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6502 Assembly Language Programming, Lance Leventhal [644-page PDF, 30.0MB]

Analog Circuits Cookbook, Ian Hickman [346-page PDF, 2.0MB] [1999]

Audels Radiomans Guide, Covering Theory, Construction and Servicing including Television Electronics, by Edwin P. Anderson [925-page PDF, 39.6MB] [1944]

Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook, Douglas Self [445-page PDF, 4.7MB] [2002]

Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems, (7 authors) [21-page PDF, 43.6KB] [1989]

Computer Engineering - A DEC View Of Hardware Systems Design, C. Gordon Bell, J. Craig Mudge, John E. McNamara [652-page PDF, 69.5MB] [1978]

Computer Structures: Principles and Examples, Daniel P. Siewiorek, C. Gordon Bell, Alan Newell [942-page PDF, 82.3MB] [1982]

The Elements Of Radio Servicing by William Marcus and Alex Levy. This book covers AM vacuum-tube radios. [1947]

General Electric Transistor Manual, Seventh Edition [338-page PDF, 13.2MB][1964]

GE Tunnel Diode Manual, Circuits, Applications, Specifications [100-page PDF, 15.1MB]

The Golden Book Of Chemistry Experiments - How to set up a home laboratory, over 200 simple experiments, by Robert Brent [114-page PDF, 27.9MB]

Man Of High Fidelity: Edwin Howard Armstrong, A Biography by Lawrence Lessing [330-page PDF, 15.4MB]

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