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For a while I was getting heavily into the repair and refurbishment of older electronics, particularly older TVs and such. The Philco Predictas are a prime example of this.

I'm not doing that any more.

What's listed below is a few bits of test equipment that I'm not seeing any use for at this point in time (as I don't intend to dive back into that stuff) and which I'd like to get into the hands of somebody that can use it.

I will pack and ship this stuff if necessary, but local pickup is preferred. Payment by way of paypal, cash, or US postal money order is preferred.

Sencore VG91 Universal Video Generator:

This is handy for generating all sorts of test patterns on a CRT screen, allowing for easy adjustment of linearity, convergence, etc.

Purchased on ebay some time back.

Asking $50.00, plus shipping.

B&K 1076 Television Analzyer:

I got this from the estate of a gentleman who was into fixing a lot of this sort of thing. B&K did two versions of this unit, this one, for tube equipment, and a later one for solid state.

There is some staining on the front panel. I would have dealt with that at some point, but never did get around to it.

What I had intended to do first was to replace all of those pin jacks, across the bottom and elsewhere, with banana jacks, and also to replace those screw-type connectors in a couple of places with BNC connectors. I never did get around to it...

The internal CRT was verified as working when I picked it up, and all tubes inside of the unit check okay. I was also considering replacing all of the original electrolytic capacitors, but didn't see a definite need for that. Some folks will want to anyway, I suppose.

Asking $50.00 plus shipping.

B&K 466 CRT Tester/Rejuvenator:

If you're working on anything older that uses CRTs, you probably need one of these.

Purchased on ebay some time back.

It comes with a number of different sockets, and adapters, all hard-wired in. By contrast, some of these that I've seen on ebay had adapters that plugged in and were more often than not missing, making the thing useless.

The manual is included! It goes into some detail as to the testing procedure and the various degrees of rejuvenation that you can try on the CRT you're testing.

Asking $50.00 plus shipping.

GenRad Substitution Boxes:

I picked these up a while back, then decided that I really didn't need them. Got a much smaller Eico Substitution box instead and I ended up not really using that one all that much either.

The capacitance box is marked with the model number 219M. The resistance box isn't marked with a number that I could find on a quick look.

Asking $45.00 for both of them.

B&K Precision/Dynascan Autoranging Capacitance Meter:

(Image coming soon)

I paid $209.00 for this, new. Asking $75.00.

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