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I have no intention of piling up a whole mess of personal stuff here that most people wouldn't be all that interested in, but this page will hold some stuff, and be a place for things that don't fit anywhere else. I'm just a guy, who enjoys fooling around with technology.

Of course there's Nancy. I don't believe that it's been that long since I wrote that page, that so much time has already gone by. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to adding the pictures I intended when I wrote that page...

The Name

My last name is pretty unique, and as far as I know is only carried by those who are a part of my family. It's the result of my paternal grandfather having dealt with some unknown bureaucrat on Ellis Island, who apparently decided that he'd get creative with the spelling. To the best of my knowledge, the original spelling had an "o" in the spot where there's currently an "e", and there were two "s" characters in there.

Two Of Us

There are two of us that bear this name, the other one being my son. Which is why I sometimes put ", Sr." after my name. If you do a search on my name and you see references to the New York City Parks Department, that's him and not me. :-)

Aside from that, there are a couple of brothers and my father, and nobody else is bearing that same last name, though there are some variations that are pretty close.

Usenet Newsgroups

...Abusing My Name

Jeans? No!

It used to be that any time you would put just my last name into a search engine, you'd find me. A bunch of that stuff was fidonet posts that I'd done in years past, which one site or another had chosen to archive and put on web pages. Sometimes it was other things. But at that time since I was the only member of my family that was active online (and before "the web" as people know it today came about), usually my last name was good enough to find me. Someplace or other, as my email address has not remained the same over the years.

But not any more.

I actually contacted the company, and got a response from one of the principals (?), saying "We just made it up." Really? Have you guys never had the thought of using Google? These days when I put my last name in, the majority of what comes up has to do with jeans, and not a damn thing to do with me. :-( Thankfully, if you put my first and last names in, most of what you find is me.

Miscellaneous stuff

Some quotes that I like.

More to come...

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