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Who I Am:

I'm a guy who enjoys working with technology in general, and with electronics in particular. I started doing that when I was a kid, and that was *several* decades ago. Doing it that long, I've gotten good at it. :-)

What I Do:

I fix things, mostly. Or configure things, connect things, improve things, restore things, and so forth. And web pages, image processing, and other stuff.

This currently includes:

Where I Do It:

Up until early 1978, I did work at a number of different locations in and around the NYC metro area. Since then, my service area has included much of central PA, mostly south central PA, and nearby portions of MD, DE and WV. Much more detail about locations is here.

Who I've Done It For:

(Coming soon)

What It Costs and Terms of Service

Online Work Platforms

If you're reading this then we can do business directly, no need to get an online platform in the middle of things.

Retro Tech Restoration:

Interested in having an antique radio or tv restored properly? This is the sort of "tech" that was around when I started messing with electronics way back when. I've done a few of these recently, too. (A link to some pictures coming soon.)

Note: Please do not take some old radio that's been up in the attic and just plug it in to see if it works, without having at least some of those ancient parts replaced. Doing so can do a lot of damage.

Stuff Wanted and For Sale:

Books for sale

Excess documentation

Certifications and Licenses:

I've been a Certified Electronics Technician (CET) since 1981. I also hold an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator's License (GROL) and have since 1977. I currently also hold a PA Contractor's License #104662.


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