDI Channel Filter Converterservice notes June 1985
Boss MS-100A/100Monitor Speakersservice notes June 20, 1983
MSQ-100Digital Keyboard Recorderservice notes Aug. 21, 1984
MSQ-700Digital Keyboard Recorderservice notes Sep. 1984
Boss NF-1Noise Gateservice notes Mar. 3, 1981
Boss OC-2Octaverservice notes May 10, 1982
PAD-8Octapadservice notes Oct. 1985
PAD-80Octapad IIservice notes August 1988
PB-300Rhythm Plusservice notes Oct. 15, 1983
Boss PC-2Percussion Synthesizerservice notes Nov. 30, 1983
Boss PD-1 service notes Nov. 30, 1979
PD-11/PD-21/PD-31 service notes
Snare, Tom Tom
Bass Drum
service notes Feb. 1986
PG-300Synthesizer Programmerservice notes Feb. 1986
PG-1000Linear Synthesizer Programmerservice notes May, 1987
Boss PH-1Phaserservice notes Nov. 11, 1980
Boss PH-1RPhaserservice notes Dec. 26, 1980
Boss PH-2Super Phaserservice notes Oct. 1984
PM-16Pad-MIDI Interfaceservice notes July 1987
PR-100 service notes May 1987
PR-800Digital Piano Recorderservice notes Nov. 14, 1983
Boss PSM-5Power Supply & Master Switchservice notes May 20, 1982
Boss PV-1 service notes July 7, 1980
Boss PW-1 service notes Jan. 21, 1980
R-8Human Rhythm Composerservice notes May 1989
Boss RBF-10Flangerservice notes Jul. 1985
Boss RCL-10Compressor Limiterservice notes Jul. 1985
RD-200/300Digital Pianoservice notes Jan. 1987
Boss RGE-10Graphic Equalizerservice notes Apr. 1985
Boss RPH-10Phaserservice notes Jul. 1985
Boss RPQ-10Preamp/Parametric EQservice notes Dec. 1985
Boss RPS-10Digital Pitch Shifter/Delayservice notes Jul. 1986
Boss RPW-7Power Supplyservice notes Apr. 1986
Boss RSD-10Digital Sampler/Delayservice notes Apr. 1986
S-10Digital Samplerservice notes Dec. 1986
S-220Digital Samplerservice notes Aug. 1987
SBX-10Sync Box/Converterservice notes Dec. 1985
SCB-40, 60, 100Bass Amplifierservice notes Oct. 1984
SCC-700C/F/BSound Control Centerservice notes Feb. 23, 1983
SCL-40, 60, 100Amplifierservice notes Sep. 1984
SDE-2000Digital Delayservice notes Apr. 15, 1982
SPIRIT-10AAmplifierservice notes Nov. 24, 1983
SPIRIT-25AAmplifierservice notes Nov. 10, 1983
SPIRIT-40AAmplifierservice notes May 1, 1984
SRS-80L.R/120Speakersservice notes Nov. 1984
SRV-2000 service notes Dec. 1985
SST-40/60/80/120Speakersservice notes Dec. 8, 1982
Boss TU-12HTunerservice notes Mar. 10, 1984
Boss TU-100Tunerservice notes Oct. 1985
Boss TW-1Touch Wahservice notes Oct. 20, 1978
U-110PCM Sound Moduleservice notes Jan. 1989
Boss VB-2Vibratoservice notes May 10, 1982
VP-70Voice Processorservice notes Jul. 1987
W-30Music Work Stationservice notes May, 1989
Boss WS-100/100TWireless System/Wireless Transmitterservice notes May 1989
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model RE-185U6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 808-8
Model RE-5025-transistor phonoPhotofact 856-7
odel RE-5058-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 863-7
Model RE-5606-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 816-8
Model RE-6006-tube AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 819-8
Model RE-7118-transistor AM radioPhotofact 858-9
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model ST125-tube AM radioPhotofact 637-13
ModelDescriptionDocument type
CD-1464W, CD1465W, CW4644, CW4654,
CW4646, C4648, CW4656, CW4658
Color MonitorsService Manual
SE2100Ethernet Interface Card(incl. 5.25" driver disk)
SM-12SFA7Monochrome MonitorService Manual
Sams Photofact
I will sell individual items of out each "set" here. This does not apply to the books. The set contents are listed under each brand name. The "servicer" and some of the supplements (numbers ending in "S") are usually a simple schematic only. Listed here are the specialized volumes.
Make/ModelDescriptionDocument type
AR-94 (assorted makes/models)auto radiosApril 1971
AR-104 (assorted makes/models)auto radiosSeptember, 1971
AR-256 (5 makes, 9 models)auto radiosMarch, 1978
CB-14 (14 makes, 16 models)CB radiosJune 1967
CM-9 (18 Assorted makes/models)record changers and tape recordersJuly 1957
MHF-74modular hi-fi componentsApril, 1976
TR-2 (10 Assorted makes/models)tape recordersJune 1958
TR-4 (9 Assorted makes/models)tape recordersJune 1959
TR-5 (8 Assorted makes/models)tape recordersOctober 1959
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model STD-1410Stereo Cassette DeckService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 500AAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1037-SED
Model TR-700AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 942-SED (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 21C10Color TVPhotofact 1288-2
Model 91C17Color TVPhotofact 1277-2
FTC28Car Stereo PlayerService Manual (photocopies)
JT1400Stereo TunerService Manual
M9982Fboom boxService Manual (photocopies)
PR-5500Daisy-wheel printerMaintenance Manual
VCA54, VCA50AC Power Adapterservice manual
VCA161Camera Adapterservice manual
VCR5000Color Video Casette Recorderservice manual
VTR 1350Video Tape RecorderParts List
AKA "H. H. Scott"
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 299Fstereo amplifierPhotofact 948-SED
Model 299Tstereo amplifierPhotofact 1001-SED
Model 342FM stereo receiverPhotofact "Servicer" 968, July 1968
Model 388AM-FM-FM Stereo ReceiverPhotofact 1036-SED
Models 2001, 2002, 2003 (The Copley)AM-FM stereo receiverPhotofact "Servicer" 984, October 1968
stuff sometimes appears as "Sears", sometimes as "Sears Silvertone", and sometimes as "Silvertone" — it is all listed below under Silvertone.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
SP-1000Matrix PrinterService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
FE20Hi-Lo MeterService Manual (2)
PM157Power MonitorService Manual
PS127OscilloscopeInstruction Manual
incl. Schematic
PS163Dual Trace Triggered Sweep OscilloscopeInstruction Manual incl. Schematic (2)
SM158Speed Aligner Sweep and Marker GeneratorService Manual
UPS164Universal Power SupplyService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis U803, U805Color TVPhotofact 913-1
Models 3C66-23, EA, FP, 3C66-25, EA, FP, 3CL66-23, EA, FP, 3CL66-25, EA, FP, 3CM66-23EA, -25EA, 3CL6600-25, -25FP (Chassis U802)Color TVPhotofact 849 "servicer", Nov. 1966
Models 9CT84EA, 9CT84W (Ch. U804)Color TVPhotofact 918-3
Models 16P65, 16T65 (Late production), 16P66, 16T66 (Ch. 202A)TVPhotofact 821-9S, 828-3
Models 2200, 2303, 2305, 2600 (Ch. U806), 2400, 2500 (Ch. U807)Color TVPhotofact 954-16S
Model 2200 (Ch. U806)Color TVPhotofact 978-2
Models 2400, 2500 (Ch. U807)Color TVPhotofact 979-2
Model 2700 (Ch. U808)Color TVPhotofact 960-13S, 980-3
Models 2800, 2900 (Ch. U809, 810)Color TVPhotofact 996-14S
Model P64 (Ch. C102A)TVPhotofact 971-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 12T-Q2TVPhotofact 816-10S, 827-3
Model 12T-Q3TVPhotofact 863-2
Model 12TP-8TVPhotofact 775-4
Model 16TP-7TVPhotofact 774-2
Model 19C-19Color TVPhotofact 830-11S (2), 858-3
Model 19P-11TVPhotofact 856-3
Models BPG-708, -7096-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 828-10
Model BXG-703AM-SW radio-phonoPhotofact 981-7
Model CJ-45PColor TVPhotofact 948-14S, 990-3
Model CN-32TColor TVPhotofact 880-9S, 911-2
Model CN-52TColor TVPhotofact 1032-12S
Model FMA-216-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 827-9
Model FMA-31AM-FM radioPhotofact 1033-5
Model FXC-2310-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 900-10
Model FXC-29AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1049-7
Model FXG-702AAM-FM radioPhotofact 989-7
Model RP-661AAM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1143-5
Model SQ-46PTVPhotofact 1034-3
Model TF-48PTVPhotofact 1052-2
Model TRP-603TVPhotofact 776-11S
Model TU-30PTVPhotofact 960-15S, 968-3
Models TU-40P, TU-43PTVPhotofact 1010-3
Model TU-47PTVPhotofact 1022-2
Model TW-49P, TW-56PTVPhotofact 1054-3
Model UT-Q3BTVPhotofact 1011-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model FA-7006-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 823-7
Model FA-7246-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 814-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model S-2000 III11-tube AM-FM tunerPhotofact 893 "servicer", June 1967
Model S-2000 IV (Serial #237571 & up)AM-FM tunerPhotofact 969-SED
Model S-3000 IIIFM tunerPhotofact 1000-SED
Model S-55009-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 579-13
Model S-5500 III9-tube stereo amplifierPhotofact 934-SED
Model S-7700 (serial $73300 & up)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 950-SED
Model S-8000 IIIAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 881 "servicer", April 1967
Model S-8000 IV (from serial #8411201)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 945-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model TU-9UTVPhotofact 826-2
Model TU12USTVPhotofact 938-3 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
700 and 706 seriesPro MasterService Manual
Model A15 SeriesTone generator, attenuators, equalizers, sheet
Model PE610feedback controllerData Sheet
PM300 SeriesPower MasterOperating and Service Manual
PM300 and PM300EPower MasterOperating and Service Manual
VA300Vocal MasterOperating and Service Manual (2)
VA302 SeriesVocal MasterOperating and Service Manual (2)
VA302 and VA302EVocal MasterOperating and Service Manual
aka Sears, Sears Silvertone
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 132.2140111-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 914-7
Chassis 132.21601AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 989-6
Chassis 132.22201, 132.911017-transistor AM radioPhotofact 902-6
Chassis 132.23701, 132.316016-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 917-7
Chassis 132.25801, 132.259018-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 926-8 (2)
Chassis 132.31001AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 972-8
Chassis 132.3110122-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 947-7
Chassis 132.32501, 801AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 999-5
Chassis 132.39101, 2015-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1019-9
Chassis 132.40501AM-FM radioPhotofact 977-6
Chassis 132.40601, 132.407018-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 952-6
Chassis 132-42401, 132.43101AM-FM radioPhotofact 1027-8
Chassis 132.42501, 132.43201AM-FM radioPhotofact 1032-7
Chassis 132-53501, 132.53701AM-FM radioPhotofact 1112-5
Chassis 132.90601, 701, 132.91801, 9016-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 847-12
Chassis 132.98701, 132.988016-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 901-6
Chassis 137.931244-transistor phonoPhotofact 928-7(2)
Chassis 137.93125, 137.931263-transistor phonoPhotofact 922-8
Chassis 137.93131, 23-transistor phonoPhotofact 1026-7
Chassis 390.625123-transistor phonoPhotofact 1049-6
Chassis 456/528/529.61450, 451, 452, 453, 454, 460, 461, 466, 467, 474, 475, 456/528/529.61510, 511, 512, 513TVPhotofact 760-2
Chassis 456/528/529.61580 thru 456/528/529.61611, 456/528/529.61616/617TVPhotofact 841-2
Chassis 456.61620, 621, 660, 661, 528.61620, 621, 660, 661, 529.61620, 621, 660, 661TVPhotofact 789-3
Chassis 456/528/529.61680 thru 61687, 456/528/529.61694 thru 61697TVPhotofact 786-3
Chassis 456/528/529.61720, 456/528/529.61721TVPhotofact 785-3
Chassis 528/529.62270, 62450, 62451, 62480, 62481, 62540, 62630Color TVPhotofact 806-10S
Chassis 456/528/529.61780 thru 456/528/529.70340/341TVPhotofact 853-3
Chassis 456/528/529.70080, 456/528/529.70091remote control receiver, transmitterPhotofact 789-3A
Chassis 456/528/529.70120, 121, 122, 123TVPhotofact 790-3
Chassis 456/528/529.70220televsionPhotofact 839-3
Chassis 456/528/529.70250TVPhotofact 838-12S
Chassis 456/528/529.70250, 51, 52, 53, 56TVPhotofact 851-3
Chassis 456/528/529.70280TVPhotofact 832-9S, 838-4
Chassis 456/528/529.70340TVPhotofact 847-13S
Chassis 456/528/529.72370 thru 380, 528/529.72386 thru 392, 528/529.72600 thru 620Color TVPhotofact 965-2
Chassis 456/528/529.72440 thru 455/560 thru 575, 528/529.72581Color TVPhotofact 961-1
Chassis 456.70370, 71, 72, 73, 528/529.70370 thru 378TVPhotofact 955-2
Chassis 528.52508, 509Color TVPhotofact 841 "servicer", Oct. 1966
Chassis 528/529.62240 through 267, 528/529.62330 thru 336, 528/529.62600 thru 609Color TVPhotofact 867-2
Chassis 528.63080, 82, 90, 91, 92, 100, 101, 120, 121, 1225-tube AM radioPhotofact 763-10
Chassis 528.63210, 211, 400, 4018-tube AM-FM-stereo radio, 4-speed phonoPhotofact 778-7
Chassis 528.63220/2219-tube, 2-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 788-8
Chassis 528.63270, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275, 528.63580AM-FM stereo tunerPhotofact 815-3A
Chassis 528.63310/11/12/13/14/15/60/61/62, 528.69420/21/22AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 803-9
Chassis 528.63332, 333, 335, 336, 337, 370, 371, 372, 528.69440, 441, 44224-transistor AM-FM-stereo tuner, 6-transistor amplifierPhotofact 785-9
Chassis 528.63350, 351, 352, 528.6356025-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 794-9
Chassis 528.63440, 441, 442, 443, 444AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 827-8
Chassis 528.63510, 11, 12, 528.69580 thru 84AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 953-7
Chassis 528.63590, 91, 950, 528.69583, 84, 640, 41, 42, 43, 47AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 955-8
Chassis 528.63650, 528.636605-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 886-8
Chassis 528.63680, 81, 528.69630AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 951-7
Chassis 528.63690, 528.69650AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 956-7
Chassis 528.63700, 01, 1025-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 867-6
Chassis 528.63730, 31AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 943-2C
Chassis 528.63740AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 943-2A
Chassis 528.63800, 01, 02, 034-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 963-7
Chassis 528.63820, 16-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 951-8
Chassis 528.63830, 318-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 949-8
Chassis 528.63890, 528.69750AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 950-9
Chassis 528.63900, 01, 02, 03, 10, 20, 30, 31, 32AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 963-8
Chassis 528.63940, 941, 528.69583, 588AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 961-6
Chassis 528.63990, 528.69647AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 965-6
Chassis 528.64010AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1007-6
Chassis 528.64080AM clock radioPhotofact 1000-7
Chassis 528.64200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1040-6
Chassis 528.64220, 528.64230AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 1014-9 (2)
Chassis 528.69452power amplifierPhotofact 815-3B
Chassis 528.69580amplifierPhotofact 943-2B
Chassis 528.69680, 528.697808-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 983-6
Chassis 528.697104-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 942-7 (2)
Chassis 528.697206-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 943-7 (2)
Chassis 528.697306-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 944-8
Chassis 528.70410, 411, 412TVPhotofact 958-3
Chassis 528.70450, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55TVPhotofact 996-2
Chassis 528.70480TVPhotofact 939-2
Chassis 528.70520, 1, 2, 3TVPhotofact 1044-3
Chassis 528.71210TVPhotofact 959-2
Chassis 528.71270, 71, 72, 73, 74TVPhotofact 1051-1
Chassis 528/529.72280 thru 286, 530Color TVPhotofact 972-3
Chassis 528/529.72500, 501Color TVPhotofact 977-1
Chassis 528/529.72660 thru 72668Color TVPhotofact 1091-3
Chassis 528/529.81100 thru 109, 200 thru 206, 300 thru 306, 320 thru 326, 340 thru 346, 360 thru 365Color TVPhotofact 1127-3
Chassis 548.20010AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 958-8
Chassis 562.10100, 101, 101, 103, 104, 105TVPhotofact 764-3
Chassis 562.10230Color TVPhotofact 948-3
Chassis 562.10300TVPhotofact 926-3
Chassis 562.10320TVPhotofact 951-2
Chassis 562.10330TVPhotofact 918-2
Chassis 562.10370TVPhotofact 921-2
Chassis 562-10380TVPhotofact 917-2
Chassis 562.10410Color TVPhotofact 919-2
Chassis 562.10430, 562.10440TVPhotofact 1007-2
Chassis 562.10481, 482, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524Color TVPhotofact 1107-2
Chassis 562.10700, 701, Models 5029, 5030TV, AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1124-3
Chassis 564.10012TVPhotofact 929-2
Chassis 564.10200, 564.10201Color TVPhotofact 849-3
Chassis 564.80020Color TVPhotofact 962-2
Chassis 564.80030Color TVPhotofact 923-2
Chassis 565.80040TVPhotofact 968-2
Chassis 564.80080Color TVPhotofact 1041-2
*Multiple* chassisColor TVPhotofact 943-2
Models 42, 43, 5004, 5, 6, 7, 6004, 5, 6, 7 (Ch. 132.83501, 132.945016-transistor AM radioPhotofact 799-8
Models 65C, 66C, 67C (Ch. 528.53840)radio-phonoPhotofact 851 "servicer", Nov. 1966
Model 220 (Ch. 528.173)Battery/Line Operated RadioPhotofact 110-13
Models 528.41880100 thru 528.418801009Color TVPhotofact 1310-1
Models 528.43300108 thru 528.43300117Color TVPhotofact 1367-2
Models 528.43600200 thru 600257, 606200, 606201, 61020 thru 610257, 616200, 616201, 620200 thru 620257, 626200, 626201, 630200 thru 630257, 636200, 636201Color TVPhotofact 1383-1 (stained)
Models 564.41102100, 564.41221100, 564.41221101Color TVPhotofact 1317-3
Models 564.4250500, 501, 502Color TVPhotofact 1742-SED
Models 1250, 1251 (Ch. 137.93001, 137.93002)1-tube phonoPhotofact 563-16
Model 1423 (Ch. 185.12080)Musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 1038-SED
Model 1426 (Ch. 185.12100)muscial instrument amplifierPhotofact 1035-SED
Model 1459 (Ch. 185.12050)musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 922-SED
Model 1483 (Ch. 185.11030)musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 772 "servicer", Sept. 1965
Model 2001 (Ch. 132.39501)AM radioPhotofact 993-8
Model 2022 (Ch. 132.90001)AM-FM radioPhotofact 1020-10
Models 2064, 2065 (Ch. 132.42701)AM clock radioPhotofact 1034-5
Models 2068, 2069 (Ch. 132.26901)AM clock radioPhotofact 1016-8
Model 2087 (Ch. 132.42901)AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1029-8
Model 2094 (Ch. 528.64100)AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1001-4
Model 2098 (Ch. 528.64090)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1013-7
Models 3000, 3001 (Ch. 132.45001)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 1028-9
Models 3025, 3026, 3027 (Ch. 528.64000)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1004-6
Model 3028 (Ch. 132-69502)AM-FM tunerPhotofact 993-SED
Models 3063, A, B, 3064, A, B, 3065, A, B (Ch. 528.54480/482)AM-FM radioPhotofact 804 "servicer", Mar. 1966
Models 3160A thru 3167A, 3170A thru 3173A (Ch. 528.61086, 7, 8, 9),PC-3160A thru PC-3167A, PC-3170A thru PC-3173A (Ch. 456.61086, 87, 88, 89)TVPhotofact 1056-SED
Models 3272, 3274 (Ch. 528.69760)stereo phonoPhotofact 1009-6
Model 3290 (Ch. 528.69770)12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1004-7
Model 3292 (Ch. 528.64150, 151, 152)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1023-8
Model 4019 (Ch. 564.80090)Color TVPhotofact 1015-2
Model 4022 (Ch. 562.10500), 4154 (Ch. 562.10530)Color TVPhotofact 1062-14S
Models 4033 (Ch. 562.10510), 4133 (Ch. 562-10481)Color TVPhotofact 1050-14S
Model 4056 (Ch. 564.80080)Color TVPhotofact 1002-18S
Model 4109 (Ch. 564.80090)Color TVPhotofact 972-14S, 978-12S
Model 4242tape recorderPhotofact 908 "servicer", Sept. 1967
Models 4260, 4261, 4262 (Ch. 528.72680)Color TVPhotofact 984-15S
Models 4252, 4253, 4254, 4255 (Ch. 528/529.72840),4267, 4268, 4269, 81891 (Ch. 528/529.72660)Color TVPhotofact 1020-15S
Model 4275 (Ch. 528.81000)Color TVPhotofact 1341-SED
Model 4284 (Ch 137.93115)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 767-10
Model 5003 (Ch. 564.80060)TVPhotofact 966-14S, 978-13S
Model 5005 (Ch. 528.70580)TVPhotofact 1026-15S, 1064-3 (Ch. 528.70600)
Model 5006 (Ch. 562.10390), 5009, 10 (Ch. 562.10430)TVPhotofact 978-14S, 1003-2
Models 5017/18/19 (Ch. 132.83901)6-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 768-9
Model 5018 (Ch. 562.10440), 5035 (Ch. 562.10460)TVPhotofact 978-15S
Model 5024 (Ch. 562.10450)TVPhotofact 1014-2
Models 5026, 6022, 6026 (Ch. 132.84201, 91401, 92201)9-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 797-5
Model 5035 (Ch. 562.10460)TVPhotofact 1002-3
Model 5036 (Ch. 562.10470)TVPhotofact 984-16S, 1008-3
Model 5047 (Ch. 132.84301)8-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 774-11
Models 5054, -A (Ch. 132.86301/302)AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 762-10
Models 5070/A, 71/1A, 72/A, 73/A (Ch. 528.69420/421)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 775-9
Models 5095/97, 6095/97 (Ch. 528.63340/60, 528.69430/31/90)AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 801-7
Model 5100 (Ch. 564.10000 - 564.10008)TVPhotofact 780-4
Models 5172, 73, 76, 77, 78, 80 thru 94, 6172, 73, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82, 86, 87, 88, 89, 95, 96, 51731, 61, 71, 81, 51801, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 51901, 11, 21, 31, 41, 71, 72, 81, 82, 91, 92, 61861, 62, 71, 72, 81, 82, 91, 92Color TVPhotofact 815-3
Models 5176, 5177, 5178 (Ch. 528.70520)TVPhotofact 1008-13S
Model 5260 (Ch. 137.93119)1-tube phonoPhotofact 766-10
Models 5272/A, 5274/A (Ch. 528.69330/331/340/341)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 769-9
Model 5276 (Ch. 528.69350, 51, 52)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 770-10
Models 5472, 3, 4 (Ch. 528.54720, 30, 40)electronic switchPhotofact 778 "servicer", Oct. 1965
Model 6000 (Ch. 132.90401)4-tube AM radioPhotofact 829-7 (2)
Model 6001 (Ch. 132.91501)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 798-8
Models 6002, 6003 (Ch. 132.91701)5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 841-9
Models 6023, 6024 (Ch. 132.96001)11-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 853-7
Model 6025 (Ch. 132.98001)AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 855-8
Models 6047, 6049, 7047 (Ch. 528.63170, 528.63171)9-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 850-7
Models 6055, 6056 (Ch. 528.63470, 471)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 881-6
Models 6090, 91, 92, 98, 99 (Ch. 548.10000)21-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 833-7
Model 6100 (Ch. 654.10008)TVPhotofact 798-10S
Model 6101 (Ch. 562.10120)TVPhotofact 775-13S, 796-4
Models 6103, 6104 (Ch. 562.10110/111)TVPhotofact 774-13S, 792-3
Model 6106 (Ch. 564.10100)TVPhotofact 824-3
Models 6161, PC-6161 (Ch. 528/529.61818/19/20/21, 528.63430, 456.61818, 19, 20, 21, 528.63430)TV-radio-phonoPhotofact 853 "servicer", Dec. 1966
Model 6164 (Ch. 562.10130)TVPhotofact 776-11S, 806-3
Model 6165 (Ch. 562.10150/151)Color TVPhotofact 836-10S, 861-2
Models 6166, 6167, 6168 (Ch. 528/529.62300, 62510)
Model 7122 (Ch. 456/528/529.71000)
Color TVPhotofact 810-10S
Models 6166, 6167, 6168 (Ch. 528/529.62300, 301, 510, 511)Color TVPhotofact 1007-SED
Model 6254 (Ch. 137.93120, 121)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 854-8 (2)
Model 6270 (Ch. 528.69321)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 809-9
Model 6278 (Ch. 528.69423/425)phonoPhotofact 813-9
Model 6456CBPhotofact 912 "servicer", Oct. 1967
Model 6462 (Ch. 787.10040, 41)CB TransceiverPhotofact 900 "servicer", August 1967
Model 6999 (Ch. 561.69990)UHF converterPhotofact 792 "servicer", Jan. 1966
Models 7001 (Ch. 132.26101), 8001 (Ch. 132-29901)4-transistor AM radioPhotofact 904-7
Model 7016 (Ch. 564.40020)9-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 870-8
Model 7025 (Ch. 132.21901)13-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 896-9
Models 7054, A (Ch. 132.23801)24-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 904-8
Model 7100 (Ch. 564.10012), 8103 (Ch. 562.10330)TVPhotofact 904-9S
Model 7101 (Ch. 562.10121), 7107 (Ch. 562.10180)TVPhotofact 862-9S
Model 7102 (Ch. 564.10030)TVPhotofact 883-10S
Models 7102, 8104 (Ch. 564.10030)TVPhotofact 896-3 (2)
Models 7107, 7109 (Ch. 562.10180, 90)TVPhotofact 875-3
Models 7104m 7105 (Ch. 562.10170)TVPhotofact 874-3
Models 7122, PC-7122 (Ch. 456.71000, 528/529.71000)TVPhotofact 840-4
Model 7160 (Ch. 562.10220)Color TVPhotofact 916-3
Model 7164 (Ch. 564.10200/201)Color TVPhotofact 836-10S
Models 7165, 7166 (Ch. 562.10200, 201)Color TVPhotofact 889-2
Model 7262 (Ch. 528.69370, 1)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 883-7
Model 7270 (Ch. 528.69360, 1, 2)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 884-7
Models 7272, 7273, 7274 (Ch. 528.69600/610)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 856-8
Model 7276 (Ch. 528.69590)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 859-10
Models 7401, 7105 (Ch. 562.10170), 71011 (Ch. 562.10160)TVPhotofact 860-11S
Model 7402 (Ch. 540.10000)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 884 "servicer", May 1967
Model 7403 (Ch. 540.10030)stereo phonoPhotofact 1041-SED
Model 7406 (Ch. 528.63200, 01)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 994-SED
Model 7407 (Ch. 528.54700)7-tube AM-FM tunerPhotofact 902 "servicer", August 1967
Model 7409 (Ch. 528.63320, 21, 22)AM-FM-stereo tunerPhotofact 951-SED
Model 7410 (Ch. 528.69410, 411, 412)stereo amplifierPhotofact 1057-SED
Model 7411 (Ch. 540.10010)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 888 "servicer", June 1967
Model 7500 (Ch. 540.10020/21)AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 898 "servicer", July 1967
Models 8002, 8003 (Ch. 132.27501)5-transistor AM radioPhotofact 934-7
Model 8010, 8044 (Ch. 132.30801, 901)5-tube, 2-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 991-5
Models 8055, A, 8056, A (Ch. 528.53010)AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 425-14
Model 8109 (Ch. 562.10380)TVPhotofact 894-9S
Model 8159 (Ch. 562.10420)Color TVPhotofact 948-12S
Model 8167 (Ch. 564.80030)Color TVPhotofact 905-9S
Model 8241 (Ch. 565.10010)tape recorderPhotofact 916-SED
Model 8262, A (Ch. 528.69700)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 939-11
Model 8278 (Ch. 528.69740)12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 936-9
Models 9119, 9120, 9121 (Ch. 528.71271, 272, 273, 274)TVPhotofact 1008-14S
Model 9168 (Ch. 528/529.72900)Color TVPhotofact 1020-16S
Model 81661 (Ch. 562.10412)Color TVPhotofact 1016-3
ModelDescriptionDocument type
160Volt-Ohm-MilliammeterOperator's Manual (2)
270 Series 3Volt-Ohm-MilliameterOperator's Manual
Model 651DC VTVMOperator's Manual
incl. Schematic
Model 653AC AmmeterOperator's Manual
inc. Schematic
Model 655Microvolt AttenuatorOperator's Manual
incl. Schematic
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model HE-925AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1046-6
Model HE-8001Color TVPhotofact 1264-2
Model TV6UTVPhotofact 806-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models S64K236M, UM, W, UWTVPhotofact 721-4
Model SP-63252-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 704-11
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 4-203UWTVPhotofact 774-3
Model 4-204UWTVPhotofact 808-4
Model 5-305UWTVPhotofact 768-12S, Photofact 786-4
Model 5-307UWTVPhotofact 811-4
Model 6RC-23AM clock radioPhotofact 1013-8
Models 8F-37, 8FC-359-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 912-9
Model 8F-38WAM-FM radioPhotofact 977-7
Model 8F-51WAM-FM radioPhotofact 1011-5
Model 8F-56WAM-FM radioPhotofact 1070-7
Model 8FC-45WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 965-7 (2)
Model 8FC-53WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1063-7
Model 8FC-55WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1003-7
Model 8FC-65WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1037-6
Model 8FS-40WAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 985-8
Model 8RC-256-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1067-6
Model 8RC-345-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 896-10 (2)
Model 8RC-446-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 961-7
Model 8RC-526-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1046-7
Model 8RC-54AM clock radioPhotofact 1006-7 (2)
Models BCF-1821, BCF-18226-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 813-10
BP-33Rechargeable Battery PackInstructions
C-108Portable Cassette RecorderOwner's Manual
Model CVM-2300UTVPhotofact 882-3
ECM-21Electret Condenser MicrophoneOperating Instructions
ECM-22PElectret Condenser MicrophoneInstruction Manual
ECM-50Electret Condenser MicrophoneOperating Instructions
ECM-250Electret Condenser MicrophoenOwner's Instruction Manual
Model HP-1712-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 806-8 (2)
Model HP-45014-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 846-7
Model HP-46016-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1058-6
Model KV-1210UColor TVPhotofact 1056-13S
Models KV-1541R, RM-302 (Ch. SCC-110D-A)Color TVPhotofact 1646-1
KV-1910Color TVService Manual, 4 Supplements
KV-9000UColor TVService Manual, Supplement (2)
RBD-1Rechargeable Battery PackOwner's Manual
SL-8600VCRService Manual
Model STA-48, 8F-48WAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 1056-7
TC-2288-Track Stereo Cartridge Tape DeckOwner's Instruction Manual
TCM-600Cassette-CorderOperating Instructions
Model TFM-1849MAM-FM radioPhotofact 1060-6
Model TR-6096-transistor AM radioPhotofact 580-13
Model TV-110UTVPhotofact 996-15S, 1058-2
Models TV-120U, UDTVPhotofact 898-10S, 954-3
Model TV-400UTVPhotofact 984-17S, 1012-3 (2)
Model TV-500UTVPhotofact 964-2 (2)
Model TV-710UTVPhotofact 984-17S, 1019-2
Model TV-720UTVPhotofact 990-14S, 1019-2
Model TV-900UTVPhotofact 970-3
Model TV-920UTVPhotofact 1050-12S
Model TVC-111UTVPhotofact 1068-18S
(A bunch more owners manuals photocopied, and assorted sales literature and spec sheets)
A few papers in here mention "JBL Professional"
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Series 4ConsoleUser Manual incl. Schematics
Series 200MixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
200BMixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
200BVEMixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
200SRPA and Monitor MixerUser Manual incl. Schematics (2)
Series 400BFully Modular 4-Bus Mixing ConsoleUser Manual incl. Schematics
500/600MixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
500 MonitorMixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
600 PatchbayOptionDescription, Drawings
Series 800BMixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
600016/24 Bus MixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
8000PA MixerUser Manual incl. Schematics
CPS150Console Power SupplyUser Manual
CPS450Console Power SupplyUser Operating Manual
incl. Schematic
CPS650Console Power SupplyUser Operating Manual
incl. Schematic
CPS750Console Power SupplyUser & Technical Manual
Delta AVEVideo Post Production MixerTechnical Manual incl. Schematics
Delta Monitor12-Bus Monitor ConsoleTechnical Manual incl. Schematics
S500 MatrixOptionDescription, Installation, Schematics
SAC200Stereo On-Air ConsoleUser Manual incl. Schematics
SAC2000Stereo On-Air ConsoleUser Manual incl. Schematics
SapphyreCompact Multitrack Recording ConsoleTechnical Manual
Venue8-Bus MixerTechnical Manual
VSA24Interface for 200VBE to Video EditorsInstallation/Setup, Diagrams
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 0496cassette deckService Manual
Model 32187-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1112-6
Model 3728AAM-FM digital clock radioPhotofact 2091-3
Model 4949boom boxService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
CTS SeriesCommon Talk/Selective Ring IntercomsInstallation and Operation
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 14L5-P14-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 743 "Servicer", March 1965
Sparton Of Canada
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 14N5-PAM-FM RadioPhotofact 760 "Servicer", June 1965
Model 64N5-D, -PAM-FM RadioPhotofact 765 "Servicer", July 1965
Models AM888, AM9995-tube AM radioPhotofact 779-6
Model FE876AM-FM radioPhotofact 763-11
Model FMS7277-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 778-8
Model FMT-9427-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 773-11
Model FS-9217-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 775-10
Model PMS-6148-tube AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 777-9
Model PR21110-transistor AM-SW radio-phonoPhotofact 781-10
Model PT-1004-transistor phonoPhotofact 774-12
Model TP-2025-transistor phonoPhotofact 772-10
AKA Strom Industries, Inc.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
1500 SeriesLittle League Baseball Sound Projection Systemdescription
prestige 4185Bi-Amplification Unit
(active crossover)
Installation and service
4601Mixer/Power AmplifierInstallation and service
4602Mixer/Power AmplifierInstallation and service
4603Mixer/Power AmplifierInstallation and service
4611Mixer/Power AmplifierInstallation and service
prestige 4619Power AmplifierInstallation and service
Model 4620Solid State Power AmplifierInstallation and service
prestige 4622Power AmplifierInstallation and service
prestige 4640Mixer/PreamplifierInstallation and service
prestige 4641Mixer/PreamplifierInstallation and service
prestige 4720Microphone Amplifier ModuleInstallation and service
model 4723Tape Head/Magnetic Phono Preamplifier ModuleInstallation and service
ACL-1020LCompressor-limiterInstallation and service
APH-105050 Watt audio power amplifierInstallation and service
DAC 202
DEC 212
Expansion Panel
Expander Module
Installation and service
DLC-305Power Control Relay AssemblyInstallation and service (2)
EO-8Alarm Signal GeneratorInstallation Sheet
ET-2052Emergency Alarm Disaster SystemInstallation and service
ICP-2729Intercom PanelInstallation and service
LA-1001line amplifierinstallation and service
LAC-180Local Alarm Control unitInstallation and service
MIA-1107magnetic input adapterInstallation and service
PA-9Power SupplyInstallation and service
PA-12Power SupplyInstallation and service
PSA-2038Annunciator Power SupplyInstallation and service
PSC-2730Power SupplyInstallation and service
PST-2061Telephone Power SupplyInstallation and service
PST-2161Power SupplyInstallation and service
RTP-2890, RTP-2890BDual AM-FM Radio TunerInstallation and service (2)
RV-1109-6, RVA-1108-6remote volume systemInstallation and service
SC-827Relay AssemblyInstallation and service
SC-2055Privacy UnitInstallation and service
SC-2057Momentary Pushbutton SwitchInstallation and service
SC-2058Classroom Privacy/Call-In SwitchInstallation and service
SC-2058AClassroom Privacy/Call-In SwitchInstallation and service
SC-2065Room TelephoneInstallation and service
SC-2066Adapter for Loud Ringing BellInstallation and service
SC-2067Room Intercom TelephoneInstallation instructions
SC-2070AphonoOperation Instructions
SC-2162Telephone UnitInstallation and service
SCA-2015Drawer Assembly for mounting phonoInstallation and service
SCA-2017Door Assembly for console base pedestalInstallation and service
SCA-2018Shelf Assembly for console base pedestalInstallation and service
SCP-10055-input Mixer/PreamplifierInstallation and service
SCP-1006line amplifierInstallation and service
SCP-11033-Input Mixer/PreamplifierInstallation and service
SCP-11055-input Mixer/PreamplifierInstallation and service
SCP-2025Control PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2027Microphone Line SelectorInstallation and service
SCP-2028Two channel Control PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2029Loudspeaking Intercom PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2029Loudspeaking Intercom PanelOperation instructions
SCP-2035Speaker Selector PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2036Speaker Selector Switch Panel w/ Memory AnnunciatorsInstallation and service
SCP-2037Speaker Selector Switch Panel w/ AnnunciatorsInstallation and service
SCP-2040TSpeaker Selector Switch-Time Program PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2041TSpeaker Selector Switch-Time Program Panel w/ Memory AnnunciatorsInstallation and service
SCP-2050, SC-2051, ET-2052Emergency Alarm Director SystemInstallation and service
SCP-2056Supervisory Tone Signal UnitInstallation and service
SCP-2060, PST-2061, SC-2062, SC-2065Telephone Intercom SystemOperation instructions
SCP-2090AMonitor PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2091Input-Output Switch PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2092Power PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2142Time Tone Signal AmplifierInstallation and service
SCP-2175AC Power Distribution PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2720Main Program Control PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2722Secondary Program Control PanelInstallation and service
SCP-2723Control PanelInstallation and service
TB-1011bridging input transformerInstallation and service
TM-1010microphone input transformerInstallation and service
VCS-191Control/Detector PanelInstallation and service
VCS-201Control/Detector PanelInstallation and service
Central Monitor Panel
Central Monitor Expander
Installation and service
VPS-200Power SupplyInstallation and service
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Apha Series P.A. Service Manual
Concert Controller I service manual
Concert P.A. service manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 230MSITVPhotofact 771-3
Model 350MSWTVPhotofact 773-3
Models 1001, 10044-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1004-8
Models 1006, 90066-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 955-9
Modl 10098-transistor amplifierPhotofact 1037-7
Model 60043-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 817-10
Model 60053-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 815-7
Model 60063-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 819-9
Model 79013-transistor phonoPhotofact 814-7
Model 79023-transistor phonoPhotofact 934-8
Model 79043-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 796-7
Model 79056-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 826-7
Model 79068-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 821-7
Model 80076-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 933-7
Model U560TVPhotofact 835-3
Model U565TVPhotofact 830-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
TO-37, TO-37RElectronic Portable OrganService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis 354-1, 355-1, 358-1, 359-1AM clock radioPhotofact 975-8
Chassis 360-1, 361-1, 362-1, 363-1AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 995-7 (2)
Chassis 371-1, 802-7AM-FM, amplifierPhotofact 771-5
Chassis 371-1, 803-7AM-Fm, amplifierPhotofact 787-4A
Chassis 371-1, 422-1, 805-4, 805-5AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 793-10
Chassis 584-1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7TVPhotofact 762-3
Chassis 589-1TVPhotofact 770-4
Chassis A01-2TVPhotofact 788-9S
Chassis A04-1, A04-2, A06-1TVPhotofact 859-12S
Chassis A07-1TVPhotofact 841-11S
Chassis B04-3, -4, -5, -6TVPhotofact 850-10S
Chassis B04-3,-4,-5,-6TVPhotofact 862-2 (2)
Chassis B04-7, -8TVPhotofact 983-1
Chassis B05-1, -2, -3TVPhotofact 784-12S
Chassis B06-1, -2, -3TVPhotofact 785-10S
Chassis B10-1, -2TVPhotofact 1047-2
Chassis D01-1, D01-2, D01-5color TVPhotofact 787-4
Chassis D02-1, DO2-2, Do2-5, D02-6Color TV, AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 821-2
Chassis D02-5, -6Color TVPhotofact 779-9S
Chassis DO2-7 thru DO2-12Color TVPhotofact 908-2
Chassis D05-1, D05-2Color TVPhotofact 905-3
Chassis D05-14, -15, D06-4Color TVPhotofact 972-15S, 1051-2
Chassis D06-1, D06-2, D02-7 thru -12Color TVPhotofact 889-9S
Chassis D06-1, -2Color TVPhotofact 922-3
Chassis D07-1, -2Color TVPhotofact 912-23S, 947-2
Chassis D08-2Color TVPhotofact 948-14S, 977-2
Chassis D08-5, D11-1, -2Color TVPhotofact 972-16S
Chassis D09-1, -2, -4, D10-1, -2Color TVPhotofact 912-24S
Chassis D09-2, -4, D10-1, -2, -4Color TVPhotofact 976-2
Chassis D10-3, -4Color TVPhotofact 912-25S
Chassis D12-1, -3, -4, -5, D12-2, -6Color TVPhotofact 972-17S
Chassis D12-9, -11Color TVPhotofact 1044-17S
Chassis D12-1 thru D12-8Color TVPhotofact 1045-2
Chassis D12-12, -14Color TVPhotofact 1044-18S
Chassis D12-15, -16, -17Color TVPhotofact 1044-19S
Chassis D12-20, D12-21Color TVPhotofact 1185-2
Chassis D13-2Color TVPhotofact 972-18S, 1021-2
Chassis D16-3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -9Color TVPhotofact 1264-3
Chassis P51-112-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 956-8
Chassis P53-1, -2, -, -410-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1056-8
Chassis Q22-5, -7, S32-5, T44-1, -239-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-tape recorder-phonoPhotofact 917-8
Chassis Q23-1, -3, S32-5, T47-1AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 983-7
Chassis Q26-1, S36-1AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1026-8
Chassis R11-1, T43-4AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 951-10
Chassis R11-2, -3, T46-2AM-FM-stero radio-phonoPhotofact 991-6
Chassis R12-5, -9, T43-1AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 891-8
Chassis R13-1, R13-3, T41-1AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 845-7
Chassis R13-5, -9, T43-1AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 884-8
Chassis R14-2, -3, T41-2, -3AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 842-8
Chassis R14-5, -7, T43-3, -4AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 919-6
Chassis R15-1, -2, -4AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1065-6
Chassis R16-3, -4, -11, -14, T46AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 996-5
Chassis R17-3, -11, -21, T46AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1003-8
Chassis R18-1, -3, T46-1, -2, 3, -4AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 968-8
Chassis R18-5, -7, -16, T48-2, -3AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1062-6
Chassis T41-1, R12-1AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 861-9
Chassis T42, Q22-1, -2, S32-1AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 855-9
Chassis U01-1, -2, -3, -4 7-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 850-8
Chassis U02-2AM-FM radioPhotofact 962-6
Chassis U50-3, -4, -65-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 902-7
Models 12P15, 12P16 series (Ch. A04-1, -2)TVPhotofact 889-3
Models 14P39-1, 19P42 series (Ch. B05-1, -2, -3)TVPhotofact 790-4
Model 19PY6 series (Ch. A06-1, -2)TVPhotofact 901-3
Models 19T32-2, 19T44 series (Ch. 806-1, -2, -3)TVPhotofact 791-3
Models 19T33 series (Ch. A01-2, -3, -4)TVPhotofact 815-4
Model 19T54 Series (Ch. A07-1)TVPhotofact 903-3
Models 19TC10, 11, 12 (Ch. D03-1, -2)Color TVPhotofact 779-9S
Models 19TC11, 19TC12 (Ch. DO3-2)Color TVPhotofact 842-4
Models 19TC14-1, 19TC15, 19TC16 (Ch. D05-1, -2)Color TVPhotofact 867-9S
Model 23E01 (Ch. 562-3, 4)Educational TVPhotofact 767-"servicer"
Model 23H23, 23H24 series (Ch. 554-1, -2)TVPhotofact 563-18-S
Models 23L163, 4, 5, 6, 7, 23T106-1 series (Ch. B04-1, -2)TVPhotofact 781-12S, Photofact 788-4
Model 45P40 series (Ch. 411-1)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 794-10
Model 45P41 series (Ch. 413-1)3-tube Stereo phonoPhotofact 795-8 (2)
Model 45P43 series (Ch. 416-1)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 800-9
Model 45P50 (Ch. P01-1)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 833-8
Model 45P60 series (Ch. P02-1)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 835-9
Model 45P80 series (Ch. P02-5)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 890-7
Models 45P84 series (Ch. P03-5)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 893-7
Models 150A, L, 155A, L, M (Ch. 1-437-3) (Codes C06 and up)TVPhotofact 187-11
Model 45P61 series (Ch. P03-1)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 838-9
Models AK45BG/WH, AK46BL/WH, AT40W/WH (Ch. U50-1/2)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 840-9
Models CB30GY, CB34WColor TVPhotofact 1011-2
Model Exponent 4/4010-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 775-11
Model Exponent 4/40-1 series (Ch. P06-1)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 837-9
Models Exponent 4/40-2 series (Ch. P06-5)12-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 892-7
Model Exponent 4/40GT (Ch. P06-6)stereo phonoPhotofact 979-7
Model FM70W (Ch. U06-1)AM-FM radioPhotofact 9826
Models GT12, 12P1 (Ch. A02-1, -2)TVPhotofact 799-11S, 832-2
Model MPX1123-tube FM Multiplex adapterPhotofact 770-11
Models MW16-1BN, MW16-1E (Ch. A04-3)TVPhotofact 1060-2
Models MZ120, 121, 181, 183, 184, 185 (Ch. B04-7, -8)TVPhotofact 954-17S
Models MZ122, MZ123 (Ch. B12-1, -2)TVPhotofact 1056-17S
Models RM90K, P, W (Ch. U07-1, -2)AM-FM radioPhotofact 984-7
Model RM300R (Ch. U02-1)14-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 910-8
Models SC721M/W, SC724K (Ch. 371-1, 802-S)8-tube AM-FM-stereo tuner, 3-tube amplifier, phonoPhotofact 780-11
Model SC761 series8-tube AM-FM-stereo receiver, 10-transistor amplifier, phonoPhotofact 801-8
Models SC811W, SC816C, SC817PW, SC818P (Ch. 372-1, 423-1, 810-1)AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 814-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis A_859-1, -2, -36-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1046-8
Models AC-30, TPS-5011TVPhotofact 1063-2
Chassis R-416-4, R-416-68-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 935-6
Chassis R-808-3, R-808-4AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1069-6
Chassis R-813-1, -3, R-814-1XConsole stereoPhotofact 1077-7
Chassis TCT195Color TVPhotofact 871-9S
Models 1PB131B, AC-104-transistor portable phonoPhotofact 973-8
Models 1PN120, 1PN126, 1PN128, 3PN3242-transistor phonoPhotofact 937-9
Model 3PA3276-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1029-9
Model 3PN451-tube phonoPhotofact 822-8
Model 3PN3044-transistor phonoPhotofact 865-8
Model 4CN803-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 789-8
Models 4CS727, 72921-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 869-10
Models 4CS830, 4CS834AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 944-9
Model 4KN6206-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 924-7
Models 4KN624, 4PN447, 449, 5028-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 987-8
Model 4P4076-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 887-6 (2)
Model 4PN403phonoPhotofact 886-9 (2)
Models 4PN405, 4TN7016-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 882-11
Models 4PN433, 4PN436, 4TN8004-transistor phonoPhotofact 945-10
Model 4PN4426-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 918-8
Model 4PN4456-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 923-6
Models 4PS423, 4PX421AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 902-8
Model 36C21A2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 807-12
Models 41-3, 4104 (Ch. R-818)AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1064-6
Models 1100A, 1104A, 3100, 3101A (Ch. A-732)3-transistor phonoPhotofact 1058-7
Model 16205-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 704 "servicer", July 1964
1625, 1644, 1646, 1647, 16484-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 523-11
16305-tube Radio-phonoPhotofact 862 "servicer", Jan. 1967 (2)
Model 16335-tube AM radio-phonoPhotofact 863 "servicer", Jan 1967
Model 17513-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 861 "servicer", Jan. 1967
Model 17533-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 815 "servicer", May 1966
Model 17553-tube phonoPhotofact 874 "servicer", March 1967
Model 19252-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 802-12
Models 3100A, 3201 (Ch. A-729-1, -2)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 1061-7
Model 3106B (Ch. A-884-4)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1060-7
Models 4106, 6102, 6104, 6105 (Ch. R-816 series)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1067-7
Models 6108, 6110 (Ch. R-817-1X, -2X)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1031-7
Models A-504, A-5066-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 996-6
Models AC-30, TPS-5050TVPhotofact 1060-3
Models B4CX797, 4CX7978-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 966-6
Models C-69, S-66, 4PN19/E, 4PN55/E, 4PN563-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 775-12
Models K-4KX605, 4CS88/S, 4CS95/S, 4CX94/S, 4CX96/S10-tube AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 880-6
Modsels PF-2001, 2PF-201AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 969-8
Models S-85, S-86, S-876-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 950-10
Models T-1PN07, 1PN03X3-transistor phonoPhotofact 778-9
Models T-4CN91/S, T-4PN56/E, T-4PN59stereo phonoPhotofact 806-9 (2)
Models T-4CN92/S, T-4PN61/E/S6-transistor phonoPhotofact 796-8
Models T-4PM59A, T-4PN59A6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 818-10
Model T-4PN606-transistor phonoPhotofact 779-7
Models T-4PN62, T-4PN636-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 781-11
Model T-4PN658-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 784-10
Model TCT-185Color TVPhotofact 1068-17S
Model TCT190Color TVPhotofact 812-10S, 841-3
Model TCT195Color TVPhotofact 910-2
Model TPS-30TVPhotofact 868-3
Models TPS110, TPS111TVPhotofact 826-3
Model TPS-5011TVPhotofact 1008-14S
Model TPS-5050TVPhotofact 1008-15S
Models TPT-120, TPT-121TVPhotofact 813-11S, 821-3
MOdel TPT-126TVPhotofact 1107-3
Model TPT800TVPhotofact 942-15S, 962-3
ModelDescriptionDocument type
100MPowered Mixerservice manual
2200Graphic EqualizerOwner's Manual, service manual
4400Reverbservice manual
5100 Series service Manual
6000 SeriesSound Reinforcement MixerService Manual
6001RMixer/ReverbOwner's Manual (photocopied)
6201, 6201B, 8201B, 8201REBWedge Stereo Mixersservice data
6200A & 6200B Service Manual
8201REB Owner's Manual
Catalina Series C12, C8E, C12SE, S8E-S2  
CP120Dual-Channel Power AmplifierOwner's Manual (incl. schematics), Service Manual
CP 500, CP 500M Owner's Manual (includes photocopied schematics) Service Manual
EX-18Electronic CrossoverOwner's Manual (includes schematics), Service Manual
FR3000Speaker Systemspec sheet, parts list, crossover assembly diagrams
Instrument Voicing Preamplifier
Parametric Equalizer/Reverb
Instrument Preamplifier/Mixer
8 By 1
Panjo Series 72XX and 74XX  
Rack 'n RollSound Reinforcement SystemsOperations Guide
Or: Take the whole book containing all of this stuff, $50 plus shipping
TEAC Professional Division
ModelDescriptionDocument type
M-200 SeriesMixing ConsolesOwner's Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 12PD2TVPhotofact 1742-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
RS-T20Stereo Double Cassette DeckOperating Instructions
SU-8011Stereo Integrated AmplifierService Manual
SU-V96Stereo Integrated AmplifierService Manual
SU-Z960AmplifierService Manual
ModeldescriptionDocument type
1901MRColor TVService Manual
These all appear to contain schematics and calibration procedures.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
3A75 Type Plug-In Instruction Manual
Type 504 (comb binding removed)Cathode-Ray OscilloscopeInstruction Manual (2)
561BOscilloscopeInstruction Manual
P6006ProbeInstruction Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model Bajazzo TS5411AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 940-SED
Model Bajazzo TS-5611AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 1054-SED
Model Bajazzo Junior 105AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 1041-SED
Model Contessa 5364WAM-SW-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 981-SED
Model Jubilate 1056-tube AM-SW-FM radioPhotofact 1112-SED
Model Magnetaphon 96tape recorderPhotofact 947-SED
Model Magnetophon 301, 302tape recorderPhotofact 1051-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model `36'Cartridge Tape DeckOperation and Service Manual
Model 201, 202Cassette Copier I & IIService Manual
Series 235 and 235CS-1Tape Duplicating SystemsOperation Manual
Series 235 and 235CS-1Tape Duplicating SystemsService Manual
Series 300Tape Duplicating SystemsOperation Manual (4)
Lab Series 452Cassette Recorder/PlayerService Manual
Lab Series 528Cassette Audio ComparatorService Manual (2)
Model 529Cassette Recorder/PlayerService Manual
Lab Series 530Cassette PlayerService Manual (4)
Lab Series 991Cassette Slide Sync PlayerService Manual
Magnecord 1000-DTape Duplicator SystemOperation and Maintenance Manual
Magnecord 1020Tape RecorderService Manual
Magnecord 1021Tape RecorderInstuction Manual incl. Schematics
Magnecord 1022Tape RecorderInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
Model 1024Tape RecorderInstruction Manual incl. Schematics (2)
Magnecord Lab Series 2001Tape RecorderOperation Manual incl. Schematics
Caramate Series 4000ProjectorsService Manual
Magnecord F35BTape RecorderParts Price List
F35BTape RecorderModification Bulletin
N35-BTape RecorderInstruction Manual incl. Schematic
P60 SeriesTape RecorderService-Instruction Manual
Magnecord (all)Tape RecordersSpare Parts Price List (1966)
Model PB10, PB10-22AmplifierTechnical Data (incl. Schematic
PH-91/PH-92/PH-94Professional Headsets 
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 1202A, 2203A3-transistor phonoPhotofact 1030-8(2)
Models 3105, 3108, 3205, 61128-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1042-7
Model 3204A, 3205A, 32086-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1022-8
Models 4208, 4208A8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1023-9
Model 4209stereo phonoPhotofact 1026-9
Models 6210, 6211AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1052-8
Models 6217, 6218, 6220AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1016-9
Model 6217BAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1024-9
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models T11, T12, T21, T22, T39, T100AM-FM radio-intercom-alarmPhotofact 1015-8
ModelDescriptionDocument type
SCM 1 Chassis14" Color MonitorsTechnical Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
CA-60Car Ampschematic
Input Modules for TOA 900 spec sheet
MX-106mixerservice manual (photocopies)
MX-106Rmixerservice manual
(Much spec sheets and sales literature)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 310TVPhotofact 813-4
Models 312, 3115, 3125TVPhotofact 832-3
Models 359, 3595, 3685TVPhotofact 826-4
Models 360, 361, 362TVPhotofact 820-4
Model 3165TVPhotofact 837-3
Model T-20034-transistor phonoPhotofact 954-7
Model T2505TVPhotofact 818-3
Models T4202, T4204, T4205, T4206, T420721-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 890-8
T4222, T4225, T4227, T422921-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 886-10 (2)
Model T432824-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 925-6
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 5601TVPhotofact 852-2
Model TM-634TCL6-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 883-8
Models TM635TT, TM636TCL9-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 889-7
Model TM-5612TVPhotofact 861-3
Model TM-5711TVPhotofact 952-3
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 5C-877, 5C-883AM clock radioPhotofact 1036-7
Model 7C-883FAM-FM clock radioPhotofat 1068-8
Model 11H-540FAM-FM radioPhotofact 1035-6
Model 310TVPhotofact 813-4
Model 711T1 (Ch. TAT-1001)TVPhotofact 884-3
Model 719C1 (Ch. TAC-1001)TVPhotofact 892-3
Models C1G, C1SColor TVPhotofact 933-1 (2)
Models C2A, C3AColor TVPhotofact 1014-14S, 1048-3
Model C4A (Ch. TAC-3230)Color TVPhotofact 1038-16S, 1069-2
Model C501S (Ch. TAC-6410)Color TVPhotofact 1377-2
Models C962, C963 (Ch. TAC-610)Color TVPhotofact 1646-2
Models CA045, C, BP045Color TVPhotofact 2091-1
P321SL/P341SL3-in-One Dot Matrix PrinterUser's Manual
Models T2T, T2W (Ch. TAT-2002)TVPhotofact 940-3
Models T3 (Ch. TAT-2002), T4 (Ch. TAT-2003)TVPhotofact 1014-12S, 1032-3
Model T4 (Ch. TAT-2003)TVPhotofact 1046-2
Model V4 (Ch. TAM-3004)TVPhotofact 1014-15S, 1031-2
Model V5 (Ch. TAM-2003)TVPhotofact 1014-13S, 1027-1
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model SR-6T606-transistor AM radioPhotofact 580-14
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Models TR-280, TR-281, TR-282, TR-283Transistor AM RadioPhotofact 425-15
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model RK-5601TVPhotofact 1094-3
Western Auto
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 2DC1310, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15TVPhotofact 865 "servicer", Feb. 1967
Models 2DC3741A, WEG3741A-76TVPhotofact 843-3 (2)
Model 2DC1501CTVPhotofact 779-4
Model 2DC1501DTVPhotofact 828-4
Models 2DC1563, 2DC1577TVPhotofact 774-4
Model 2DC1605TVPhotofact 810-4
Models 2DC1605, WEG1605A-66TVPhotofact 867-3
Models 2DC1613A, 2DC1617ATVPhotofact 776-4
Models 2DC1645A, 2DC1647ATV w/ AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 778-4
Model 2DC1655AColor TVPhotofact 800-4
Models 2DC1663A, 2DC1665A, 2DC1667AColor TVPhotofact 802-3
Models 2DC1663, 2DC1665, 2DC1667, HFP-1663A-66, 65A-66, 67A-66Color TVPhotofact 893-3
Model 2DC1675AColor TV, AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 803-3
Models 2DC1685A, 2DC1687AColor TVPhotofact 801-4
Model 2DC1695AColor TVPhotofact 812-3
chassis 2DC1777AAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 862-3A
Models 2DC1783A, WEG1783A-76Color TVPhotofact 846-3
Chassis 2CDC1795AAM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 862-3B
Chassis 2DC1515A, Model WEG1815A-77, Chassis 2DC1817A, Models WEG1817A-77TVPhotofact 913-2
Models 2DC3012, MIC3012A-07TVPhotofact 1062-15S
chassis 2DC3144ATVPhotofact 563-2
Models 2DC3410, MNM3410A-47TVPhotofact 1383-3
Models 2DC3412, 2DC3415, GEC3412A-47, GEC3415A-47TVPhotofact 1367-3
Model 2DC3511TVPhotofact 760-3
Model 2DC3609TVPhotofact 802-13S, 818-4
Model 2DC3612TVPhotofact 796-9S, 799-4
Model 2DC3616TVPhotofact 798-4
Model 2DC3651TVPhotofact 774-13S, Photofact 785-4
Models 2DC3712, TAC3712B-76TVPhotofact 957-SED
Models 2DC3712, TAC3712A-76TVPhotofact 869-2
Model 2DC3731, HFP3731A-76TVPhotofact 857-3
Models 2DC3731A, HFP3731A-76TVPhotofact 840-10S
Models 2DC3755, 2DC3815, MEA3755A-76, MEA3815A-86Color TVPhotofact 942-16S
Models 2DC3755, MEA3755A-76Color TVPhotofact 1046-3
Model 2DC3780, HFP3780A-76Color TVPhotofact 910-3
Models 2DC3812, MEA3812A-86TVPhotofact 960-15S
Models 2DC3812, MEA3812A-86, 2DC3815, MEA3815A-86TVPhotofact 974-2
Models 2DC3818, TAE3818A-86TVPhotofact 946-3
Models 2DC3819, MEA3819A-86TVPhotofact 954-17S, 996-3
Models 2DC3819, MEA3819B-86TVPhotofact 1040-2
Models 2DC4319, MIC4319A-37Color TVPhotofact 1310-2
Models 2DC4815, TAE4815A-86Color TVPhotofact 999-2
Models 2DC3912, MIC3912A-86TVPhotofact 1008-15S, 1050-3
Models 2DC4010, GEN4010A-07Color TVPhotofact 1038-3
Models 2DC4914, MIC4914A-86Color TVPhotofact 1029-2
Models 2DC4955, MIC4955A-96, 2DC4957, MIC4957A-96Color TVPhotofact 1027-2
Models 2DC14708/1550/1567/1575TVPhotofact 762-4
Models 4DC5015, ELI5015A-076-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1044-9
Models 4DC5055, ELI5055A-07, 4DC5059, ELI5059A-07AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1064-7
Model 4DC555510-tube AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 797-6
Models 4DC5615, 4DC6641A4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 794-11
Models 4DC5615B, 4DC6641B4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 854-9 (2)
Models 4DC5615C, 4DC6631C, 4DC6641C8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 857-8
Models 4DC5643A, 4DC5645A10-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 812-8
Models 4DC5663A, 4DC5665A, 4DC5667A20-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 816-9
Models 4DC5685, 4DC5589BAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 821-8
Models 4DC5839, ELI5839A-86, B-86AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 974-7
Model 4DC5839, WEG5839C-8618-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 976-8
Models 4DC5929, HFP5959B-07AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1061-8
Models 4DC5935, SYP5935A-96AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 1034-6
Models 4DC5955, WEG5955A-96, 4DC5957, WEG5957A-96AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 999-6
Models 4DC5965, WEG5965A-96, 4DC5972, WEG5972A-96AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1042-8
Models 4DC5989, WEG5989AAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 996-7
Models 4DC6065, MAE6065-076-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1067-8
Model 4DC65231-tube phonoPhotofact 772-11
Models 4DC6525B, 6607B, 6701, 6703, 6723, HFP6607B-76, 6701A-76, 6703A-76, 6723A-762-transistor phonoPhotofact 856-9
Models 4DC6525C (HEP6525C-86), 4DC6723 (HFP6723C-86)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 925-7
Model 4DC6631A4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 806-7
Model 4DC6631B4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 815-8
Model 4DC6645A4-tube, 4-transistor AM-FM-phonoPhotofact 814-9
Model 4DC6645B4-tube, 8-transistor AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 865-9
Models 4DC6703, HFP6703C-864-transistor phonoPhotofact 950-11
Model 4DC6727, ELI6727A-764-tube AM radio-phonoPhotofact 884-9
Models 4DC6803, AII6803A-864-transistor phonoPhotofact 953-8
Models 4DC6848, WAC6848A-863-transistor phonoPhotofact 951-10
Models 4DC6902, MIC6902A-964-transistor phonoPhotofact 1041-8
Models 4DC6963, MAE6963A-963-transistor phonoPhotofact 1011-6
Models 4DC6965, SYR6956A-963-transistor phonoPhotofact 1025-9
Models 4DC6985, ELI6985A-9610-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 992-6
Model 4DC7265Atape recorderPhotofact 913-SED
Models 4DC6820, MIC6820A-86AM radio-phonoPhotofact 966-7
Model 4DC7470tape recorderPhotofact 994-SED
Models 4DC7967, MIC7967A-96tape recorderPhotofact 1038-SED
Model 4DX930013-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 878 "servicer", April 1967
Model 5DC9528Dmusical instrument amplifierPhotofact 828 "servicer", Aug. 1966, 848 "servicer", Nov. 1966
Model 5DC9528Emusical instrument amplifierOhotofact 845 "servicer", Oct. 1966
Model 5DC9528Pmusical instrument amplifierPhotofact 762 "Servicer"
Model 5DX9526musical instrument amplifierPhotofact 764 "servicer"
Models AII6932A-96, AII6968A-968-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1008-7
Model D1240AAM-FM-phonoPhotofact 187-12
Model DC1454, DC24576-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 690-13
Model DC15029-transistor AM radioPhotofact 820-7
Model DC15055-tube AM radioPhotofact 799-9
Model DC16105-tube AM radioPhotofact 787-7
Models DC1614, DC26145-transistor AM radioPhotofact 866-10
Models DC1616, DC26166-transistor AM radioPhotofact 825-8
Models DC1654, DC265411-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 875-9
Model DC1710, MIC1710A-768-transistor AM radioPhotofact 862-7 (2)
Models DC1712, DC2712, TAE1712A-76, TAE2712-766-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 909-6
Models DC1712B, DC2712B, TAE1712B-76, TAE2712B-766-transistor AM radioPhotofact 908-7
Model DC1805, MIC1805A-86AM radioPhotofact 970-9
Model DC1855, TAE1855A-86AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 993-9
Models DC1910, DC2910, MIC1910A-96, MIC2910A-966-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1033-6
Models DC1912, MIC1912A-86, -96, DC2912, MIC2912A-861-96AM clock radioPhotofact 1045-8
Models DC1930, YRC1930A-96, DC2930, YRC2930A-96AM-FM radioPhotofact 1060-8
Model DC2413AAM radioPhotofact 773-"servicer", Sept. 1965
Model DC2610AM clock radioPhotofact 784-11
Model DC26125-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 835-10
Model DC26326-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 847-13
Models EIS1015A-96, EIS1017A-96TVPhotofact 1038-14S
Models EIS2068A-96, EIS2067A-96Color TVPhotofact 1068-18S
Models EIS2885-A-86, 2887A-86, 2889A-86Color TVPhotofact 978-16S
Models EIS2885A-86, 85B-86, 87A-86, 87B-86, 89A-86, 89B-86Color TVPhotofact 995-1 (2)
Model EIS3916A-86TVPhotofact 996-15S
Models EIS3916A-86, B-86, 18A-86, 19A-86TVPhotofact 1020-3
Model EIS3920A-86TVPhotofact 990-15S, 1022-3
Models ELI5815B-86, ELI6874B-86, ELI-6885A-8610-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 941-9 (2)
Models ELI5639B-86, ELI5825A-86, 55A-86, 57A-86, 59A-86, ELI6895A-86, 95C-86AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 979-8
Models ELI5959A-96, ELI6895E-96AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1001-5
Models HFP1665E-86, HFP1667E-86Color TVPhotofact 972-18S, 998-2
Models HFP1685A-66, 5B-66, 5C-66, 7A-66, 7B-66, 7C-66, HFP1765A-76, 5B-76, 5C-76, 7A-76, 7B-76, 7C-76Color TVPhotofact 897-3
Models HFP-5639A-86, HFP-5825A-86, 55A-86, 57A-86, 59A-86AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 981-8
Models HFP5925A-86, 29A-86, 45A-86, 45B-86, 47A-86, 49A-86AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1007-7
Models LLD1800A-86 (DC1800), ZT1800A-86 (DC1800) ("Collegiate")6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 961-8
Models MEA3755B-76, MEA4857A-86Color TVPhotofact 982-3
Models MIC1012A-07, 2012A-07, MID1012A-07, 2012A-075-transistor AM radioPhotofact 1070-8
Models MIC1054A-07, 1954A-96, 2054A-07, 2954A-96AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1066-6
Models MIC1730A-76, MIC2730A-769-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 931-7
Models MIC1916A-86, -96, MIC2916A-86, -966-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1040-7
Model MIC17208-76 (DC1720B)6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 881-7
Models MIC1932A-86, -96, MIC2932A-86, -96AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1035-7
Model MIC4409A-76 (DC4409)CBPhotofact 919-SED
Models MIC-4955A-96, MIC-4957A-96Color TVPhotofact 1014-14S
Model VFE6806B-864-transistor phonoPhotofact 1013-9
Models WEG-1605B-66, WEG1803A-77TVPhotofact 902-3
Models WEG1765A-76/ 1765B-76/ 1767A-76/ 1767B-76/
1769B-76/ 1777A-76/ 1795A-76
Color TV, AM-FM radioPhotofact 862-3 (2)
Models WEG2865A-96 (2DC2865), WEG2867A-96 (2DC2867), TAE4815A-86 (2DC4815)Color TVPhotofact 960-16S, 988-3
Models WEG5065A-07, WEG5069A-07AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1062-7
Models WEG5743A-76, 45A-76, 47A-7618-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 873-8
Models WEG5865A, WEG5867-86AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 965-8
ModelDescriiptionDocument type
Models 342, 3458-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 880-8
Models 782, 78519-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 914-8
Models 4202, 4204, 4205, 4206, 420721-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 895-8
Models 4222, 4224, 4225, 4226, 4227, 422921-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 890-9
University Sound
ModelDescriiptionDocument type
LDS-60 Power LineSolid State, High Fidelity, PA AmpSpecifications and Instructions
UMX-4Mixer/PreamplifierSpecifications and Instructions incl. Schematic
UPB-10TBackground music ampSpecifications and Instructions incl. Schematic
UPB-60Tpower amplifierSchematic
UPB-100Tpower amplifierSchematic
UPL-100, 100T, 100D, 100DT"100W" (10W?) PA AmpSchematic
UPL20, 20T, 20D, 20DT20W PA AmpSchematic
UPL35, 35T, 35D, 35DT35W PA AmpSchematic
AdapterTelephone line to mic levelSchematic
United Recording Electronics Industries
ModelDescriiptionDocument type
Model 539Room EqualizerOperating Instructions incl Schematic (2, 1 is photocopy)
Model 950Ambient Noise-Controlled AmplifierOperating Instructions incl. Schematic
Model 964Digital MetronomeInstruction Manual incl. Schematics
Model 970VIDIGRAF Bar Graph Display GeneratorOperating Instructions incl. Schematics
TS-5Teletronix Telephone Information SystemService Manual (2)
 Teletronix SystemOperator Instruction Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models 29-0431, 29-0432, 29-0432ATVPhotofact 836-4
Model U111TVPhotofact 829-3 (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 37cartridge deckOperational Data
RP61Record/Playback AmplifierInstructions incl. Schematic
RP61 and RP62Record/Playback AmplifierInstructions incl. Schematic
Model 66tape recorderOperation Instructions and Parts List incl. schematics
FF75tape deckOperation and Service Instructions
Model 76 Compacttape recorderPhotofact 579-15
RP83Recording/Playback PreampOperator's Manual
Model 85tape deckOperation & Service manual (2)
Model 423Tape DeckOperation Manual incl. Schematics
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 100010-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 804-9
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model 6009-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 832-8
Model 65011-tube AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 808-9
Model NTR-6G6-transistor AM radioPhotofact 812-9
Model NTR-8HA8-transistor AM-SW radioPhotofact 830-9 (2)
Model NTR-12GF14-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 848-10
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Chassis 20094, 20096, 20099, 201006-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 881-8
Chassis 20110-B, -C6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 980-7
Chassis 20119, 20245, 20246AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1059-5
Chassis 20234, 2023521-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 932-7
Chassis 20244AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 987-9
Model 160Mic/Phono Audio AmplifierPhotofact 187-13
Model 2164-transistor phonoPhotofact 882-12
Models 218-1, 322-1 (Ch. 20098, 20102)1-tube phonoPhotofact 889-8
Model 323-1 (Ch. 20116)5-transistor phonoPhotofact 1033-7
Model 327-1 (Ch. 20089)2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 826-8
Models 329-1, 335-1 (Ch. 20117)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1045-9
Models 332-1 (Ch. 20103), 348-1 (Ch. 20095)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 883-9
Model 352-1 (Ch. 20121)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1048-8
Models 362-1, 819-1, 822-1, 823-1 (Chassis 20086)phonosPhotofact 856 "servicer", Dec. 1966
Model 367-1 (Ch. 20078/79)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 769-10
Model 368-1 (Ch. 20087)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 880-7
Model 369-1 (Ch. 20097)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 894-7
Model 820-1 (Ch. 20085)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 842 "servicer", Oct. 1966
Models 826-1, 827-13-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 767-11
Models 914-1, 926-1, 927-1 (Ch. 20219/20)9-tube AM-FM-stereo radio/phonoPhotofact 798-9
Models 921-1, 930-1, 931-1, 932-1 (Ch. 20233)18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 935-7
Models 946-1, 947-1, 963-1 (Ch. 20224)radio-phonoPhotofact 877 "servicer", April 1967
Models 953-1, 954-1 (Ch. 20217)9-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 799-10
Models 961-1, 962-1, 1061-1, 1062-1 (Ch. 20218)26-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phono (tape recorder)Photofact 800-10
Models 987, 988, 1087, 1088 (Ch. 20232)25-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 933-8
Model 1288turntablePhotofact 822-9
Model 1485stereo amplifierPhotofact 950-SED
Model 1495-1stereo amplifierPhotofact 985-SED
ModelDescriptionDocument Type
Model V26TVPhotofact 772-4
Model V-27TVPhotofact 771-4
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 4210amplifier-speakerPhotofact 996-SED
Model A2980slide projector synchronizerPhotofact 829 "servicer" (2)
Models EP-1752-1, WP-1752-1 (Ch. 14X505)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 894-8
Model EP-1754-1 (Ch. 17X506)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 893-8
Model EP-1758-1 (Ch. 14X508)8-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 892-8
Model GP-1751-1 (Ch. 14X507)3-transistor phonoPhotofact 887-7
Webster Electric Company, Inc.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
1GS10, 1PC10 & 1PC100paging control panelInstallation & service instructions
1PC10 and 1PC100 temporary service manual
model 2D16telecom switchboardinstallation and maintenance manual
model 2DA16 & 4DA28telecom switchboardsInstallation and maintenance manual
2DA16 - 4DA28 & 4DA28Ktelecom switchboardsinstallation and maintenance manual (3)
model 3ST3 channel telephone intercom systeminstallation and service manual
model 4D28telecom switchboardinstallation and maintenance manual
model 4DA50telecom switchboardinstallation and maintenance manual
4LS23telecom systeminstallation and maintenance instructions
model 5D92 seriestelecom switchboardinstallation and maintenance manual
teletalk 85B-25 and 90B-25paging amplifier and booster amplifierinstallation and operation
model 500ekotapeoperating instructions
500 seriesekotapesservice manual
600, W600, 1000, 1100 seriesteletalkservice manual
1600 & A1600 seriesteletalkservice instructions
1600 & 1700 seriesteletalkinstallation manual
1600 & 1700 seriesteletalkoperating instructions
1900 seriesteletalkoperating instructions
1900 seriesteletalkservice instructions
1900, W1900 seriesteletalkinstallation instructions
models 2510, 2510S, W2510, W2510S & CA2500-1teletalkinstallation instructions
models 2510, 2510S, W2510, W2510S & CA2500-1teletalkservice manual
2700 seriesteletalkinstallation instructions
2700 & A2700 seriesteletalkoperating instructions
2700. A2700 and 4500 seriesteletalkservice instructions
2800 installation and service instructions
3000 seriesteletalkservice instructions
4000 seriesteletalkservice instructions
4500 seriesteletalkinstallation instructions
4500 seriesteletalkoperating instructions
6000 seriessound systemwiring diagrams
A1000 seriesteletalkservice instructions
A1600 & 1700 seriesteletalkservice instructions (2)
A2900 seriesteletalkservice instructions
model CC-2 and CC-2Dcode call unitinstallation and maintenance manual
DA-1dictation adapterinstallation and maintenance manual
DB seriesswitchboardaddendum manual (2)
DE36 seriesswitchboardsinstallation & service manual
HS50-1, HS50-2teletalk handset stationsinstallation and operation
HS50-11, -12, -13 & 13Ateletalk handset stationsinstallation and operation
KSU501A4Gkey system unitinstallation and wiring diagrams
KSU512Gkey system unitinstallation and wiring diagrams
KTU400Dline circuit cardinstallation and wiring diagrams
LSMmaster stationinstallation and operating instructions
 nurses call systemoperating, installation and maintenance manual (2)
PCLinput adapterinstallation & service instructions
RF Seriescom-ette intercommunication systemservice manual
SS1500consoletteinstallation, operation and service (2)
SS1500 and SSA1500consoletteinstallation, operation and service
T80, T80Wpackage amplifier, flush mounting amplifierinstallation, operation and service instructions (2)
T512-1 and T512-2remote volume control kitsinstallation instructions
model TEL.15pendant phoneinstallation & maintenance manual
tel 20 seriestelephonesinstallation and maintenance manual
tel 20 and 21 seriestelephonewiring diagrams and connections
tel 50 seriestelephonesinstallation and maintenance manual
tel 56-4P6 button key telephoneinstallation and wiring diagrams
tel 59-4P12 button key telephoneinstallation and wiring diagrams
tel 60-4P18 button key telephoneinstallation and wiring diagrams
WC-3wired intercommunicationinstallation, operation and service manual
Webster Teaching Laboratory installation and service manual
pegboard and relay panel
clock adapter and manual test panel
installation and maintenance instructions
WSC577Emergency All-Call UnitsTemporary Installation and Maintenance Instructions
WSC608-1 & T608-1AM/FM tuner and panel assemblyinstallation and operating instructions
WSC612, 612-6, 612-X, and 612-GXmicrophone preamplifiersinstallation and service instructions
WSC613preamp panelinstallation, operation and service instructions
WSC616, 616-G, 616-X, and 616-XGline amplifiersinstallation and service instructions
WSC617 and 617-1line amplifiersinstallation and service instructions
WSC618monitor panelinstallation and service instructions
WSC619intercom panelinstallation and service instructions
WSC651power supplyinstallation and service instructions
WSC652 through 659room selector panelsinstallation and service instructions (5)
WSC667intercom/monitor panelinstallation and service instructions
WSC667-1intercom/monitor panelinstallation and service instructions
WSC676clock adapter panelinstallation and service instructions (2)
WSX708emergency all-call panelinstallation and service instructions (3)
WTA80booster amplifierinstallation and service instructions
WTA150booster amplifierinstallation and service instructions (2)
ModelDescriptionDocument type
320UstereoService Manual
825 Chassissound systemsService Manual
MD400MIDI HIFIService Manual
Model P-239-IIturntableService Manual
TS-85U, TS-87USound SystemsService Manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis V-2424-6, -75-tube AM radioPhotofact 770-12
Chassis V-2458-1, -2, -3, -46-tube AM-FM radio w/ clockPhotofact 779-8
Chassis V-2458-76-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 878-10
Chassis V-2463-56-transistor AM clock radio w/lampPhotofact 862-8 (2)
Chassis V-2463-8AM clock radioPhotofact 991-7
Chassis V-2466-1, 2, -3, 4, -75-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 845-8
Chassis V-2466-5, -65-tube AM radio, intercom (-6 w/ clock)Photofact 850-9
Chassis V-2473-3, -4Color TVPhotofact 690-4
Chassis V-2474-1, -2, -3, -6, -7, -9, -11, -12, -13TV w/AM-FM RadioPhotofact 760-4
Chassis V-2483-1, V2490-2TVPhotofact 803-10S
Chassis V-2484-1, -2, -4, -11, -12TVPhotofact 792-4
Chassis V-2486-1, -2, -3, -4, -9, -13TVPhotofact 792-11S, 809-4
Chassis V-2487-1, -2, -5, -10, -11, -13, -14TVPhotofact 812-4
Chassis V-2488-1, -2, -3, V-2489-1Color TVPhotofact 805-11S, 832-4
Chassis V-2490-8, -10, -11TVPhotofact 934-2
Chassis V-2490-10, -11TVPhotofact 912-15S
Chassis V-2536-3, -4, V-2683-74-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 890-10
Chassis V-2537-7, V-2550-22-transistor phonoPhotofact 899-8
Chassis V-2541-1, V-2543-1, -2, V-2544-1, V-2546-1, -2AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 860-10
Chassis V-2541-1, V-2543-1, V-2544-1, V-2546-7AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 909-7
Chassis V-2541-2, V-2543-2, V-2544-1, V-2546-9, V-2682-129-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 921-8
Chassis V-2543-3, V-2570-1, -28-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 887-8
Chassis V-2543-4, V-2570-29-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 913-8
Chassis V-2554-1, -2, -32-transistor phonoPhotofact 867-7
Chassis V-2571-110-transistor AM-FM radioOhotofact 949-9
Chassis V-2572-1, -26-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 905-8
Chassis V-2573-1, -2, -3, -4, V-2574-10-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 948-8
Chassis V-2650-8Color TVPhotofact 857-4
Chassis V-2655-1, -2, -3, -7, -8, -13Color TVPhotofact 864-10S
Chassis V-2655-1, -2, -3, -7, -8, -9, -13, -14Color TVPhotofact 920-2
Chassis V-2656-1, -2Color TVPhotofact 936-12S, 969-2
Chassis V-2659-1, -2, V-2660-1, -2, -3TVPhotofact 984-3
Chassis V-2686-126-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 952-7
Chassis V-3004-C01, -C02, -C03, -C04AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1186-6
Chassis V-001-C01, 02Color TVPhotofact 1042-3
Model 670V044D012-speed record changerPhotofact 909-8
Model BC12A870 (Ch. V-2490-9), Chassis V-2581-2TV, AM-FM radio-phonoPhotofact 886-3, 3A
Model BP09A68 (Ch. V-2652-2)TVPhotofact 894-3
Models BP19A870, H-P3090A (Ch. V-2483-2, -3)TVPhotofact 900-3
Models CP84A19A, 49A (Ch. V8001C01, 02)Color TVPhotofact 1002-18S
Models CR-538, CR-539 (Ch. V-2469-3)5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 908-8
Models H-75AC1E, 2E (Ch. V-2538-2)2-tube phonoPhotofact 797-8
Models H-102ACS1, 2 (Ch. V-2536-1)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 766-11
Models H-103ACS1, H107ACS1 (Ch. V-2534-1, -2)7-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 768-10
Models H-105ACS1, 1A (Ch. V-2537-2)4-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 764-9
Models H-109AC1, 2 (Ch. V-2537-6)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 864-9
Models H-109AC1K, 2K (Ch. V-2537-1)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 891-9
Models H-111MP1, 2 (Ch. V-2537-3)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 767-12
Models H-120ACS1, H-121ACS1 (Ch. V-2524-1)11-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 771-10
Models H-127ACS1, H-127ACS6 (Ch. V-2539-1,V-2539-6)3-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 820-8
Model H-135AC1 (Ch. V-2551-1)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 849-7
Models H-220XP6, H-221XP6 (Ch. V-2469-1)-transistor AM radioPhotofact 857-9
Models H-225XL5, H-226XL5 (Ch. V-2469-2)5-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 863-8
Model H-870TCR9 (Ch. V-2451-2)CB transceiverPhotofact 1057-SED
Models H-960TC4, H-961TC4GP (Ch. V-2457-1)CB TransceiverPhotofact 1069-SED
Model H-8869TC9 (Ch. V-2451-1)CB transceiverPhotofact 992-SED
Model H-962TCR8GP (Ch. V-2462-1)CB transceiverPhotofact 982-SED
Models H-964TC7GP/GPA (Ch. V-2582-1)CB TransceiverPhotofact 939-SED
Models H-CK6520B, 30B, 31B, 33B, H-CT6500B (Ch. V-2650-1, -2, -3)Color TVPhotofact 845-3
Models H-CT6500B, H-CK6520B, H-CK6530B, H-CK6531B (Ch. V-2650-1, -2, -3)Color TVPhotofact 807-13S
Models H-K4250, H-K4251, H-K4252, H-K4253 (Ch. V-2485-11)TVPhotofact 802-4
Model H-P3090 (Ch. V-2483-1)TVPhotofact 816-3
Model PR41C170 (Ch. V-2469-4)5-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 901-7
Model PS70E170 (Ch. V-2684-1)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 906-7
Model RC41P070 (Ch. V-2575-1)8-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 937-10
Models RC42N08A, 28A, RT32N08A, 38A (Ch. V-2577-1, -2)AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 992-8
Model RT41P58A (Ch. V-2575-2)AM radioPhotofact 988-7
ModelDescriptionDocument type
T-1600, T-1616, T-1800, T-1818Tape RecordersPhotofact 523-12
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Chassis dx-2222-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 838-10
Chassis dx-3326-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 846-9
Models CC40A, N, SC50C, G, P, V30-transistor AM-FM-stereo radioPhotofact 863-9
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models D12BW73, 12BW73TVPhotofact 1310-3
Some of these labeled "overall circuit diagram" are in envelopes which are still stapled shut, as they came from Yamaha Parts, and have never been opened.
ModelDescriptionDocument type
115L, 115S, 212S, 215L 412S, 610SSpeakersservice manual (2)
AC-320/AC-320U/AC-320C/AC-320GPower Supplyservice manual
AD2X2CH AD Converterservice manual (2)
AD8X8CH AD Converterservice manual
AD808AD Converterservice manual
AM602Mixerservice manual
AM802Mixerservice manual
ARM1Rack-Mount Adaptorservice manual
AW16GProfessional Audio WorkstationOverall Circuit Diagram
B50-115Bass Amplifierservice manual
B100Bass Guitar Amplifierservice manual
B100II service manual
B100IIIBass Amplifierservice manual
B100-112III/B100-115IIIBass Amplifierservice manual
B100-115Bass Amplifierservice manual (2)
B100-115II, B100-115SE service manual (3)
B200Digital Synthesizerservice manual
C1Music Computerservice manual
C20ASystem Controllerservice manual
C300Stereo Cassette Deckservice manual
CE20Combo EnsembleService Manual
CO-100Compressorservice manual
Electone CHX-1Organservice manual
CSO1IISynthesizerservice manual
Clavinova CVP-5 service manual
Clavinova CVP-10PE service manual
CLP-20 schematic
CLP-30 schematic
CLP-50 schematic
Clavinova CLP-250 service manual
Clavinova CLP-550 service manual
Clavinova CLP-650 service manual
CMX100/MT100Mechanism Sectionparts list
CP10Electronic PianoService Manual
CP11Electronic PianoService Manual (2)
CP-20Electronic PianoService Manual
CP25Electronic PianoService Manual
CP-30Electronic PianoService Manual
CP35Electronic PianoService Manual (2)
CS01Combo SynthesizerService Manual (3)
CS-15Combo SynthesizerService Manual
CS-20MProgrammable Memory SynthesizerService Manual
CS-40MProgrammable Memory SynthesizerService Manual
CS Series 20M/40MProgrammable Memory SynthesizerHardware Manual (2)
CVP-3 schematic
CVP-5 schematic
CVP-7 schematic
Clavinova CVP-10 schematic diagram
Clavinova CVP-20 service manual
D1500Digital Delayservice manual
D2040Digital Channel Dividerservice manual
D5000Professional Digital Delayservice manual
DA202DA Converterservice manual
DA8X8CH DA Converterservice manual
DD-6Digital Percussionservice manual
DD-11Digital Percussionservice manual
DD-100Digital Delayservice manual
DDL3Digital Delay Lineservice manual
DDS-100Digital Delay Samplerservice manual
DEQ5Digital Equalizerservice manual
DEQ5EDigital Equalizerservice manual
DEQ7Digital Equalizerservice manual
DGX-200/DGX-202Portable GrandOverall Circuit Diagram
DGX-300Portable GrandOverall Circuit Diagram
DGX-500Portable GrandOverall CIrcuit Diagram
DI-100Distortionservice manual
DM-01Keyboard Speakerservice manual
DMP7Digital Mixing Processorservice manual
DMP7DDigital Mixing Processorservice manual
DMP11Digital Mixing Processorservice manual
DN2080/DN200/DN2800 service manual
DS55Digital Synthesizerservice manual
DTR2Digital Audio Tape Recorderservice manual
DTXP2DTXPRESS II Drum Trigger ModuleOverall Circuit Diagram
DX7Digital Programmable Algorithm SynthesizerTest Program Operation and Troubleshooting Guide (2)
DX7/9 ROM Test Routine Differences
DX7 MIDI Data Format
DX7S service manual
DX9 Midi Data Format (2)
DX-9 Test Program Operation and Troubleshooting Guide (2)
DX11Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizerservice manual
DX11 System Operation Guide for:
the DX11 FM Digital Synthesizer,
RX120 Digital Rhythm Machine,
REX50 Digital Multi Effector,
QX21 Digital Sequence Recorder,
KM602 Portable Mixer,
KS10 Powered Monitor Speaker
DX21 service manual
DX27S service manual
E1010 service manual,
technical guide
EM-100/80Ensemble Mixersservice manual
EM-85 service manual
EM-100II service manual
EM-150Ensemble Mixerservice manual
EM-150IIB service manual
EM-200 service manual
EM-200B service manual
EM-300 service manual
EM1400, EM1600, EM1800Powered Mixersservice manual
EM1620Powered Mixerservice manual (2)
EM2820Powered Mixerservice manual
EME-1Digital Reverbservice manual
EMP700Multi-Effect Processorservice manual
EMQ-1Disk Recorderservice manual
EMR-1Digital Drummerservice manual
EMT-1FM Sound Expanderservice manual
EMT-10AWM Sound Expanderservice manual
EMX150/200/300Integrated Mixerservice manual
EMX2150, EMX2200, EMX2300Powered Mixerservice manual
F 1030Frequency Dividing Networkservice manual
F1040 service manual
FD-03/FD-0313.5 Inch MSX Micro Floppy
Disk Drive System
service manual,
technical summary
FD-05/FD-0513.5 Inch MSX Micro FDD Systemservice manual,
technical summary
FL-100Flangerservice manual
FMC1Format Converterservice manual
FX20/10 schematic
FX500Simul-Effect Processorservice manual
FX500BBass Simul-Effect Processorservice manual (2)
FX550Guitar Effect Processorservice manual
G-5 service manual (2)
G10Guitar SystemAftertouch Newsletter
June 1988
G10Guitar Midi Controllerservice manual
G10CGuitar Midi Converterservice manual
G10/G10C sales literature/ spec sheet
G20-110III/G50-112IIIGuitar Amplifierservice manual
G30-112Guitar Amplifierservice manual
G50-112II, G100-112, G100-115II,
G100-210, G100-212II
 service manual (2)
G100II service manual
G50-210 service manual
G100-112III/112SIII/210III/212III/212SIIIGuitar Amplifier (Only U.S.)service manual
G100, -115, -410, -412Guitar Amplifiersservice manual
G100II service manual
G50-112II, G100-112, G100-115II,
G100-210, G100-212II
 service manual
GB-100Equalizer for Bassservice manual
GC2020B2-Channels Compressor/Limiterservice manual
GC2020BIIComp/Limiterservice manual
GE-100Equalizer for Guitarservice manual
GEP50Guitar Effect Processorservice manual
GQ103131-Bands Graphic Equalizerservice manual
GQ1031B31-Bands Graphic Equalizerservice manual
GQ1031BIIGraphic Equalizerservice manual
GQ2015Graphic Equalizerservice manual
HP-50AOrthodynamic System Headphoneservice manual
HR1000/HR1000BGuitar Amplifier Bass Amplifierservice manual
HR1500/HR2000BGuitar Amplifier Bass Amplifierservice manual
HR2000/HR3000BGuitar Amplifier Bass Amplifierservice manual
HS-7T/6/4Electone OrganService Manual
HS-8TElectone OrganService Manual
HS-200, HS-500HandysoundService Manual
HY-10GGuitar Amplifier "Budokan"service manual
HY-10GIIGuitar Amplifier "Budokan"service manual
HY-10GIIIGuitar Amplifierservice manual
HY-20GGuitar Amplifier "Budokan"service manual
IFU1Interface Unitservice manual
IFU2Interface Unitservice manual
IFU3Interface Unitservice manual
IFU4Interface Unitservice manual
JX15 service manual
JX20 service manual (2)
JX25 service manual
JX30 service manual (2)
JX30B service manual
JX35 service manual
JX40 service manual
JX50 service manual (2)
JX50B service manual (2)
KM602Portable Keyboard Mixerservice manual
KM802Mixerservice manual
KS15Keyboard Monitorservice manual
KS35Powered Monitorservice manual
KX76MIDI Master Keyboardservice manual
LG-60/LG-80/LGA-1Extension Stand Arm Plateservice manual
M580/M512Mixerservice manual
M916Mixerservice manual
MA10Personal Studio System Headphone Amplifierservice manual
MC1204/1604/2404Mixing Consoleservice manual (2)
MC1204II/MC1604II/MC2404II/MC3204IIMixing Consoleservice manual
MC1608M/MC2408MMonitor Mixing Consoleservice manual
MC2410M/MC3210MMixing Consolesservice manual
MCS2MIDI Control Stationservice manual
MDF1MIDI Data Filerservice manual
MDF1MIDI Data FilerApplications Guide
MDR-3/MDR-3PMusic Disk Recorderservice manual
ME10, ME-50/ME-30 schematic
ME-55A/ME-35A/ME-15AElectone OrgansService Manual
MEP4MIDI Event Processorservice manual
MFC1MIDI Foot Controllerservice manual
MFC2MIDI Foot Controllerservice manual
MFC06MIDI Foot Controllerservice manual
MH-10Stereo Headphonesservice manual (2)
MH100Headphones with Microphoneservice manual
MIC-A-001MIDI Interface for Apple IIservice manual
MJ100Mixerservice manual
MJC8MIDI Junction Controllerservice manual
MLA7Mic Line Amplifierservice manual
MM10Personal Studio System Portable Mixerservice manual (2)
MM30 service manual
MPC1MIDI Program Controllerservice manual
MR10Personal Studio System
Drum Machine
service manual (3)
MR700T schematic
MS20SMonitor Speakerservice manual (2)
MS101(G)Monitor Speakerservice manual
MS101II/MS101IIGMonitor Speakerservice manual
MS202IIMonitor Speakerservice manual
MSS1MIDI Synchronizerservice manual
MT1XMultitrack Cassette RecorderOperating Manual
MT1XMultitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual

Multitrack Cassette Recorder
Midi Converter
service manual
MT3XMultitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual
MT-44Multitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual
MT-44Multitrack Cassette Recordertechnical description
MT44DMultitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual
MT100Multitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual
MT100IIMultitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual
MT120Multitrack Cassette Recorderservice manual
MV422Rack Mount Mixerservice manual
MV802Rack Mount Mixerservice manual
MV1602Mixerservice manual
MZ101/102Be/103BeProfessional Microphonesservice manual
MZ106s/MZ203Be/MZ204/MZ205BeProfessional Microphonesservice manual
NR-100Noise Reducerservice manual
NS-10MMonitor Speaker System Studioservice manual
NS-10MCSpeaker Systemservice manual
NS-40MMonitor Speaker System Studioservice manual
OD-100Overdriveservice manual
P120Power Amplifierservice manual (2)
P1150/P1250/P2150/P2250Power Amplifiersservice manual
P1150C/P1250C/P2150C/P2250CPower Amplifiersservice manual
P2100Professional Series Natural Sound Power Amplifierservice manual
P2160Power Amplifierservice manual
P-2200PA Power Amplifierservice manual
P2350/P2700Power Amplifiersservice manual
PB1 service manual
PC9500N/PC4800NPower AmplifiersOverall Circuit Diagram
PD2500Power Amplifierservice manual
PF10Electronic Pianoservice manual
PF15Electronic Pianoservice manual
PF10/15 technical description
PF70/PF80Electronic Pianoservice manual (2)
PF-500Electronic PianoOverall Circuit Diagram
PF-1000Electronic PianoOverall Circuit Diagram
PF1500Electronic Pianoservice manual
PF2000Electronic PIanoservice manual
PG1 service manual
PH-100Phase Shifterservice manual
PLS1Programmable Line Selectorservice manual
PM-170, 180Sound Reinforcement Mixerservice manual
PM-200BPA Mixerservice manual
PM1200Professional Audio Mixing Consoleservice manual
PM1800AProfessional Audio Mixing Consoleservice manual (2)
PM2800MProfessional Audio Mixing Consoleservice manual
PM3000/PW3000Mixing Consoleservice manual
PM4000, PW4000Professional Audio Mixing Console, power supplyservice manual
PMC1Percussion MIDI Converterservice manual (2)
PN-101Dot Matrix Printerservice manual
PN-101MSX Printertechnical summary
Pro Mix 01Digital Programmable MixerService Manual
PS-1, PS-2, PS-3PortasoundService Manual
PS-20Portable KeyboardService Manual
PS35, PS-35SPortatoneservice manual
PS55, PS-55SPortatoneservice manual
PS-6100Portatoneservice manual
PSR-6Portatoneservice manual
PSR-11Portatoneservice manual (2)
PSR-12Portatoneservice manual
PSR-16Portatoneservice manual
PSR-21Portatoneservice manual
PSR-22Portatoneservice manual
PSR-31Portatoneservice manual
PSR-36Portatoneservice manual
PSR-41Portatoneservice manual
PSR-47Portatoneservice manual
PSR-48Portatoneservice manual
PSR-70Portatoneservice manual
PSR-80Portatoneservice manual
PSR-90Portatoneservice manual
PSR-6300Portatoneservice manual (2)
PSR-A1000PortatoneOverall Circuit Diagram
PSS-120PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-170PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-260PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-270PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-280PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-360PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-370PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-460PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-470PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-480PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-560PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-570PortaSoundservice manual
PSS-680PortaSoundservice manual
PTT8/PSD8/PBD8Percussion Padsservice manual
PTX8Percussion Tone Generatorservice manual
Q1131Professional Series Graphic Equalizerservice manual
Q2031Stereo 31-Band Graphic Equalizerservice manual
Q2031AGraphic Equalizerservice manual
QR10Music Accompaniment Playerservice manual
QX1Digital Sequence Recordertechnical description
QX1 Sales literature
QX1Digital Sequence RecorderOperations Directory
QX1Digital Sequence RecorderTechnical Guide
QX1Digital Sequence Recorderservice manual
QX3Digital Sequence Recorderservice manual (3)
QX5Digital Sequence Recorderservice manual (2)
QX5Digital Sequence RecorderApplications Guide
QX5FDDigital Sequence Recorderservice manual
QX7Digital Sequence Recorderservice manual
QX21Digital Sequence Recorderservice manual (2)
QY-1Music Sequencerservice manual
R1000Digital Reverberationservice manual
RB35BSystem Rackservice manual
RCX1Remote Control Unitservice manual
REX50Digital Multi Effectorservice manual
RM602Recording Mixerservice manual
RM804Recording Mixerservice manual
RTC1Remote Controlservice manual
RX5Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX5Digital Rhythm ProgrammerStudy Guide Text
RX5Digital Rhythm ProgrammerStudy Guide Figures
RX5 Sales Guide
RX5 Edit Guide
RX7Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX8Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX11Digital Rhythm ProgrammerOwner's Manual
RX11Digital Rhythm ProgrammerTest Program Operation and Troubleshooting Guide
RX11Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX15Digital Rhythm ProgrammerOwner's Manual
RX-15 Technical Description
RX15Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX17Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX21Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RX21LDigital Rhythm Programmerservice manual (2)
RX120Digital Rhythm Programmerservice manual
RY30Rhythm Programmerservice manual
S10X/S20XCompact PA Monitor
Speaker System
service manual
S90Music SynthesizerOverall Circuit Diagram
S118III/S210III/S212IIISpeaker Enclosuresservice manual
S300Speaker Systemservice manual
S412/S115/S215 service manual
S2108HStage Monitor Speakerservice manual
S2112H/S3112H/S3115HSpeakerSystems service manual
S2115HMonitor Loudspeaker Systemservice manual (2)
S2115HIIStage Monitor Speaker Systemservice manual
S3208HSpeaker System servicemanual
S0112T, S4115HMonitor Loudspeakerservice manual (2)
S4115HIISound Reinforcement
Speaker System
service manual
SK15Symphonic EnsembleService Manual (2)
SK30Symphonic EnsembleService Manual (2)
SO110T service manual
S0112T, S4115HMonitor Loudspeakerservice manual
SO410AH/AO410AH service manual
SPX50DDigital Sound Processorservice manual
SPX90, SPX90IIDigital Sound Processorservice manuals
SPX900Digital Multi-Effect Processorservice manual
SPX990Professional Multi-effect Processorservice manual
SPX1000Professional Multi-Effect Processerservice manual
ST2000MStereo Input Module
(for M2000 Series)
Service manual
STC-01Modem/Word Processorservice manual
SU4000Switching Unitservice manual
SW118Sub-Woofer Systemservice manual
SY22Music Synthesizerservice manual
SY77Music Synthesizerservice manual
SY99Music Synthesizerservice manual
Models T100C, T100, T50C, and T50Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiersservice manual
TG33Tone Generatorservice manual
TG55Tone Generatorservice manual
TG77Tone Generatorservice manual
TQ5FM Tone Generatorservice manual
TX1PPiano Tone Generatorservice manual
TX7FM Tone Generatorservice manual
TX16WDigital Wave Filtering Samplerservice manual (2)
TX81ZFM Tone Generatorservice manual
TX802FM Tone Generatorservice manual
TX816/TX216 sales literature
TX216/TX816FM Tone Generator Systemservice manual
TX816/TX216 Owner's Manual
US-1Electone OrganService Manual
US-1000Organservice manual
VP-50ST/VP-500Volume Pedalservice manual
VR3000, VR5000Guitar Amplifiersservice manual
VX15Guitar Amplifierservice manual
VX25Guitar Amplifierservice manual
VX25BBass Amplifierservice manual
VX35Guitar Amplifierservice manual
VX35BBass Amplifierservice manual
VX55Guitar Amplifierservice manual
VX55BBass Amplifierservice manual
VX65DGuitar Amplifierservice manual
WXY-05U(WXY-05UR Receiver and WXY-05UT Transmitter)
Diversity Wireless System
service manual
WXY-10U(WXY-10UR Receiver and WXY-10UT Transmitter)
Diversity Wireless System
service manual
Y25Active Servo Processorservice manual
Y30Active Servo Processorservice manual
YC-10Combo OrganService Manual
YFP-70Personal Electronic Pianoservice manual (2)
YH-35Handy Sound Stereo Headphonesservice manual
YK-01/YK-10 parts list
YMC10MIDI Converterservice manual
YMM2MIDI Merge Boxservice manual
YPP-100Light PianoOverall Circuit Diagram
YPR-1Portable Pianoservice manual
YPR-6Portable Pianoservice manual
YPR-7Portable Pianoservice manual
YS100/200Digital Synthesizerservice manual
YT-1Digital Chromatic Tunerservice manual
YT-2Auto Guitar Tunerservice manual
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Model 6G-9096-transistor AM radioPhotofact 580-16
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models DCR-90, LPR-91AM-FM clock radio, desk lampPhotofact 1017-8
Models TC-42, TT-424-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 921-9
Model TC-43AM clock radioPhotofact 990-8
Model TC-505-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 935-8
Model TC-515-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1030-9 (20
Models TC-81, TT-818-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 927-8 (2)
Model TC-82AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1099-6
Models TC-83, TT-83AM-FM radioPhotofact 1018-8
Models TC-85, TT-82, TT-85AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1019-10
Model TC-10010-transistor AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 923-7
Model TC-102AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1039-7
Model TR-10710-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 830-10 (2)
Model TT-404-transistor AM radioPhotofact 924-8
Model TT-808-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 859-11
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models ZM272C, ZM373CColor TVPhotofact 1304-2
ModelDescriptionDocument type
Models w/ 13A12, M, S, T, TZ, 13A16, M, S, Z, MZ, SZ, 14B35, 14B36, 14B38, Z, 14B39Z chassis1971 TV ReceiversService Manual
Chassis 1NT25T24, 1NT26T24, 8NT24AM-FM-stereo-tape-phonoPhotofact 831-8
Chassis 1Y21B55, 8Y4B36TVPhotofact 912-16S
Chassis 1Y21B55TVPhotofact 945-2
Chassis 1Y22B55TVPhotofact 1059-2
Chassis 2NT20ZphonoPhotofact 941-10 (2)
Chassis 2YT232-transistor phonoPhotofact 942-8 (2)
Chassis 3YT223-transistor phonoPhotofact 929-8
Chassis 4NT204-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 845-9
Chassis 4NT23Z2, Z9, 4NT24Z2, Z9, 4NT25Z2, Z94-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 901-8
Chassis 4YT20, 21, 22, 26, 274-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 971-10
Chassis 4YT20Z, 4YT22Z, 4YT26Z, 4YT27ZPhotofact 1055-7
Chassis 4ZT28, 4ZT294-transistor AM clock radioPhotofact 1019-11
Chassis 6L01Z1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 8NT02AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 853-8
Chassis 6N066-tube FM radioPhotofact 906-8
Chassis 6XT206-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 940-9
Chassis 6XT24, 24XT24console stereosPhotofact 879-9 (2)
Chassis 6YT01, 8YT02AM-FM radio, stereo phonoPhotofact 962-7
Chassis 6YT216-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 954-8
Chassis 7K06Z, Models K725A, B, C, L, W7-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 957-SED
Chassis 7L01Z1, 7L01Z2, 7L01Z6, 8NT02AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 849-8
Chassis 7N02, 7N067-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 919-7
Chassis 7N04, 7N097-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 908-9
Chassis 7N05, 7N077-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 916-8
Chassis 7Z037-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 969-9
Chassis 8L1T20Z/Z1, 10MT268-tube AM-FM-Stereo-PhonoPhotofact 764-10
Chassis 8XT22, 8XT22Z8-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 913-9
Chassis 8Y4B36TVPhotofact 936-3
Chassis 8YT20stereo phonoPhotofact 967-8
Chassis 8YT56Z98-transistor AM radioPhotofact 966-8
Chassis 8ZT12, Z, 13, Z, 14, Z, 17, Z, 18, ZAM-FM radioPhotofact 1013-10
Chassis 9L20, 5L295-tube stereo-phonoPhotofact 685-15
Chassis 10YT26 (S-79044, S-79074)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1004-9
Chassis 10ZT30, 10ZT31AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1011-8
Chassis 12A10C15Color TVPhotofact 1067-2
Chassis 12A12C52Color TVPhotofact 1062-15S
Chassis 13A12, M, S, S1, 13A16, M, STVPhotofact 1050-15S
Chassis 13N15, 13N15XTVPhotofact 814-4
Chassis 13X15, 13X15ZTVPhotofact 852-3
Chassis 13X16/Z, 13Y16/ZTVPhotofact 912-17S,
Chassis 13X18TVPhotofact 873-9S
Chassis 13Y12TVPhotofact 978-3
Chassis 13Z12, 13Z12STVPhotofact 1014-13S, 1053-2
Chassis 13Z13TVPhotofact 976-3
Chassis 14A9C17, 14A9C19, 14A10C19Color TVPhotofact 1056-13S
Chassis 14A9C29, 14A10C29Color TVPhotofact 1068-21S
Chassis 14A9C50, 16Z7C19Z, 16Z8C19Color TVPhotofact 1062-16S
Chassis 14M21/XTVPhotofact 764-4
Chassis 14M32TVPhotofact 765-4
Chassis 14N22, 14N28TVPhotofact 808-11S, 816-4
Chassis 14N26TVPhotofact 789-4
Chassis 14N26Z, 14N27TVPhotofact 809-10S
Chassis 14N28TVPhotofact 819-4
Chassis 14N29, 14N31TVPhotofact 791-4
Chassis 14N29Z, 14N31ZTVPhotofact 817-4
Chassis 14N32, 14N34TVPhotofact 795-4 (2)
Chassis 14N33TVPhotofact 851-4
Chassis 14N33Z, 14Y21/ZTVPhotofact 912-18S, 933-2
Chassis 14Y21 14Y21ZTVPhotofact 931-2
Chassis 14Y26, 14Y33TVPhotofact 912-19S
Chassis 14Y26TVPhotofact 934-3
Chassis 14Z8C50, 16Z7C50ZColor TVPhotofact 996-16S
Chassis 14Z21TVPhotofact 956-3
Chassis 14Z26, 14Z27TVPhotofact 961-2
Chassis 14Z33, 14Z34TVPhotofact 964-3
Chassis 14Z36, 14Z37TVPhotofact 978-18S, 1030-3 (2)
Chassis 16F25, T, TU, Q, U, 16F26, Q, UTVPhotofact 523-2
Chassis 16N24TV, AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 811-9S, 821-4
Chassis 16Z7C17, 18, 19, 50Color TVPhotofact 972-19S
Chassis 16Z7C17, 16Z7C19Color TVPhotofact 1014-3 (2)
Chassis 16Z8C50Color TVPhotofact 1014-15S
Chassis 18XT20, 18XT20Z18-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 888-9
Chassis 19DC20Color TVPhotofact 1277-3
Chassis 20AT30ZAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1069-7
Chassis 20X1C36, 20X1C38Color TVPhotofact 870-10S, 908-3
Chassis 20Y1C37Color TVPhotofact 912-25S, 932-3
Chassis 20Y1C38, 20Y1C48Color TVPhotofact 912-26S, 927-2
Chassis 20Y1C50, 20Z1C37Color TVPhotofact 936-13S
Chassis 20Z1C37Color TVPhotofact 968-3
Chassis 20ZT21, 20ZT21ZAM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1010-10
Chassis 23XC36, 23XC38ZColor TVPhotofact 848-11S
Chassis 23XC38Color TVPhotofact 857-10S
Chassis 24MC32, 24MC42TVPhotofact 769-4
Chassis 24MC32Z, 24MC42Z, 24MC32, 24MC42 (late production)Color TVPhotofact 804-4
Chassis 24NC31/ZColor TVPhotofact 803-4
S-69876remote control receiverPhotofact 803-4A
Chassis 25MC36Z, 25MC36 (Late Production), and 25MC46/ZColor TVPhotofact 805-4
Chassis 25NC37, 25NC38Color TVPhotofact 800-11S
Chassis 25NC37 (1967 production)Color TVPhotofact 869-3
Chassis 25NC38Color TVPhotofact 866-3
Chassis 26NT20, 27NT2027-transistor AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 843-8 (2)
Chassis 26XT2026-transistor AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 893-9
Chassis S-69883remote control receiverPhotofact 795-4A, 789-4A
Model 25MC36TVPhotofact 773-4
Models 4100L, 4100X (Ch. 25NC37)Color TVPhotofact 834-4
Model A555J (Ch. 10ZT38)stereo phonoPhotofact 1054-8
Models A2004J, J1, X, X1, A2008L, L1, W, W1, T2654U, T2662W1 (Ch. 141Z38), S2697L, L1 (Ch. 14Z39)TVPhotofact 1026-14S
Models A3510C, C1, L, L1, A3520P, P1, W, W1, A3710J, J1, L, L1, A3720P, P1, W, W1, T2922W, W1, T2926W, W1 (Ch. 12A10C15)Color TVPhotofact 1026-13S
Models A3510C3, C4, L3, L4, A3520P3, P4, W3, W4, T2922W3, W4 (Ch. 12A8C14), Chassis 12A12C52Color TVPhotofact 1068-20S
Models A4203C, C2, A4205W, W2, A4501Y, Y2, A4503W, W2 (Ch. 14A9C51)Color TVPhotofact 1026-14S
Models A2050C, A2055W I(Ch. 22AB55)TVPhotofact 1056-17S
Model B545Wstereo phonoPhotofact 1205-5
Model F472W3AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1487-5
Model FV203-tube reverberation amplifierPhotofact 563-17
Models G2304R, RU, W, WU, H2304RZ, RZU, WZ, WZU (Ch. 16G21, U)TVPhotofact 775 "servicer", Sept. 1965
Model GA50-8L (Ch. 6ZT21)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1001-7
Model GA50-14C (Ch. 13Y12)TVPhotofact 954-19S
Models GA50-36W7, GA50-42H7, Z4208W, Z4507W, Z6208W, Z6507W (Ch. 16Z7C50)Color TVPhotofact 966-13S
Models H2300C5A, L5A (Ch. 14N31)TVPhotofact 781-12S
Models H2304R, W (Ch. 16H21, Q)TVPhotofact 789 "servicer", Dec. 1965
Models K2230E, R, K2240E, R, K2260R, K2263E, K2266, R, K2267E, K2268R, K2270H, R, K2287R, K2290R, K2291E (Ch. 21K20)TVPhotofact 187-14
Models LPM95W4, X584W (Ch. 10L02Z)10-tube AM-FM-stereo-phonoPhotofact 875-10
Models LPS50C, LPS50L3-tube stereo phonosPhotofact 721-10
Models M504C, L, W (Ch. 5M04)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 794-12
Models M506C, P, W, T305C, L, W (Ch. 5M02)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 791-9
Models M507B, C, W, M511C, V, W (Ch. 5M03)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 790-9
Model M508B, C, L, W (Ch. 5M05)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 792-10
Model M660 (Ch. 5M20)Communications receiverPhotofact 872 "servicer", March 1967
Model M729A (Ch. 7M03)7-tube AM-FM clock radioPhotofact 808-10
Models M512B, C, W (Ch. 5M13)5-tube AM radioPhotofact 787-8
Model MH910 (Ch. 9H22)9-tube FM-stereo radioPhotofact 637-17
Models MM2670R/W, MM2675R, MM2685H (Ch. 8M25, 10M9T25/Z)10-tube, 9-transistor AM-FM-PhonoPhotofact 766-12
S-80373, S-68933Remote Receiver, TransmiiterPhotofact 1014-3A
Models MPS 40C, MPS 40L2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 776-10
Models N511C, L, W, N513B, J, W, N514C, G, L (Ch. 5N02)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 838-11
Models N516J, L, W (Ch. 5N09)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 842-9
Models N519C, J, L, W (Ch. 5N07)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 852-8
Model N624A, H, J (Ch. 6N03)6-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 846-10
Models N825A, H, X330A (Ch. 8N01)8-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 903-8
Models N890A/B (Ch. 8NT21)8-transistor AM-FM radioPhotofact 841-10
Models N1250B6, L6, LV6, Y6, YV6, N1260J6, V6, X6 (Ch. 13N15, X)TVPhotofact 804-10S
Models N2000CA, CVA, N2001LA, LVA, N2002WA, WVA, T1978L5A, X5A (Ch. 14N29), N2180L, LV, N2185X, XV, N2190H, HV, W, WV, N2270W (Ch. 14N26)TVPhotofact 780-12S
Models N2004J6, JV6, X6, T1984L6, T1988J6, L6, W6, T1991R6, W6 (Ch. 14N27)TVPhotofact 822-4
Models N2205L1, LV1 (Ch. 14N34)TVPhotofact 782-10S
Models NP8B, B-1, L, L-1, W, W-1 (Ch. 1N21)1-tube phonoPhotofact 867-8
Models NP10F/-1, NP10J/-1 (Ch. 2NT20)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 829-8 (2)
Models NP15C, P (Ch. 4NT22 or 5NT20)4-transistor phonoPhotofact 871-8
Models Royal 1290L6, Y6 (Ch. 1N29T20)TVPhotofact 824-4
Models S2939L, L2, W, W2 (Ch. 14A10C17)Color TVPhotofact 1068-21S
Models S14012, S1401478RPM Record ChangerPhotofact 110-14
Models SFD2503E, R, W5-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 523-13
Models T315B/P/W (Ch. 5M06)5-tube AM clock radioPhotofact 783-9
Models T325M, W (Ch. 7M05)7-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 765-12
Model T350R/W7-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 778-10
Models T1982G5A, L5A (Ch. 14N32)TVPhotofact 782-10S
Models T2232E, EU, R, RU, T2247E, EU, R, RU, T2248E, EU, R, RU (Ch. 17T22, U)TVPhotofact 790 "servicer", Dec. 1965
Models T2534, 38, 40, Z412L, W, Z415J, W, Z466L, P, W, Z468J, WAM-FM clock radioPhotofact 1059-7
Models T2546W, Z430A, AZ434M, P, W (Ch. 9ZT15)AM-FM radioPhotofact 1011-9
Models T2614W, Y1305C, F, L, X, Y1310H, W (Ch. 13Z13)TVPhotofact 954-19S
Models T2920W6, Z3504C, L, Z3508W (Ch. 15Y6C15)Color TVPhotofact 954-18S, 983-2
Model TPS47C, L2-tube stereo phonoPhotofact 690-14
Model X337W (Ch. 8X02)8-tube AM-FM radioPhotofact 910-9
Models X525B, P, W (Ch. 2NT21, 2NT22)4-transistor AM radio-phonoPhotofact 872-10
Models X540G-1, X540L-1, X547P-1, X547X-18-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 899-9
Models X554C, P (Ch. 6NT20)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 876-10
Model X560W110-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 952-8
Models X562W, Y (Ch. 10NT01)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 878-11
Models X1215C, C1, C2, C3, L, L1, L2, L3, P, P1, P2, P3, X, X1, X2, X3, X1225H, H1, H2, H3, W, W1, W2, W3 (Ch. 13X15, 13X15Z), X1620J, J1, Y, Y1, X1625X, X1, Y, Y1 (Ch. 14X21, 14X21Z)TVPhotofact 842-10S
Models X1315C, L, P, X, X1325W (Ch. 13X18)TVPhotofact 887-3 (2)
Model Y565W (Ch. 10XT26)10-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 928-8 (2)
Models Z508B, L, P (Ch. 2ZT24)2-transistor phonoPhotofact 1024-10
Model Z522J/L (Ch. 2ZT21, 2ZT22)radio-phonoPhotofact 1006-8 (2)
Model Z552W (Ch. 6ZT20)6-transistor stereo phonoPhotofact 1023-10
Model Z558W (Ch. 10ZT33)stereo phonoPhotofact 1014-10 (2)
Models Z590P, W (Ch. 10ZT30, 11ZT27)AM-FM-stereo radio-phonoPhotofact 1009-7
Models Z940W, Z842M, Z946DE/P (Ch. 25ZT120)console stereoPhotofact 1012-8 (2)

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